Friday, May 14

After Breakfast (Original Fiction by Xan)

“Way to go, smart guy.” Beasley hit Solcloud in the gut just right to score a hit under his breastplate, knocking the wind out of the half elf. “She was about to change again in here.” Beasley stormed over to his pack, pulled out a roll and his water-skin, and slumped down to eat his tasteless breakfast.
Beasley coughed as he choked down the rest of his dry biscuit and took a long draw on his waterskin.
"Honestly, I don't understand you." Beasley glared at Solcloud as the paladin was polishing his breastplate. His undershirt of chainmail reflecting the dim firelight. "You religious types always ruin the best moments in life."
"Excuse me, son?" Solcloud looked up from his work. "What do you mean 'religious types’? And I find nothing better as the moments I spend in a chapel of my God."
"That is exactly what I mean." Beasley tied his waterskin back to his tiny backpack. "By 'religious types' I mean YOU and YOUR profession." He accentuated those words as he tightened the tied on the backpack. "You always think everyone should subscribe to your beliefs and no one is truly happy unless they feel the same way you do about your God."
"Well, it is true St. Cuthbert has blessed me." Solcloud tried to defend himself. "And I feel that everyone deserves the same blessings I have obtained through serving him."
"Hogsmuck!" Beasley countered. "You push your beliefs on others. I have seen you try with Zander and the comments you said to Jenny a few moments ago were offensive. Even to my religiously neutral ears."
Beasley's face turned beet red as the rage filled up in him. Zander just sat there in awe as the little thief pressed on in his tirade.
Beasley continued, "I will be happy when we find our way out of here and we can go our separate ways. You and I can honestly not work together."
"It is just as well, my little one." Solcloud had a cold, emotionless tone in his voice. "I don't think stealing from the dead or delving into a cave for profit is the life of a preacher such as myself."
Beasley just looked to Solcloud shocked at his apparent disinterest in the whole situation. He stood up, slung his backpack onto his shoulders and began walking out of the room. "Zander, I am going to check on Jenny. I'll wait for you to join us when you are through here."
The door opened, a beautiful red haired woman stood in the doorway, Beasley hardly took notice as he bumped her knee as he stormed out the door. "Jenny, I'll be in the trophy room." And the little halfling disappeared.
"What is wrong with him?" Jenny seemed to float into the room as Zander took in the sight before him.
Jenny had removed the shirt and replaced it with the chainmail shirt from the swordmaiden. It seemed to hug every curve of her body with a deep "V" in it exposing her magnificent cleavage and milky skin. She had left the pants on, although the chainmail still hung over the pants finishing just above her knees. She was a stunning figure of a warrior now, not just a helpless barmaid.
"Zander?" Jenny stooped to look into his glossy eyes.
"What?" Zander shook his head to regain his focus. "I'm sorry m'lady. What did you say?"
"I said," Jenny blushed. "What's up with your tiny friend?"
"Allow me to answer." Solcloud interjected. Jenny turned around to see the paladin busying himself with polishing his armor, not bothering to look up at the other two.
"It seems the little one doesn't care for us, "Religious Types." Solcloud nearly choked on the words.
"Well I can't say I blame him." Jenny retorted. "I find religion a bit too constrictive for the most part. Although a good prayer can get you out of a real spot."
"Indeed." Solcloud's voice turned emotionless once again.

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