Friday, August 28

Back at the Broken Horse Inn… (Original Fiction by Xan)

“Zander, I could have got twice this much!” Beasley complains in halfling. “If you would have only grumbled under your breath and folded your arms a little more gruffly that weapon smith would have purchased our wares at twice the price.”

“Yes, my little one. But at what cost?” The cleric began to preach once again.

“Would you see that we are never allowed back into his Shoppe? Would you prefer we come out with our pockets empty and licking our wounds? Be thankful that Othr blessed us with the wealth we received. Now quit your babbling in your own tongue. You complaints fall on deaf ears!” Zander lifts his barrel of ale for another drudge of the sweet nectar of the midnight rose. As he lowers his large coffer, he sees a tin man and a silky boy walk through the door. He waves them to their table.

“So, I see you have ordered drinks without us.” Mayvn grumpily slumps onto the bench. “Not much to find out. Just those slaves come from all over this region. Normally they are prisoners of war that have been sold into bondage three or four times before reaching Gleorn.”

“I, too, have found very little about your origins.” Solcloud shambles to the table, and finds the tall backed chair in the corner. “I have, however found a way to earn our keep and find adventure. But more importantly, rid the world of some evil.”

Beasley jumps onto the table. “Lower your voice! We are not in good company here!” The little halfling eyes the room. “What did you find?”

“There is a pit, at the inn to the north. This pit is a labyrinth where there are gladiatorial games.” Solcloud fumes with angst as he tells the tale. “This labyrinth is a way for would-be adventurers to gain fame and fortune through…survival.” The words come to his lips like poison as he spits them out.

“You enter the pit with a number; they keep track of your time in the pit. If you come out alive after the record, you gain a great reward.” But there is no way to tell those who never come up, if they are still ‘adventuring’ in the labyrinth, or if they are dead.”

“Sounds dreadful!” Mayvn shivers. “Dirty and smelly too.” He again turns his head to his silks and inadvertently smells them. He waves to a cute crimson haired barmaid with a white top, low cut and a dark green dress with an apron. He winks as she approaches.

“What can I get you gents?” The barmaid talks to the group with an eye towards the cleric.

“Well, my beauty,” Mayvn puffs up. “My boys and I would like a pitcher of your finest ale!” He waves his hands in the air in a big display. “And for your troubles, we have a few extra silvers for you.” Mayvn stands up, leans towards the barmaid, and winks.

The barmaid begins to withdraw from the advances of the thin man in flashy clothes. “And what can I get you, my lord.” She winks at the giant at the table.
Zander clears his throat uncomfortably. “Just another round of the biggest, tallest drink you have. My child, and please, call me Zander.”

“I am Jenny.” She smiles, bows to the group and hops off to bring back the drinks and a loaf of bread for the travelers.

“What next? We barely have any idea of where to go!” Beasley paces on the top of the table. “This is exhausting! What are we to do?”

“Your drinks, my lord.” Jenny respectfully interrupts. “I suggest you take your drinks to a room. It is not safe here.” Jenny seems to be a little on edge and restless.

“What is it Jenny?” Zander asks quietly, as quiet as a half ogre can. “What seems to be the trouble?”

“There is a room prepared for you all, upstairs.” Jenny looks behind her shoulder.

“Please, I will bring up warm blankets and hot water for your faces. But go now.”

“As you wish.” Mayvn stands and bows low and removes his hat. “Please, show us the way.”

Tuesday, August 25

Kilzar's Garage (Revisited)

Hey everyone, welcome to another edition of Kilzar's Garage and I'm your host Kilzar.

Let me start off by saying congratulations to Xandarr on the birth of your son Calib, and good luck to Mo on your server transfer.

I was asked to write about my experience doing Heroic Trial of the Champion (aka HToC) since no one has had more fruitless runs than I. So here we go.

I don't think anyone is more off balance than I when it comes to getting 'drops' that are upgrades. I mean, not like Xandarr who seems to be rolling for gear almost every bloody run. I ran four HToC and only killed the main boss, The Black Knight, twice. Out of all those runs I got zero upgrades. I even ran Heroic Gundrak about this same time and only got a chance to get a DPS ring that was a huge upgrade but lost out to a certain paladin.

Saying that I was getting frustrated is a understatement, I was furious when I didn't get the ring, not because the paladin got which was already much more powerful in the DPS area, but the fact that I couldn't get anything that would help my character. Every body keeps telling me to "do this instances or that instance... there is gear in there that will be a huge upgrade."

