Friday, May 28

Prejudice never led to happiness… (Original Fiction by Xan)

Jenny shrugged her shoulders and rolled her eyes. “But I don’t see how a theological discussion would have put him in such a foul mood.”
“It seems he didn’t like what I said about the Drow.” Solcloud shuddered a bit. “Devilish creatures the lot of them, especially their wretched infatuation with spiders. It’s disgusting.”
Zander could see the muscles in Jenny’s jaw and knew he had to speak quickly. “Do you think he could have been upset with the way you talk about someone strictly on their appearance, brother?” He placed a hand on Jenny’s arm.
“Whatever do you mean, Zander?” Solcloud acted a little hurt as he slid his breastplate back on, the reflection of the firelight reflected perfectly on it.
“Well brother priest,” Zander tried to choose his words carefully. “You have done nothing but judge on outward appearance.”
“What?!” Solcloud seemed to step back. “Judgment is up to St. Cuthbert himself; I merely bring sheep into his fold.”
Zander could see the conversation was going nowhere. “Brother, we are all creations of a divine entity. We move and breathe because of the special gift of divine creation. Someone of a different profession or bloodline should not judge what profession we choose or our heritage to be ‘evil’ or wrong. If we do so we may find ourselves judged incorrectly.”
“Truer words could never be spoken, my friend.” Solcloud clapped Zander on the back as Zander turned to pick up his large treasure chest backpack. “I would never dream of finding anyone guilty without proof to sustain the guilt.”
Zander just slung the chest over his broad shoulders. Closed his eyes, shook his head muttered a short prayer to Othr and kicked out the burning embers of their small campfire. He turned an apologetic look towards Jenny; her jaw set fighting back the urge to lash out at the paladin.
“Let’s go.”
Jenny adjusted her belt, the drow thinblade nestled through a small loop made of the discarded shirtsleeve. She proudly walked past the paladin who gave her no notice as he picked up his polishing kit and backpack.
“Yes, it feels a little dark in this room.” Jenny said softly as she moved towards Zander who was politely holding the door open for her.

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