Tuesday, August 25

Kilzar's Garage (Revisited)

Hey everyone, welcome to another edition of Kilzar's Garage and I'm your host Kilzar.

Let me start off by saying congratulations to Xandarr on the birth of your son Calib, and good luck to Mo on your server transfer.

I was asked to write about my experience doing Heroic Trial of the Champion (aka HToC) since no one has had more fruitless runs than I. So here we go.

I don't think anyone is more off balance than I when it comes to getting 'drops' that are upgrades. I mean, not like Xandarr who seems to be rolling for gear almost every bloody run. I ran four HToC and only killed the main boss, The Black Knight, twice. Out of all those runs I got zero upgrades. I even ran Heroic Gundrak about this same time and only got a chance to get a DPS ring that was a huge upgrade but lost out to a certain paladin.

Saying that I was getting frustrated is a understatement, I was furious when I didn't get the ring, not because the paladin got which was already much more powerful in the DPS area, but the fact that I couldn't get anything that would help my character. Every body keeps telling me to "do this instances or that instance... there is gear in there that will be a huge upgrade."

The only thing I have received in this instances are a few emblems and achievements but no gear at all. This is actually a sad joke between Xandarr and myself, because I have this problem all the time. Receiving no upgrades at all on a lot of instance runs and then BAM! one instance would drop a ton of stuff. Like when I went into KARA, which has a lot of bosses. I think I did it like four times with nothing than one day I ran through there and ended up with like three upgrades all at once.

I think the Old Gods are against me because they all know that Dwarves are the superior race and that we needed some kind of disadvantage.

Then we come to Sunday night, Xandarr and I get into a HToC run and we died a few times not anything major...

"The Champions": NOTHING

Argent Confessor Paletress and Memory of Kalithresh (which we had the hardest time with): She dropped a sweet axe. (Edge of Ruin) It is as ugly as a Draenei female on Prom Night, but it blew my current sword away. So I'm happy I finally got something worthwhile.

(At this point let me point out when you are doing instances or raids there is a rule that states you should only get one item from bosses, this rule is set up so one person doesn't try to steal all the loot.)

The Black Knight: (He always seems to be so easy) This time he dropped a awesome gun (True-aim Long Rifle) and some gloves (Gloves of the Dark Exile) and that was yet another upgrade for me.

I had to ask the party, as good manners dictate, to make sure that it was all right to get so much in one HToC run. Lucky for me we had a good group that didn't mind. And of course no other Hunters in the group needed the gun.

So if you are one of those players that keeps doing instances over and over and don't get anything, all I can say is stay at it. You will have one of those runs that makes it all seem worth it.

If there is anyone out there that has questions that needs to be answered send me a email at kilzar316@gmail.com with the subject as Kilzar's Garage or at the experiencednoob@gmail.com.

So i guess that is it for me. So just remember to have fun and not everyone can be as cool as a dwarf.

If you would like to ask questions from Kilzar please email us at theexperiencednoob@gmail.com and put "ASK KILZAR" in the subject line. The grumpy ol' dwarf will be glad to answer readers questions.


  1. Loot drops in Heroics don't have the same rules as loot drops in Raids. At least not in PUGs.

    In Heroics, if it's plate, and you wear plate, and it's and upgrade for your main spec, roll need on it every time. If it's for off-spec, then roll greed.

    In Raids, it's generally one tier and one main spec drop per lock out or per wing. Only if nobody wants it for main spec can you have a chance at it.

    So when in Heroics roll and everything as it's ALL Hunter Loot.

  2. Yay, gratz on the shinies.

    And the thing with only taking one piece isn't so much a rule as good manners to help spread out the loot.

    How did you think the difficulty was for something dropping Uld-10 level gear?