The only thing I have received in this instances are a few emblems and achievements but no gear at all. This is actually a sad joke between Xandarr and myself, because I have this problem all the time. Receiving no upgrades at all on a lot of instance runs and then BAM! one instance would drop a ton of stuff. Like when I went into KARA, which has a lot of bosses. I think I did it like four times with nothing than one day I ran through there and ended up with like three upgrades all at once.

I think the Old Gods are against me because they all know that Dwarves are the superior race and that we needed some kind of disadvantage.

Then we come to Sunday night, Xandarr and I get into a HToC run and we died a few times not anything major...

"The Champions": NOTHING

Argent Confessor Paletress and Memory of Kalithresh (which we had the hardest time with): She dropped a sweet axe. (Edge of Ruin) It is as ugly as a Draenei female on Prom Night, but it blew my current sword away. So I'm happy I finally got something worthwhile.

(At this point let me point out when you are doing instances or raids there is a rule that states you should only get one item from bosses, this rule is set up so one person doesn't try to steal all the loot.)

The Black Knight: (He always seems to be so easy) This time he dropped a awesome gun (True-aim Long Rifle) and some gloves (Gloves of the Dark Exile) and that was yet another upgrade for me.

I had to ask the party, as good manners dictate, to make sure that it was all right to get so much in one HToC run. Lucky for me we had a good group that didn't mind. And of course no other Hunters in the group needed the gun.

So if you are one of those players that keeps doing instances over and over and don't get anything, all I can say is stay at it. You will have one of those runs that makes it all seem worth it.

If there is anyone out there that has questions that needs to be answered send me a email at with the subject as Kilzar's Garage or at the

So i guess that is it for me. So just remember to have fun and not everyone can be as cool as a dwarf.

If you would like to ask questions from Kilzar please email us at and put "ASK KILZAR" in the subject line. The grumpy ol' dwarf will be glad to answer readers questions.

Sunday, August 23

Gonna Have a Good Time...

Ol' Xan is one day older and wiser too... yup Ol' Xan dinged 31 today. Who shares this special day with me? Well...

1978 Kobe Bryant, NBA guard, Los Angeles Lakers
1970 River Phoenix, actor, Little Nikta, Stand By Me
1970 Jay Mohr, American Actor
1969 Amanda Hope, playmate, Jul, 1992
1949 Rick Springfield, General Hospital, Jessie's Girl
1949 Shelley Long, actress, Diane-Cheers, Money Pit
1912 Gene Kelly, dancer/actor, An American in Paris, Going My Way

Events in history that took place on this best day of the year:

1989 Los Angeles Dodgers beat Montreal Expos, 1-0, in 22 innings
1977 1st man-powered flight of a mile (Bryan Allen in Gossamer Condor)
1974 John Lennon reports seeing a UFO in New York City
1968 Ringo quits Beatles over a disagreement, temporarily
1968 Yankees and Tigers play 3-3 tie in 19 due to 1 AM curfew
1963 Beatles release "She Loves You" in UK

What happened in WoW to Xan?

Recent Achievements:

What the Eck? - Defeat Gal'darah in Gundrak on Heroic Difficulty while under the effects of Eck Residue.
Sunken Temple - Defeat Shade of Eranikus. (Yes, I have a couple more for "Classic Dungeonmaster" Achievement)
Stocking Up - Create 500 Heavy Frostweave Bandages.
250 Stone Keeper's Shards - Loot 250 Stone Keeper's Shards.
Heroic: Gundrak - Defeat the Gundrak bosses on Heroic Difficulty.

Saturday, August 22

Last Day of Contest

22 hours until the linking contest ends and so I wanted to pimp the show as well as get in one more entry.

I wanted to again talk a little bit about a great podcast out there. All Things Azeroth, Your World of Warcraft Podcast.

Medros and Graece have held contests a time or two and they are currently having a contest similar to ours here at The Experienced Noob.

Ol' Xan is trying to win their contest as the awards will be announced on my birthday. So this blog post is not only promoting All Things Azeroth, Your World of Warcraft Podcast but a contest entry as well.

As a matter of fact, as Ol' Xan is thinking about this contest and All Things Azeroth, Your World of Warcraft Podcast I do beleive they were the first podcast I listened to and the one that influenced Ol' Xan to think about starting his own.

Thanks Medros & Graece and keep up the great work!

Calib's first professional photos

Well here are some pics for you to look at and giggle over.

Friday, August 21

The Auction Square... (Original Fiction by Xan)

“Good afternoon ladies!” The gangly bard tilts his hat as he makes his way towards the group of young women giggling as he approaches.

