Friday, May 28

Prejudice never led to happiness… (Original Fiction by Xan)

Jenny shrugged her shoulders and rolled her eyes. “But I don’t see how a theological discussion would have put him in such a foul mood.”
“It seems he didn’t like what I said about the Drow.” Solcloud shuddered a bit. “Devilish creatures the lot of them, especially their wretched infatuation with spiders. It’s disgusting.”
Zander could see the muscles in Jenny’s jaw and knew he had to speak quickly. “Do you think he could have been upset with the way you talk about someone strictly on their appearance, brother?” He placed a hand on Jenny’s arm.
“Whatever do you mean, Zander?” Solcloud acted a little hurt as he slid his breastplate back on, the reflection of the firelight reflected perfectly on it.
“Well brother priest,” Zander tried to choose his words carefully. “You have done nothing but judge on outward appearance.”
“What?!” Solcloud seemed to step back. “Judgment is up to St. Cuthbert himself; I merely bring sheep into his fold.”
Zander could see the conversation was going nowhere. “Brother, we are all creations of a divine entity. We move and breathe because of the special gift of divine creation. Someone of a different profession or bloodline should not judge what profession we choose or our heritage to be ‘evil’ or wrong. If we do so we may find ourselves judged incorrectly.”
“Truer words could never be spoken, my friend.” Solcloud clapped Zander on the back as Zander turned to pick up his large treasure chest backpack. “I would never dream of finding anyone guilty without proof to sustain the guilt.”
Zander just slung the chest over his broad shoulders. Closed his eyes, shook his head muttered a short prayer to Othr and kicked out the burning embers of their small campfire. He turned an apologetic look towards Jenny; her jaw set fighting back the urge to lash out at the paladin.
“Let’s go.”
Jenny adjusted her belt, the drow thinblade nestled through a small loop made of the discarded shirtsleeve. She proudly walked past the paladin who gave her no notice as he picked up his polishing kit and backpack.
“Yes, it feels a little dark in this room.” Jenny said softly as she moved towards Zander who was politely holding the door open for her.

Thursday, May 27

Dr. Heckyll, Mr. Jive, or Poole

To be Worgen or not to be Worgen? That has never been the question for Ol' Xan. The question is what to name said Worgen? Based on one of my favorite songs growing up, as well as one of my favorite books I have come up with three candidates:

Dr. Heckyll

Mr. Jive


Male or female, doesn't matter... so please vote and help me decide.

Friday, May 21

Taking Back the Duchess (Original Fiction by Xan)

Like a water strider bug across a still pond the crew in their elemental powered row boat skidded across the water in a perpetual pool of still waters upon the rougher waters of the Thunder Sea. Maccus’ arms bulged as he held onto the side of the small vessel to look under the boat he was shocked to behold what he saw. Beneath the ship was a humanoid form of a large ogre-like figure but made completely out of the waters of the surrounding sea. Like Atlas holding the world on his shoulders this gargantuan watery ogre held the small ship on its shoulders.
“My god, Jenny,” Maccus exclaimed, “I had no idea your father had friends such as these!”
“Neither did I, Mate.” Jenny smiled at her good fortune.
“There she be, Cap’n!” Kilzar pointed to the horizon as his mechanical eye whirred as it retracted back into his head like a spyglass.
“Shu’ei,” Jenny hollered, “slow down slightly so that we may board the Duchess quietly and not raise suspicion.
“Aye, aye Cap’n,” gurgled Shu’ei in a burbling rumble like a geyser about to erupt.
The small rowboat started to slow down in the water and settle back onto its surface. The waves of the Thunder Sea still did not come within five feet of the small vessel even though the seas were experiencing waves larger than a small gnome. As they approached the Duchess Ol’ Salt commented on the fact that Blackfin’s schooner had to resort to towing the brigantine because he was missing Red Dog’s hook to control the bound water elemental within it. With the considerable size difference between the two vessels and Blackfin’s ship being controlled strictly by sail and oar gave Jenny and her crew a speed advantage.
The small boat pulled in beside the Duchess just as the sun began to set on the Thunder Sea. The beautiful reds and oranges reflecting off the water and the sun at their backs gave them the upper hand as they boarded the ship and took care of the few guards riding on the sleeping vessel.
“Maccus, Piper, n’ Kilzar” Jenny began to whisper her orders to her men, “go below and get the cannons ready to fire.”
“AYE!” they whispered back with gusto.
“Salt, take the helm.” Jenny pointed to the elemental controls of the beautiful brigantine as she tossed him the hook of her father.
“Where is Rum?” Salt queried.
Jenny looked around and drew her sword. “I have not seen him since we took out the guard on the deck.”
“Shall we look for him Cap’n?” Kilzar had a gleam in his mechanical eye as he too pulled out his hand axe and small blunderbuss pistol.
“No time,” Jenny ordered. “We will have one shot to drop the sails, spur on the elemental, and rake The Onyx before Blackfin will be onto us. We have to make it quick.”
“Aye, aye, Cap’n,” was the reply of the crew in unison as they took their positions.

