Friday, October 30

Beasley’s watch… (Original Fiction by Xan)

The sound jostled Beasley to awaken, crossbow in hand. “What was that?” He whispered.

“Just a spider, my miniature rogue.” The paladin smirked, “But now that you are awake, I will retire and you may begin your shift.” He stood up and made his way towards his bedroll.

“Well then,” Beasley kicked his blanket off himself with a grunt. “I guess I don’t have any choice do I?” He sniveled all night as he found a small rock to perch on as everyone else slept. Zander continuing to make quite a racket with his snoring, Beasley just turned his back on the party in spite. He saw something moving like a line of ants across the wall. He stood up to examine the phenomena before him on the wall and it was not ants, but lines of spiders crawling up the wall. “What a peculiar sight,” Beasley spoke to himself. “I have never seen so many spiders” He spotted the spiders continuing on their path up the wall. He slowly followed with his eyes, the miniature march of these spiders as they continued into a hole about ten feet off the floor. A large tree root began to move as the spiders collected around it. Another root moved, and then another, Beasley began to back up realizing that those were not tree roots but rather legs of a large spider.

“Oh Hell!” Beasley yelped in warning as he drew his crossbow and let loose a bolt into the spider’s large beady eyes. “Time to wake up fellas!” Beasley kicked Solcloud on his way in backing up and fell onto Zander. As he fell, he let loose another bolt that crashed into the roof of the cavern above the spider.

The spider pawed its way out of its lair as smaller spiders fell to the ground. Solcloud drew his sword and began to curse the fact he could not sense this large spider. The spider dropped, leapt at Solcloud, and with lightning reflexes sank its fangs into his chest, piercing his armor like tin under a hammer and spike. With a startled look on his face, the paladin’s eyes rolled back into his head and dropped like a rag doll. By this time, Beasley had reloaded and fired another bolt at the aggravated spider.

Zander watched his associate of the cloth fall and with a roar of anger, he flew into a rage. Flailing his hammer in the air and with both hands, he slammed the hammer square into the back of the giant arachnid, a crash of thunder echoed through the tunnels as the spider landed to the ground with an empty thump. Gore from the spider dripped from his hammer as well as his armor, Zander panted as he fell to a knee in exhaustion.

Mayvn still slumbering rolled over and put his back to the party. Zander and Beasley spent the rest of the night on watch together after mending Solcloud of his wounds and stripping him of his armor so he may sleep more soundly. Zander pounded out the puncture holes in the paladin’s armor.

“That was quite an amazing feat, my large comrade.” Beasley had to talk to calm his nerves. “How did you do that?”

Zander, hunched over the armor and a rock as an anvil, solemnly spoke. “I don’t know. You have seen me do it before, it just happens. I have a mighty temper and when people are in danger I can think of nothing else than protecting them.

Solcloud was dying and would need healing right away, no time to waste. I felt the only way to save him was to quickly dispatch that dreadful spider.”

“That could really come in handy.” Beasley traced a line in the dirt as he continued. “It can also be a hindrance when we need you the most. You are as though a mindless juggernaught. What happens if we all need a spell from you?”
“That is why I am ashamed, it is my ogre blood.” Zander continues to hammer at the breastplate. “I am sorry.”

“No, don’t be.” Beasley walks over and looks Zander in the eye. “Don’t be ashamed of your ancestry; use it to your advantage. Goodness knows I have.” With a smile and a pat on the back, Beasley sits down and lies back on the rock Zander is sitting on and pulls up the blanket and looks up to the giant makeshift blacksmith. “You all right?”

“Yes, thank you, my friend.” Zander grins apprehensively. “Go to sleep, Othr watch over you.” He pats his friend on the head as Beasley slouches down and closes his eyes for a few more hours of rest.

Friday, October 23

Momoments - Hallow's beginnings?

What is your favorite holiday?
In game or out of game? I know you have been asked this so let us know. Mine is Halloween, in game and out of game. It is just fun and candy and costumes, what more can you ask for!?