“Do you know where these fine, string backed men hail from?” He waves his hand towards the slaves on display on a platform in the middle of the square.
The women eyes all go wide, as they giggle and run off. Mayvn lifts his arm, takes a sideward glance, and smells under his arm. Just then, he receives a hearty thump on the shoulder.

“I don’t think they were worried about your smell, peacock.” Solcloud laughs out loud. “Perhaps next time you should concern yourself more about asking them about the slaves, and less about the way you look.”

“I was asking about the…” Mayvn clears his throat in embarrassment. “All right, I’ll keep looking around.”

“I’m going to talk to those guards over there.” The paladin waves to a group of talking guards. “Stay out of trouble.”

“I…” Mayvn rolls his eyes and with a huff, he turns toward the crowd and then mumbles under his breath. “Come on Mayvn, take the ‘high road’ you’re better than that.”

Thursday, August 20

MoMoments #12 - Stranger in a Strange... Server


Well I finally did it...I transferred my 80 priest, Moheal, the old Troll packed up his stuff, took some things from my guild bank, shined his tusks and moved to Feathermoon (US).

Moheal left a PvP server, where he grew up, learning to attack the Alliance on site with no hesitation and also deal with getting ganked or ganged up by two Human Paladin's and a stupid Dwarf Hunter standing in the back pew pewing!

It took about 20 min for the move. You would think moving that long distance from one server (one virtual world) to another would have taken longer (virtually). To let you know again, Balanzzar (US) is where Moheal grew up and it is and has always been a low population dominated by Alliance server. Feathermoon (US) is close to high at times medium level server a little edge to Alliance in numbers. Oh and it is RP!!!


What is that you ask? Role-play, some people call it real play, not sure why but I have heard that. I do not RP much or at all but am curious about the WoW lore and how some people RP.

Well when Moheal first set foot in Dalaran on Feathermoon (US), it was a very strange feeling. The city was familiar but the number of people running around was a shock!!!!

The usual daily grind of dailies started and he flew away from Dalaran to say "Hi" to his Hodir friends.

Carbonite: WARNING Alliance detected near you!!!

This flashed on my screen. Carbonite addon is a wonderful addon that I have used for a while and one thing it does is warn you when other players are near you from friendly faction and the ENEMY Alliance.

I shield myself and get ready to fight! FIGHT FOR THE HORDE!!

Than...nothing...nothing happens.

The Alliance character runs past me and my tusks drop with my jaw.

"What is going on here!? Must be a bug. eh OK back to completing dailies."

Again warning and two more Alliance are near me. I have them in sites but for some reason I cant attack them.

"Ok for the love of Thrall, did I become a PvP noob all of a sudden!?!?!"

My friend/coworker logs in and I tell her what is the deal with all these Alliance people around me and me not being able to attack them!?!

Then it hits me!!! It is a RP server not PvP!!!

You can laugh. Laugh with me, not at me because my little WoW characters grew up on a PvP server they didn't know any better.

So needless to say it will take some getting use to the RP and also all the people on the server. After one night of instancing with some people I know and some I am getting to know, I have to say so far so good. Of course with time it will get better I believe as we all learn how each of us play and how we can rely on each other. Also, a new guild is being formed; casual WoW playing, raid/instance when we can and have fun playing a game we all like.

I think that is one reason this game is so popular among gamers; we can play it as we wish. Some like to play it as well like it is work! Taking it too seriously and have spreadsheets and that is fine. That is their prerogative. I like to have fun, relax, and enjoy it; 'smell the roses' as they say.

I would like to ask how many of you have moved servers and and let us know how your experience turned out.

Well Happy WoWing to you all and to anyone going to Blizzcon, have fun, and I am not very far from you in Orange County.

Take care

Tuesday, August 18

And the winner is... (Update)

I would like to thank "Brajana" for sending me a pic of her in her newest cloth armor in homage to Arthas.

Congrats on your Nerdtacular '09 win!

Friday, August 14

The Shoppes... (Original Fiction by Xan)

Zander and Beasley made their way towards the shoppes. Atop Zander’s shoulder, Beasley spots the armory.

“Over there, my friend!” Beasley bounces on Zander’s shoulder as a little child. Zander just smiled and continued in the direction Beasley pointed. Zander was a full head taller than all the other bustling townspeople, but Beasley had sharper eyes to see the sign of the armory. “What should we ask for? This armor is not worth much you know.”