Friday, May 14

After Breakfast (Original Fiction by Xan)

“Way to go, smart guy.” Beasley hit Solcloud in the gut just right to score a hit under his breastplate, knocking the wind out of the half elf. “She was about to change again in here.” Beasley stormed over to his pack, pulled out a roll and his water-skin, and slumped down to eat his tasteless breakfast.
Beasley coughed as he choked down the rest of his dry biscuit and took a long draw on his waterskin.
"Honestly, I don't understand you." Beasley glared at Solcloud as the paladin was polishing his breastplate. His undershirt of chainmail reflecting the dim firelight. "You religious types always ruin the best moments in life."
"Excuse me, son?" Solcloud looked up from his work. "What do you mean 'religious types’? And I find nothing better as the moments I spend in a chapel of my God."
"That is exactly what I mean." Beasley tied his waterskin back to his tiny backpack. "By 'religious types' I mean YOU and YOUR profession." He accentuated those words as he tightened the tied on the backpack. "You always think everyone should subscribe to your beliefs and no one is truly happy unless they feel the same way you do about your God."
"Well, it is true St. Cuthbert has blessed me." Solcloud tried to defend himself. "And I feel that everyone deserves the same blessings I have obtained through serving him."
"Hogsmuck!" Beasley countered. "You push your beliefs on others. I have seen you try with Zander and the comments you said to Jenny a few moments ago were offensive. Even to my religiously neutral ears."
Beasley's face turned beet red as the rage filled up in him. Zander just sat there in awe as the little thief pressed on in his tirade.
Beasley continued, "I will be happy when we find our way out of here and we can go our separate ways. You and I can honestly not work together."
"It is just as well, my little one." Solcloud had a cold, emotionless tone in his voice. "I don't think stealing from the dead or delving into a cave for profit is the life of a preacher such as myself."
Beasley just looked to Solcloud shocked at his apparent disinterest in the whole situation. He stood up, slung his backpack onto his shoulders and began walking out of the room. "Zander, I am going to check on Jenny. I'll wait for you to join us when you are through here."
The door opened, a beautiful red haired woman stood in the doorway, Beasley hardly took notice as he bumped her knee as he stormed out the door. "Jenny, I'll be in the trophy room." And the little halfling disappeared.
"What is wrong with him?" Jenny seemed to float into the room as Zander took in the sight before him.
Jenny had removed the shirt and replaced it with the chainmail shirt from the swordmaiden. It seemed to hug every curve of her body with a deep "V" in it exposing her magnificent cleavage and milky skin. She had left the pants on, although the chainmail still hung over the pants finishing just above her knees. She was a stunning figure of a warrior now, not just a helpless barmaid.
"Zander?" Jenny stooped to look into his glossy eyes.
"What?" Zander shook his head to regain his focus. "I'm sorry m'lady. What did you say?"
"I said," Jenny blushed. "What's up with your tiny friend?"
"Allow me to answer." Solcloud interjected. Jenny turned around to see the paladin busying himself with polishing his armor, not bothering to look up at the other two.
"It seems the little one doesn't care for us, "Religious Types." Solcloud nearly choked on the words.
"Well I can't say I blame him." Jenny retorted. "I find religion a bit too constrictive for the most part. Although a good prayer can get you out of a real spot."
"Indeed." Solcloud's voice turned emotionless once again.

Monday, May 10

Ret Pally needs some love...

It has been a while since I have done a post other than my fiction posts. With my new job taking me away from home Monday mornings through Friday afternoons I will probably have more times to post as things come up. Being able to listen to podcasts on my long drive has definately come back into my life and I am happy to say that it feels as if I am going home to distant friends and family.


Missed you all!

Last Wednesday night I was able to go on a guild run into ICC. They made it all the way to Sindragosa prior to last night's raid. Well to make a long story short, my Ret Paladin main Xandarr (Lovingly referred to as Double R, for reasons I might explain if asked) has a gear score of just over 5100 but could not do the DPS needed to really assist the raid. Now everyone knew this going in, and the guild said that they would help me to gear up or do whatever to make my DPS crush all others. But I am trying to do what I can and asking the experts what can I do as far as spec builds and gear that could make me better for ICC?

Here is my armory page:

Talents , glyphs, gear... I am asking my readers to tell me what I can do and what the guild may be able to help me do to be better DPS for them. Also, is there a different spec that I might need for Raiding that my current Ret spec I use for dailies and PUG instances?

I am putty in your very capable hands so please reply and let me know.

Sunday, May 9

Nerdtacular '10

Wow, wow, wow!

This was my second year going to the greatest event I have every attended in Utah. Nerdtacular 2010 at the District in South Jordan, UTAH. Viewing one of the greatest movies of this year, IRON MAN 2.

I went with my friend Matt, AKA "TURGID" whom I went to High School with and have had a distant but solid friendship for many, many, many years. He was actually the one that originally told me about WoW when it was in it's early development stages. so I would have to credit him for my addiction.

Anyway, my family had a yard sale planned and they just happened to fall on the same day as Nerdtacular. Luckily I don't have to travel out of the state to go to the event. Unfortunately after the movie I was unable to stay for the after party and hook up with fellow gamers and bloggers. (ON A POSITIVE NOTE... we made $350 at the yard sale and plan on extending the yard sale to next weekend if you want to raid my 'bank' email me if you would like directions) But there is always next year. Because this event will only get bigger and better every year I will FOR SURE make sure to be there!

I went to the event and received a copy of WoW magazine Issue #1. That was pretty cool. And as I said the Movie was SPECTACULAR! The two minutes at the end of the movie after the credits were the highlight for me though.

To all those I missed... sadly we will have to hook up next year. For those I met... I hope to see you again next year and keep in touch!