I was thinking about the wow achievements; how much of an achiever are you in wow? And are there people still trying for the meta-achievement, completing all the holiday achievements.
I have not been a achievement person in game but when I have time I do try to get some done because at times the achievements make you go back to Azeroth - Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdom and even the Outlands to revisit some areas you have not been to in a long time or for me (horde heavy) some alliance areas I have never been too. For Hallows end, one of the achievements is to visit different Inn's in the game across all lands on your side (meaning alliance or horde).
This is a great way for your alts or if you are new to the game to not only get experience, discover all the zones, but also more importantly to get the fp's.
However one things I would suggest, well one of the things, is to do this at level 20 so that you either have a mount or you have your races speed buff (hunters get the Aspect of the wild, believe it is, and Shammans get wolf form, etc...)
Also, definitely checkout the podcast World of Warcast: A World of Warcraft Podcast, no by @Alachia and @starmike and the previous regular host and now special host? not sure the official title for the very knowledgeable @renatta they are all very knowledgeable. As I have stated before, perhaps not in this blog but on Twitter, they are the Harvard of podcasting in my opinion. It is truly AWESOME, wonderful to see their passion for raiding in game and other things about the game we love!

My last question was, are any of you still going for the special mount for completing all the special/holiday achievements? I am curious because if some people are just starting, that means 1 year of making sure they do not miss one achievement or it will be all for a loss. I think it is great the dedication some give to their game playing.

Happy gaming and please let us know, Thank you



First night in the depths… (Original Fiction by Xan)

The first watch fell on Mayvn, everyone seemed to think that if something should happen during his watch they would be the most at their ready. Mayvn played a sweet song on his lute as everyone prepared their bedrolls. Zander pulled up a pile of rocks, threw his head down with a crash, and was out like a light in a storm. Solcloud knelt in supplication to St. Cuthbert before he too fell victim to slumber.
Beasley tossed and turned, rolling around like a fish out of water. The noise made by Zander snoring was like that of a mighty thunder on the horizon. “Couldn’t he worship a god of rabbits or Olidammara? At least that way his snoring would be silent.” Mayvn chuckled softly as he continued to strum his lute and sang the poor halfling to sleep.

The night wore on and Mayvn’s eyes began to droop as he started to slouch over his lute. He snorted to a start as a small spider not larger than his thin fingertip crawled across his face. “Oh, thank you little one.” He mumbled with a groggy tone. “Best to wake up the second watch.”

Mayvn stood up and made his way over to Solcloud. Mayvn had to take a second look as it looked as though there were two people where the paladin slept. It was in fact just the paladin lying next to his neatly polished and laid out armor. Mayvn nudged the soldier awake and smiled. The paladin did not speak a word, as he knew his duty and didn’t want to wake the others. Mayvn pulled up a soft silky pillow he had laying in his sack and swiftly went to sleep.

The evening seemed most uneventful through Solcloud’s watch. He spent most of the time sharpening his sword and polishing his armor to the best of his ability in the firelight. As he sat there, he mumbled to himself about lying his head down in slumber when there was evil looming all about him. His focus being lost as the entire cavern seemed to radiate evil. A few hours passed without incident either, but again another small spider crawled across the floor in front of him. With a swift movement of his boot, Solcloud crushed the small vermin into the rock floor.

Friday, October 16

Into the unknown… (Original Fiction by Xan)

After, what seemed to be an eternity in darkness the group reaches the bottom. “Seems a bit dark down here.” Mayvn points out the obvious. “I’m not too fond of the dark.”

As if remembering he had a thousand gold pieces in his pocket Beasley jumps with a start. “Oh, excuse me, I have the torch.” He laughs sheepishly.

The room is filled with smoke and light as the torch slowly illuminates the dark cavern they found themselves in. Above them, they see the pit; it was nothing but a hole, just tall enough to be out of reach of even the tallest of men. Zander looked up, stretching with his arm to touch the opening but he could not.

“Must be an enchantment,” Mayvn again points out the obvious. “It felt like we were descending for hours, when in fact this pit is nothing but a small hole not more than about twenty feet or so. Well doesn’t that just figure?” He turns to step off the lift and is struck in the face by an unknown object.

GONG! The sound of the low toned bell echoes in all directions.

“I found the signal bell.” Mayvn rubs his face.

The voice of the innkeeper echoes down the hole. “Ring the bell again when you want to be lifted back up. But I warn you, if something is chasing you, I won’t be able to crank fast enough to save you.” His laughter fills the hole and the tunnels as the lift slowly moves up.

Mayvn looks to the lift longingly. “Well, I suppose we are stuck down here for now. Which way?” The silky man walks five feet to the left and then five feet to the right. “Seems we could also get lost down here too.”