“We only need supplies for a few days.” Zander tried to keep his over anxious friend in check. “Perhaps we could get enough money for a night at the inn tonight?”

“Awww.” Beasley pouts as he flops down on the chest backpack and mopes. “You know I could get us so much more!”

“Othr has blessed us with a great many things little one,” Zander preaches. “Let’s not take advantage of our good fortune.”

“Well, then let me do the talking!” Beasley shirks the lesson in humility.

“Ha, Ha, Ha!” The cleric booms out a hearty laugh as he stepped through the armory door. “Very well, thief. But try to be reasonable or we won’t be able to sell anything.”

“I am not a…”

The armory door shuts behind them, as a bell tolls their entry.

Thursday, August 13

MoMoment #11 - To Transfer or Not To Transfer

Hello fine community of World of Worldcraft,

I am have a dilemma; in a quandary; bind, pickle, you name it I am in it!

I have 3 80s along with countless alts from 70s down to level 1's and majority of my characters (18 to be exact) are on Balanzzar (US) server. It is the server I started on, years and years ago. Even though I have many alts, majority of my WoW time has been on that server. As you can imagine the time spent and for me personally, I do get attached to my characters as we do spend so much time on them.

I do say it is a game but how can we not take some personal pride in the way we play. My play style is, well hybrid is one way to call it; a mutt. I enjoy it all. I love leveling! Yes I am one of those people. I love working on a RAF (refer a friend) leveling 2 characters while getting triple experience. I also enjoy the challenge of leveling on a new server with people I just started interacting with and working on classes I find challenging. I also enjoy questing, doing instances, (of course prefer not to do PUGs but I do dive into the PUGdome :( ) helping out guildies, and even old guildies that have moved on to other guilds. Raiding, on the other hand, I have not done much but I have had good and bad experience. Long story short I do enjoy getting and seeing as much of this awesome game we love as I can and as time permits.

With my playing style I have at least one of each class and each profession; not all of them are leveled up but it is a nice family of MO characters and are self sustaining and also can co-exist with others as needed.

Now to the issue I have which to some it may not even sound like an issue. I have been asked, by a coworker no less, to transfer or level on their server and to raid/instance with them...on a different server of course. I am thinking this will be great way to see the content I have not seen and to experience a guild hopefully that will be active like mine was back during original WoW and first few years when we first started on Balanzzar (US). The move that makes the most sense to me is my Priest, Moheal = avg gear with dual spec disc and shadow (I really enjoy healing and as you know... everyone needs healers).

What is my issue you ask? You may be saying what is your major malfunction MO? Make the move and snap out of it! Well, just imagine one of your brothers/sisters, long time friends decides to defect to another country and family and a piece of the machine you had running is no more.

Basically, with the way I run on my original server, as I mentioned, I have one of each class so I have my DPS characters, healers, tanks, & characters that have certain professions. I am going over the PROS and CONS so basically I am looking for different views at this point.

Of course, PROS = getting a chance to raid/instance without worrying about PUGs all the time; playing with the same people and getting to know their playing style and adapting to it to heal better; be part of a guild again and not having to worry about running the guild.

CONS = the MO gang of characters on Balanzzar (US) will be minus a healer and tailor and their Troll tusky brother; making the move may not necessarily be all that I think it could be.

I am asking for anyone to let us know, let me know, what do you think?

Have you been in a situation like this?

I know some podcasters have been but I have not; I am a kind of person that can be loyal to something even though it may not be going any where but still willing to contribute.

Please comment on this blog, email us, tweet me @mohalen I am very interested in different opinions and also let us know how your situation is.

Thank you

Tuesday, August 11

Blame the baby...

Wow, I want to thank everyone for taking the time to come over to the blog and see the announcement of the birth of my son. 103 page loads... 68 unique visitors. I am overwhelmed!

Thank you so much for viewing the announcement. Thank you especially to all those who have left comments [here], this is great for posterity.

I hope those that might be new to the blog keep coming back. Those that aren't and may just be friends.... thank you as well!

Monday, August 10

Ol' Xan's new challenge...

In honor of my family I usually have a toon created to play, and of course with Calib coming to join the family I have created a toon for him.

My daughter was created for fun with Maggie, my wife, sitting next to me and choosing the way my little girl would be portrayed in the game. Below I have attached her toonsig.

Calib was created last night. He is a gnome rogue, because Maggie and I both said he stole our hearts. Anyway, he is gonna get some help from "Big Daddy" Xan if I am going to spend time playing an alt. (Don't worry, Shelbimay got plenty of help when she was created as well.)

