Monday, May 10

Ret Pally needs some love...

It has been a while since I have done a post other than my fiction posts. With my new job taking me away from home Monday mornings through Friday afternoons I will probably have more times to post as things come up. Being able to listen to podcasts on my long drive has definately come back into my life and I am happy to say that it feels as if I am going home to distant friends and family.


Missed you all!

Last Wednesday night I was able to go on a guild run into ICC. They made it all the way to Sindragosa prior to last night's raid. Well to make a long story short, my Ret Paladin main Xandarr (Lovingly referred to as Double R, for reasons I might explain if asked) has a gear score of just over 5100 but could not do the DPS needed to really assist the raid. Now everyone knew this going in, and the guild said that they would help me to gear up or do whatever to make my DPS crush all others. But I am trying to do what I can and asking the experts what can I do as far as spec builds and gear that could make me better for ICC?

Here is my armory page:

Talents , glyphs, gear... I am asking my readers to tell me what I can do and what the guild may be able to help me do to be better DPS for them. Also, is there a different spec that I might need for Raiding that my current Ret spec I use for dailies and PUG instances?

I am putty in your very capable hands so please reply and let me know.

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