“You think so? I wonder if that’s why they call it a labyrinth.” Beasley rolls his eyes at the gangly man.

“Well, I must take an accounting of my surroundings. You know, make a mental note for my memoirs.” Mayvn begins to puff up with pride. “I will write my adventures, I mean, I will write our adventures and they will be legend throughout all the land!”
“If you make it out alive, peacock.” Solcloud quickly deflates the haughty bard. “Pride can be thought of as evil. Be careful not to tread that line bard. It is a slippery slope that leads to evil.” He looks to the halfling, “Isn’t that right, my little burglar?”

Beasley just shrugs at the insult and starts walking down one of the tunnels to the right of the lift. The stone walls seem to be a natural tunnel, probably caused by years of water and wind erosion. There is a distant sound of dripping and the echo of their voices seems to go on for eternity. The sound of three sets of footsteps echoes down the corridor. Beasley only shakes his head, as the three other members can’t seem to be quiet to save their lives.

“You know, you couldn’t even sneak up on a deaf and blind owlbear in hibernation!” He barks in aggravation. “Can’t you three be quiet?”

Solcloud takes another step, his plate armor clangs and chatters with every movement. Zander turns at the waist, his chain mail shirt rustles like metal leaves blowing in the wind.

“What are we trying to sneak up on?” Mayvn queries.

“And would you please keep your mouth shut?” Beasley throws his hands up in the air, and turns to continue down the corridor. “Honestly! How is a man supposed to hunt creatures when he can’t even sneak up on them? There are probably no monsters within miles because of you three.” He continues to walk down the path backwards as he reprimands his boisterous companions. Without warning, he runs into what felt like a wall. A gurgling growl began to fill his hears. His eyes went wide; his knees began to quake as he reached behind himself to feel what he had run into. This wall was wearing tattered pants and smelled like rotten fish. Beasley grimaced and apprehensively looked up to see a dreadful sight. It looked to be three larger and much uglier versions of Zander. “OGRES!” Beasley shrieked as he ran back towards the safety of the party.

Mayvn gulped and chanted a quick poem, behind the ogres sprouted a spring of large hairy spiders. They immediately spread out in all directions, overwhelming the ogres. They swung their arms in a futile attempt to beat them off themselves all the while provoking the spiders to bite them. The ogres’ thick hides prevented the spiders from poisoning them, but the distraction was what the group needed to gather their senses and prepare for a battle.

Zander closed his eyes and began to offer up a prayer to Othr to help them in their battle by slowing their attackers further. He pointed a finger in the direction of the smaller ogre, the ogre seemed to be distracted for a moment but shook off whatever the prayer was aimed to do. The paladin immediately drew his sword and jumped into the thick of battle slashing for the largest of the three ogres. He began slashing at the mid-sized ogre standing in the front; the tunnel opening was only big enough to have the ogres attack single file. With their extremely long arms, the ogres can reach over one another to grasp at the adventurers standing in their path.

Solcloud takes the point making sure as to not let the ogres continue to advance. Zander closes in behind the paladin; he too having the long reach gifted by his ogre blood and can also swipe at their attackers. Beasley and Mayvn take to the rear, firing shots with their crossbows as the long smelly arms attacked the front line. The ogres looked to Zander as an unfit cousin fit only to die at their hands. They roared and clawed at Zander as he laughed at their futile attempts to attack him. They clawed at the air, landing only minor blows as they reached over Solcloud. Solcloud taunted the ogres for their stupidity as he slashes at their arms taking major cuts to their limbs. Mayvn was composing a song of the adventure as it unfolded, inspiring his companions to greater deeds of valor and strength. Beasley fired bolt after bolt into the openings that Solcloud left for him. One bolt landed true finishing off the first bloodied up ogre. His larger companion advanced into the opening and took up attacking their cousin once again. Zander crushes its hand as Solcloud in turn hacks the arm off at the elbow. The ogre roared is pain but continued its advance with its other arm. Zander grasped the arm with one hand as Solcloud dropped to one knee and plummeted his sword all the way to the hilt into the belly of the beast. It dropped to the ground as the third, smaller ogre leapt onto the bodies of its fallen comrades and let out a shriek in attack. It jumped towards Solcloud but in mid-flight, it changed direction and fell to the ground with an empty thump.