Xan has seen the advent of heirloom items Ol' Xan decided he was gonna try and get some for his little boy.


How do you get Heirloom Items?

Heirloom items are purchased with either Stone Keeper's Shard in Wintergrasp, (Alliance or Horde) or you can go to Dalaran and purchase them from Brammold Deepmine with Emblems of Heroism.

Now from what I gather, Stone Keeper Shards are dropped off of any instance boss in Northrend when your faction controls Wintergrasp. No problem, I suppose, but that just means you have to watch for the buff on your screen to let you know you have control and then get an instance together.

The other part is... Emblems of Heroism are no longer available. You have to get an Emblem of Conquest and then trade that in for Emblems of Heroism. It is a bit longer process, but I think the rewards are amazing!

My shopping list for Calib is:

Stained Shadowcraft Spaulders
Stained Shadowcraft Tunic

So big task ahead of Ol' Xan. Current count of Emblems: 29

Sunday, August 9

Calibs introduction to the world

Daddy, Big Sister Shelbi, & Calib

Great-Grandma Shirley Webb

Grandpa Cyril Webb

Grandma Roxi Webb

Aunt "Dis" (aka Bela)

Great-Grandma Pixton

Auntie Raquel & Cousin Mia

Grandma Kim Pixton

Grandpa Brad Pixton

Time for bed

"With Arms Wide Open..."

Dr.Hansen & Calib

More hair than Daddy

Calib Bradley Webb
Born 08/08/2009 22:02 Mountain Time
6 lbs. 12 oz. & 18 inches long

Well, after a hard wait and uncertainty Calib has joined my brood.

Maggie's water broke at about 16:15 as we were about to leave to go to a BBQ at my parents home with my fathers side of the family. We dropped off Shelbi May and just went directly to the hospital.

Upon our arrival we were checked into a room and the tests began. Tests to check the fluid first came up with a negative for her 'water' and they were about to send us home. The Doctor on call came in to check Maggie once more and indicated that it was that her water had broken but she wasn't dilating.

This same thing happened with the birth of Shelbi May and so Calib was taken C-Section.

Now Ol' Xan is taking a quick shower, grabbing a bite to eat (haven't eaten since this morning) and will be heading back to the hospital.

Recovery time for Maggie = 3 days.

(Please post comments for posterity)

Mommy & Calib

Daddy & 'Cheezer'

Friday, August 7

The Inn... (Original Fiction by Xan)

The four begin to walk through the crowd, this time more in a pack than a line. They begin to formulate a plan.

“Wonderful!” Mayvn pipes up. “I may be able to sing and gain us a room or two for the night.”

“Excellent idea, my gaunt fellow.” Solcloud gives him a stout slap on the back. Mayvn’s hat flops down in front of his eyes. “Make it worthy of two men of the cloth and a man of your… abilities.”

“Hey!” Beasley shrieks as he tries not to get stepped on. “What am I, a puppy meant to sleep outdoors?”

They reach the inn doors and as they step inside Beasley continues his rant. “Don’t you dare forget me! I may be small, but I am useful!”

Zander chuckles in a deep voice as he sweeps the little halfling onto his shoulder.

“I would never forget about you, my little friend. You are going to be very useful. Philomar told me so.” He gave him a wink as they stepped onto the wood floor at the inn.

With Beasley’s new viewpoint on Zander’s shoulders, the adventurers locate an empty table fitting their atypical sized group. They pull up a seat and begin to talk over their plans. Solcloud takes the lead in the discussion. “There is a definite feel of evil in this town. It saturates everything, there are some dark forces working here. I suggest we search the auction and marketplace for clues as to the source of the slaves.”

“Icky!” Mayvn curls his nose. “That is dirty work!”

“There will be people of high standing at the auction.” Solcloud goads Mayvn. “You will be in your element. Besides, if it is like any other lave auction, the clean people stay away from the slaves and the slaves are clean. Makes them ‘worth’ more and more attractive.”

Mayvn clears his throat. “Well then I suppose I am the only one for the job.”

“I will go along to see that things go smoothly.” Zander grumbles. “Try not to cause a scene. Let’s do this without being kicked out of town.”

The paladin lets out a sigh of frustration. He does not like explaining himself. “I am a paladin of St. Cuthbert; justice will be served in due process. I intend to get to the bottom of this and root out the cause of all evil, not just it’s agents.”

“Then it is agreed.” Zander pats the halfling on the back and continues. “I feel we need some money to fund our quest. How about we take these items you stole off the dead guards from earlier and we sell them?”

