Tuesday, February 16

Need the help of my fans...

I want to thank everyone that follows the blog. I know it has been a while since I have done a post other than my Original Fiction sections. But life has been difficult and work and school are demanding a lot of my time.

BUT there is hope! I am going to be enrolling in a CREATIVE WRITING in a couple weeks. My first assignment is to write a 1,400 word story about any picture of my choosing. I have decided to use this pic by the AMAZING artist Wayne Reynolds

The problem I am facing is names for the characters in the picture. I am going to use Jenny from my ORIGINAL FICTION as the female pirate and so now I just need a name for the shark dude?

Twitter has given me the following names: (In no particular order)

The Dreaded Pirate Blackfin
Basil Von Mako
Johannes the Gut Ripper
Admiral/Captain Ripsaw
First Mate Serrated Edge
Captain Hexanbite
Blood Maul


The media named him 'Razorslash' - his parents named him 'Barry' - but his friends call him 'Captain Nibbles'

PLEASE HELP ME SOON! The story is due on 3/4/2010

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  1. id go with Basil Von Mako (since it references that he's a shark without blatantly playing off that fact)