“HA!” Mayvn shouted and jumped like a child. “I knew I’d figure out the aim on this silly contraption.” He waived his crossbow in the air in triumph. “This will definitely go into my memoirs.” He hooked the crossbow back to his belt and straightened his silks, proud of his minor victory. “Where are we going now, Mr. Beasley?”

The small man, still dazed by the amazingly lucky shot performed by the bard, looked up at the party and shook his head. “Well, I suppose we should go the way they came from.” Pointing back to the mass of ogres lying on the ground he continued. “But let’s proceed a little more quietly, including myself. But I figure we all need a bit of healing as well as a bit of rest.”

Zander chuckles under his breath. “You are right, my little companion.”
The paladin points to a crevasse and a small cavern to their left. “I suggest we send those brutes back to the abyss down there, and we can make camp in that cavern.”
Beasley curled his nose up at the smell of the bodies. “But I can’t lift them.”
The half-ogre grabbed the ogres by the hair and began to drag them towards the seemingly bottomless pit. “I can get rid of my half-kin lad. Don’t you worry about that?” He threw the smaller one into the ravine, followed by the middle-sized one that he had slung over his shoulder. “But I suggest you begin cooking our meal for the night and figure out who is going to be on watch.”

Wednesday, October 14

Xyliaa needs a relationship...

A few weeks back I had a poll regarding creating a new toon healer for my guild. As a result of the poll which was focused on what race my priest should be, I was overwhelmed by the responses about the various healing classes I was missing out on.

The result of that poll was a Draenei Shaman named 'Xyliaa.' As I am always a fan of the relationships of my toons I need some help as to what her relationship is to Xandarr. So I have set up a poll that will be open until October 24th. Please take a moment to vote.

After the poll is complete I may start a new fiction section with her adventures, so please vote and let others know to vote.

Tuesday, October 13

Momoment #17 / MoContest #1


For all WoW players, from day one of playing the game no matter if it was when the game came out or if you just are getting into the game, game security is/has/will always be important to all (even to Blizzard!).

What do I mean by game security? Well, for one I think it is important we read!!!

Read you say? Yes read! It is a skill we are all lacking.

How many times you install a game, program, complete an application, anything and there is a TOS (terms of service agreement) that we (not all of us but I think a major majority, I say 70% of us) just click the box that states we have read it and understand it. Why do we do this? Well I think it is a combination of laziness, impatience, AND, not caring, and I am sure many other reasons, to many to list all of them.

Now before I upset all of you/us, I know I am generalizing but please prove me wrong; tell me that I am wrong. It will be hard to prove this wrong but until that time I believe that I am correct (maybe wrong in the percentage but I know it is more than half of us MMO players). So how does not reading the TOS make our game/account security vulnerable? Yet again the answer is lengthy but pretty much not knowing how your account can be canceled or suspended in my opinion is a security risk.

For WoW, the major security risk has been account hacking and that has been part of the game almost from the beginning I believe. For the first few years of the game, the only way to make sure our account was safe was to change our password often and make it as difficult as possible. Did/were you doing that? I think not. I did not do that! :(

Thankfully Blizzard came out with the authenticator and that started security more accounts; well people that would get the authenticator. Than the iPhone application came and and even more people made sure their accounts were secure.

The latest work of Blizzard is the site for all of their games; I call it their hub, union station for players of their wonderful games. If you play a Blizzard game or are playing WoW, you go to the site, register, enter your WoW account info and you are in! Some people for their own reasons do not want to do this (I personally do not know of any negatives, please let me know of some cons of doing this). Until recently, registering your WoW account on was not mandatory until the news came out this week that will be mandated by November 11th. Now I do not know all the details but I believe if you are not on you will not be able to log into the game.

Why do you think Blizzard is doing this?

In my opinion, we are playing their game and if they require this as part of logging in, well we have to do it no matter what we think; it is their product, if you don't like it don't buy it and play it! A more thoughtful reason could be that it is additional security for them and us. Think of it as a good big brother aspect, where Blizzard will know all of their 12 million+ ( of that is the true number of players on WoW, which I do not think so) and help prevent the account hacking and spamming. I am not kidding when I say I do not know of any negatives and please let me know of some. Also, this will possibly allow interaction of wow players and players of Diablo and StarCraft possibly. Or even a Blizzard gaming achievement system in the near future. And the big one of them all, when ever the new WoW expansion and the next Blizzard MMO comes out.