“Magnificent notion, my hulking friend!” Beasley perks up and with a hearty, but small, laugh he continued. “But, let me do the talking. You just stand behind me and look…well… look big.”

Zander just smiled and winked as he stood up, strapped his large chest to his back and the two unlikely pair were off to the market to sell their ‘loot.’ As they walked off the paladin spoke to his companion. “Well, my thin peacock, we aught to start looking for information ourselves.”

Mayvn looked to Solcloud with a huff. “Well, you’re no spring chicken!” He stuck out his tongue as the paladin stood up with his back turned. Mayvn followed behind the armored man, trying to not pay attention to the racket Solcloud was causing as he lumbered in his shiny armor. The two made their way towards the auction block where people were gathering to look at the new crop of slaves, just brought in. “So am I to woo the ladies with my charm?”

Solcloud shook his head in irritation. “Do what you must, peacock. Just find out where those slaves came from and who runs this town.”

As the two entered the town square, Mayvn’s eyes lit up as he saw all the well-dressed people walking around. He spots a group of young women and put on his most suave face.

Wednesday, August 5

WoW Gold comments...

I just wanted to make a quick posting regarding this fact.

I have received comments before to the blog (Which I always appreciate) and I will post all the comments I receive EXCEPT ones that have a link that leads to a gold selling site.

I DO NOT in any way support gold farming/selling and will not allow comments like that on the blog.

If you wish to have your comment posted, please do not link gold selling/farming sites on your signature or otherwise.

Thanks again to all those who read the blog! If you really enjoy it help support the advent of the PODCAST by donating. Scroll down to the bottom of the blog and click "donate"

Thanks again!

Tuesday, August 4

MoMoment #10 - Why the hate for Stranglethorn Vale?

Hello good people out here,

Hope you are all well. In listening to podcasts and reading on Twitter and some blogs I have read since the beginning of WoW have read so much hate for the zone: Stranglethorn Vale


It is a beautiful zone so I do not understand. Now you do need to know that most of the people I have noticed that hate Stranglethorn Vale or also known as STV are on PVP servers.

For those of you on a PVP server i think you know the reasons why and for those of you not in PVP servers, well it is a gank fest of gank fests!

At times it can be worse than The Hills (Hillsbrad Foothills) or the Barrens. Main reason, I think, is good ol' Booty Bay (BB), or you may call it Pirate Bay or Goblin Bay, or Gank Bay.

No matter what level you may be in BB you are a target. You are a target not only by high level characters from the other faction but if you attack back or attack you will be attacked by the nonplayer characters (NPC) and they hit hard!!!

There are many spots that are perfect for ranged classes to stand there and kill on site, especially low level characters with one shot. Many people also do this on purpose to level up or down (depending on how you look at it) their rep for Boot Bay (Bloodsail Buccaneers) and yes this is even crazy at level 80 but some people like to get this for the pirate hat you get so it is worth it or even crazier is the "Insane in the Membrane" achievement.

Well, I still do not know why people would hate this zone. I think it is one of the beautiful zones in game. I would not want to live there if I had to pick a WoW zone to live in but I would vacation there. For the Horse you have GG or Grom'Gaul and the Alliance have some camp on the northern part of the zone which I think is useless but still a flight path point there. You have our good old buddy Hemet Nesingwary Jr. and the NAGA!!! (They took someones bike I hear)

In STV you can also find the daily arena event where horde and alliance fight for the chest of goodies.

ZG, Zul'Grub level 60 raid instance, a very interesting place where you can go through with a few 80s or maybe one if you are geared.

If you are a fishing enthusiast, the fishing event happens in STV.

So come on people!!! Tell me why you really hate STV because I cannot find any good reasons.

Leave a comment and tell me I am wrong as you know I am right!

Monday, August 3

Changing Servers?

Hail to the Naaru! It seems there might be an opportunity in the future to change realms for ol' Xan. A friend of mine has made some connections and we will probably be switching from Trollbane (US) to Chromaggus (US)

The Upside is that we will FINALLY get to see some action in Naxxramas and possibly even Ulduar. FINALLY Gear Upgrades!

The Downside of this switch is we will be on a PvP server and without PvP gear really. I mean take a look at ol' Xan. Not exactly ready to take on other players, am I? Not only that but I might have to change the spelling of ol' Xan because someone else loves the name so much that they too have chosen it on that server.

Tell me what you think about the change in servers. Anyone on that server who can tell me more about it?