The main point is, sign up for, get an authenticator (if you can or try to win one) and also let me know why one would not want to do these things.

Thank you very much, and stay safe! In game and out of game!



Hello Gamers....

This is Xan. It has come to my attention that MO has a couple of authenticators he would like to give away in a contest. In order to make this interesting and to help emphasize the point of needing an authenticator I am posting this contest -

1 - Please respond to this post with an AUTHENTICATOR HORROR STORY of someone you know or even a story about your own account being hacked and the devastation it caused to you and perhaps your guild.

2 - One more contest is a LINKING CONTEST. This contest is one that will have you linking to us all over the internet. Your link should be this: The Experienced Noob, Your Friends and Guides in World of Warcraft, with a link to These can be on your guild forums, your blog, WoW or gaming related forums, as long as it's not spamming or against the rules of the forum. If you want to write your own words around the link, feel free to. If you create a site solely for this contest, it will be disqualified. There should be real, useful content at the site.

Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed, and other social networking sites are also allowed to be used. If you twitter, an @Xandarr2112 or @Mohalen is recommended, with a preferable #TEN at the end. If you Facebook, a link to the site would be appreciated. Any other social networking sites, just link back to the TEN website. Once again, spamming will get you disqualified. If we hear from a webmaster, guild leader, or otherwise from someone complaining, we will disregard any entry.

In order to let us know about your submission, send us the url to the site you linked to us on. If you can include a screen shot, that would be even better. The winning link will have to be verified on submission and on completion of the contest. Links on the WoW forums are discouraged, and can get you banned or suspended from forum posting privileges, therefore use them at your own risk.

THE PRIZES: Two (2) Authenticators from MO drawn randomly from the entrants. The winners will be drawn on November 11th (one entry from the authenticator horror story and one from the linking contest) and will be posted to the blog and will need an email from the winner to Xan at as to where the prize will be sent.

DONATIONS - If you wish to donate a prize for further contests, email Xan at

Friday, October 9

Within the Slaver’s Pit… (Original Fiction by Xan)

Solcloud takes the lead and walks right up to the proprietor of the inn. “My good man, I heard there is evil within this labyrinth under your inn?”

The innkeeper, shocked that a Paladin of St. Cuthbert would enter a contest such as this, turns to face the party. “Yes, there is evil down there. But take a look at this board.” He points to a large pegboard with small rings with numbers on them with other numbers scribed underneath them. “These are the ‘good men’ who have also ventured down into the labyrinth as well. Just look at our current leaders, they have been down there for close to nine hundred days!” The innkeeper shakes his head. “At least we think they are still adventuring down there. Their treasure must be a heavy burden not to return yet.”

“You mean they haven’t been up in almost three years?” Solcloud was shocked.
Mayvn gulps. “Why don’t you send down a rescue party?”

“What do you think these other rings are?” The innkeeper scoffs, “Ornaments?”
“You mean all that go down don’t come back?” Beasley cringes but continues. “What is the sport in that ‘game?”

The innkeeper leans over the podium to look down on the small man. “The ‘sport’ is exactly that. What you find down there, you keep and the longer you are down there, the more renown you get as a competitor of the labyrinth.” The innkeeper smiles an evil smile. “So, will I be entering your names into the contest?”

The party looks at one another. Zander shrugs his shoulder as he clenches his hammer’s head tightly as it swings on his belt. Beasley pulls out a dagger and twists it in his fingers to test its sharpness. Solcloud looks to Mayvn and smiles as Mayvn’s knees begin to knock together.

“I sense great evil down there, innkeeper.” We will go down, we will enter the contest.

“Very good! What shall I name thee?” The innkeeper dips his feather pen in its reservoir to write the party’s name in his ledger.

“Call us…” The paladin ponders a moment.

Nevertheless, before he could sputter out an answer, Mayvn jumps in. “Call us, the Silent Scales of The Singing Storm!”

The party winces, the innkeeper look up at the thin man in the obscenely large hat with a bewildered look on his face. “I don’t know where you came up with that rubbish, but by the sounds of your little party there, it should win you some favor, or some humor.” The innkeeper chuckles as he pulls out a ring with a number on it. “You are number thirteen hundred ninety-five. Your time begins after you reach the bottom of the pit and ring the bell signaling you have arrived. Now step on the platform please.” The innkeeper ushers them over to a small platform, with Zander’s large size everyone had to hug in close to fit. The innkeeper then went to a small-notched winch, unhooked the safety lever, and began to crank. The platform slowly edged its way into the unknown. Some time later, the cavern began to grow darker and darker. A few more minutes seemed to pass by and then the party was engrossed in total darkness, the echoing laughter of the innkeeper could be heard as he reminded the party, “Don’t forget to ring the bell!” His words echoed into the blackness.

Tuesday, October 6

Momoment # 16 - Are U a Gamer?

Hello good people of the internet blogland and wowville!!!

A while back I had an argument with my brother (we have many!) about whether he is a gamer or not.

A quick note about him, he still likes the old school Sega Genesis games like Golden Axe and Star Control. He also likes Red Alert, yes the first few games that came out. But he is a hater of all things new (not just games, all things!) as anyone I know! He is not willing to even try some games (which can be a good thing in some ways but bad if he is just going to jump to conclusion). So I told him that he is a gamer because he does play games even though they are old! but he does play them.
But is that enough to label him a gamer?

And is that a bad thing? To be called a "gamer"?

To me it is similar to being called a raider in wow. It is not a bad thing to be called either one and also in some ways it is similar to being called a nerd or a geek. Just another word, if you will, to describe yourself (oneself).
So are you a gamer? and What does it mean to be a gamer?

In my opinion a gamer is a person who enjoys playing games; that simple.

Of course it cant be that simple. From what I have seen and read many believe that a gamer is someone that plays the more involved games like MMO's, role playing games, board games such as D&D. This can be true too but why can a console person be called a gamer? (I believe they can be if they fit your definition).

Possibly the main point can be made that in the past gamers were looked down upon similar to being called a nerd or geek. It is ok to be called or labeled a gamer in our modern day of technology as web-episodes like The Guild grow in popularity.

Such as life we all will have many different opinions and many different ways we will describe things and each other.

Gamer is one of them and there is even a movie out with the same title. From what I have seen in the previews it does not look like a good movie but I am sure I will watch it once it is out on dvd :)

Please let us know your opinion and GAME ON!

Saturday, October 3

Back story for Xyliaa

OK, so your votes from my previous posting led me from a Priest to a Shaman instead. It also made the race choice very easy for me as I think the Draenei are my favorite race of all.

Now I find myself thinking of a background and a story for my Shaman, Xyliaa. I would also like to fill in holes for my main toon, Xandarr. This is where I would like the help of my readers.

I would like to learn more of the lore but don't know where to begin.

I would like Xan and Xy to be realted, with Xy being MUCH younger than Xan.

Progression -
Xan started as PROT but found his true calling at lvl 80in DPS/RET, however he still holds roots in protecting others.

Xy is starting out, she is finding a niche with the elements, but longs to help others in reference to trauma & on the spot healing.

I would like to use The Hero's Journey to build both stories and REALLY flesh them out. Please help.

Friday, October 2

At the temple gates… (Original Fiction by Xan)

The party reached the temple doors just as the sun flooded down the road at their backs. Their shadows creeping ahead of them down the long dirty alley. All of them had their weapons drawn as they reached the two guards at the door. The guards shuffled their feet as they watched the figures with the sun at their backs. A giant followed closely by two men and what looked like a child approached. They steadied themselves as they performed their duty.

“None shall enter, ‘tis not time of the gathering.” One guard looked to the other for confidence as he spoke.

The other one felt the strength of their ‘numbers’ and piped up. “Yeah, be gone with ye until the gathering begins.”

A rumble came from Zander as he reached for his hammer. Beasley jumped in before the hammer could be lifted. “Hello, up there lads!” Beasley let out an uneasy chuckle as he placed a reassuring hand on Zander’s knee. “When is the next gathering?”

The guards looked down on the small man and with a matching tone of voice scalded him. “If you don’t know, then you must not care. This is for our god and his followers. You must not be a believer.” The guards fondled their swords in a small threat to the halfling not just over half their size. “Leave now, boy!” With that insult, one of them nudged him harshly with their knee. Beasley stumbled backwards.
“You shouldn’t have done that.” Beasley said in a taunt. “You’ve made my friend angry.”

Before Beasley could finish his last words of the threat before the thunder rolled as Zander’s hammer flew through the air and connected with the dragon emblazoned on one guard’s breastplate. The guard flew back off his feet, smashed into the wall, and slumped to the ground. Solcloud and Beasley jumped at the second guard as Zander walked toward the fallen guard. With not so much as a cough or a stutter to stand, the fallen guard stood to his feet and spit at the ground to Zander’s feet as he approached. The guard drew his sword and braced for the next hit of the mighty hammer.

Mayvn began strumming on his lute a mighty tune singing of mighty battles of old and Kings fighting entire nations of monsters. The words echoed through the streets, all the party felt the magic of the bard’s song reverberate in their very souls. A mighty roar followed at a perfect time in the bard’s song as Zander let his feral nature take a hold of him as he swung at the dented guard. Beasley and Solcloud began trading blows with the other guard but all their efforts seemed to deflect off the dragon armor of the second guard. The guard ducked under the mighty swings of Solcloud’s sword and reached for an open spot in the knight’s defenses, with a clang of steel on steel the guard’s sword smashed into Solcloud’s armor. He yelled out in pain as the sword of the guard connected again. The guard seemed to move like lightning and Beasley couldn’t connect with the guard but only clanged off his leg guards with his short sword.

Zander smashed into the other guard again, this time with more vigor than before. The rumble of thunder echoed in the distance as the hammer connected again, this time on the guard’s arm. The guard wailed in agony as his arm shattered like a twig in autumn. The guard swung the sword and gashed Zander across the chest, as the blade bit into Zander’s flesh, the giant just roared as he followed through with another clean blow and crushed the guard’s breastplate like tin under foot. The guard slumped to the ground, Zander turned just as Solcloud dropped to the ground. With a howl of rage, the giant lumbered toward the remaining guard.

Beasley looked up from his position between the guard and the colossus. He grabbed Solcloud by the armor and began dragging him away as fast as his strength could carry him. Mayvn too saw the lumbering juggernaught coming toward the unsuspecting guard and lunged toward the fallen knight. The two companions dragged the knight, now passed out, into an alleyway and began to give first aid. Meanwhile, Zander made short work of the second guard. Turning him into a tin spike in the street as this hammer cleanly connected with the guard with a driving force into the earth.
Huffing and puffing from sheer exertion, Zander trudged towards his companions. Grasping the gash in his chest. “Is he going to be OK?”

Beasley looked up to his friend. “I tried to tell you back at the inn, these guards are heavily armed.” Like a father reprimanding his son for not obeying him, Beasley continued his lecture. “We barely escaped with our lives. You can’t just jump into every battle before you; you must learn to pick your battles my friend. You could have had us all killed.”

Zander pulled his hand away from his wound, inspecting the blood and contemplating his tiny friend’s words. “You are right, I am sorry.” Zander hung his head in shame as he muttered a prayer to himself, thanking Othr for giving him strength and asking him to heal his wounds. A spark of lightning shimmered across his chain mail shirt, it repaired itself as well as mended Zander’s wound.

With a cough, Solcloud sputtered a little of the curative potion as he began to speak. “Did we get them?”

Mayvn spoke softly. “Well, Zander ‘got’ them.” He turned Solcloud’s attention to the guard’s helmet protruding from the street. “Our cleric friend here even gave him a proper burial.”

The adventurer’s all chucked at Mayvn’s joke as Solcloud grunted and made his way to his feet. He dusted off his now red tinted armor. “Well this won’t do. Not for a servant of St. Cuthbert.” He looked to everyone; they just shook their heads. “At least it is tainted with my own blood, meting out St. Cuthbert’s justice to the heretics.” He grimaced as he held his side gingerly. “Now, let’s say we look for a back way in. I hate to think we’ll find more guards wearing this fine armor.” He bent over the body crushed in the chest. He examined the body for anything worth selling to fund their adventure. Nothing was found, but a few rings and some nice swords. The armor was useless after the major dents, even if they were smithied out.
Mayvn piped up. “Didn’t the guard back at the tavern, consequently smashed too, mention something about a back door through the labyrinth?” The group all looked to the bard with a glint in their eye. “I like back doors.” The group all laughed at the peacock as he smiled a smile, not realizing he made a joke at his own expense. “He-he, perhaps we should ‘enter the contest’ within the labyrinth?”

“To root out the evil of this town, both below and within!” The paladin raises his sword and starts marching towards the northern inn, ‘The Slaver’s Pit.’