Friday, July 31

T. E. N. Guild takes on future instances...

An issue came up last weekend I would like to discuss and get your feedback. It has come to my attention that there is a void in instances that some guild members do not feel like doing right now, even though we are at the appropriate level.

Blackfathom Deeps 20 - 27
Razorfen Kraul 25 - 30
The Stockade 24 - 32
Gnomeregan 24 - 33
Razorfen Downs 33 - 40

I am OK with skipping these instances but we have to go back and do them before we move on from Vanilla WoW. How does that sound? The whole idea of this is to do instances 'at level' and it seems that this is becoming a bit of a challenge which I thought the experiment was all about. So I would like to take a vote on this if I can to find out what everyone thinks about skipping or holding true to the experiment and doing the instances at level.

I would even be happy to make sure instances are done at the high level mark if it would make everyone more comfortable.

Please let me know what you think?

The quest truly begins… (Original Fiction by Xan)

After the group got familiar with one another and their new equipment, Philomar began to speak. “I know that this is a hard adjustment for some of you.” He winked at Mayvn and then looked to Solcloud. “For others of you, it is your life’s journey. However, fate has brought you together for a reason. I hope that I may be of some assistance in your journey. To the north of here is a town called Gleorn. This town may have answers to who you were before the slave train as well as how you can stop slavery in the area. I wish I could go with you, but my job is freeing those who travel through my lands. However, let me assist you in your journey by creating a passageway for you to arrive at Gleorn more swiftly. But before you go, you will need this.” He winked his eyes and a chest appeared before his feet. “This will help you on your journey. It is not a normal treasure chest. This one is made to be carried as a pack, and for someone as large and as strong as Zander, it will serve your group well.” With a flick of his wrist and a wriggle of his nose, a portal opens up before the four adventurers. “Safe journey to you all, I hope you find what you are looking for.”

With a handshake, a nod, a pat on the back and a firm punch on the shoulder the brave group stepped through the portal. On the other side lay the gates to the large city of Gleorn. The party looks to one another for direction, the large half-ogre grins and walks towards the gates and the guards. The other three follow behind like baby ducks following their mother. People hustle by and give the giant ample room as he makes his approach, making it easier for the party to follow in his mighty footsteps. One of the gate guards looked up and shuttered at the sight of a peculiar looking man with a hammer emblazoned on his chest.

“Good day, my friends.” The cleric booms with a smile and a wave. “This is a mighty city, is there a chapel of Othr, herein?”

The other guard at the gates looked at his companion as he chokes on his answer. “N-n-no,” the lead guard stutters. “There be no religion in these walls.” The claim seemed less than credible. “Please go about your business and be gone.” He gained his composure as he spoke with more auOthrity. “No preaching in the streets and no sermons in the inns. Make your purchases and leave.”

The cleric folded his mighty, metal covered arms while his hammer dangled from his belt. “I suggest you take a lighter tone with me, sir.” He continued with a sneer. “I mean no harm. Tell me, neighbor, what kind of goods are sold here?”

The guards laughed at the comment. “Why everyone knows that Gleorn is a slave town. I thought you suggested that I be your neighbor.” The guard laughed as he nudged his companion. “Ain’t you be here for some slaves to work a vineyard or clean your monastery?”

“I beg your pardon! Othr may be a god of war, but he also believes in being rewarded for a hard days work. What an unpardonable act! How dare you…”

The guard cuts him off. “No preaching in the streets. Be on your way.”

Zander glowers at the two smaller men and chokes up one final request. “Where is the local inn, I need rest.”

“Over there.” The guard points slightly down the road, a wooden sign in the shape of a tankard of ale swings in the breeze. “Off with you now, we have work to do.” The guards turn their backs to the giant and return to their posts.

Zander turns to the group, “I don’t think we’ll get much more out of these worthless men. Let’s try at the inn.”

Tuesday, July 28

Momoment #9 - Mocon! or also knows and Comic Con!

Hello all,

I do apologize for not having a post last week (XAN) as for lack of sleeping and a case of writers block infested my brain and of course Comic Con 2009 started last week and it is over now.

So a quick question for you all before we get into Comic Con... Do you ever get writers block or have you? What are your solutions?

For the professional writers, I cant think of anything worse, and even for professional bloggers.

Any of you make it out to Comic Con here in San Diego last week?

Let us know and please share your pictures with us.

As mentioned last week I went to my first Comic Con and WOW!!! Not the game but the emotion WOW!!!

Good and bad, and even some ugly.


I don't need to say that it is just cool, fun, and soooooo many things to look at! And all the different people, different personalities in person, real people!
People dressed up in costumes of comic book characters, movies and also game costumes. My favorites were, well, I cant just pick one so: the many Superman dudes, Trinity (I like Matrix ok), all the WoW ones such as the flight point girl complete with a green "!".

If you have been to any convention center before or any large gathering, just imagine it twice or three times in size and the number of people. I grew up in Chicago so I am used to large crowds or gatherings but this was ridiculous at Comic Con. The vast first floor of booths, tables, and all the different things to look at. From comic booths to Dungeons & Dragons; all the different comic publishers to all the different movie studios. You can walk in, take a look at Lou Ferrigno (What a cool guy!) and then visit some comic vendors or t-shirt vendors and than make a left and walk towards the center to the area of large structures such as Transformer cars and Bumblebee, to HeMan!!! and on and on...

My favorites were visiting the WoW session or conference or what ever you wish to call it but they did not talk about WoW; which was ok. Chris Metzen was there along with representatives of J!NX (who will have an AWESONE 6-slot wallet coming out which we all need to get!!!), a couple of other WoW reps, WoW Manga and Upper Deck reps too.

Oh and of course the WoW minis, how can I forget? All cool things, non-game related, but the Trading Card Games do have a chance for in game loot so it is in-game related.


I did my best to not let anything bother me or my time there but I don't know anyone that enjoys being in a crowd of many, sweating, hot, and smelly, tired, bumping into one and another. The walking around was great but everything I mentioned in the last statement was BAD!!!

Don't get me wrong; I still suggest to any of you to experience it at least once and of course there are many that enjoy it every year and that is not even counting the exhibitors.


This is my opinion and it may only be my opinion but the fact that Comic Con is becoming so popular, even, the word I hate to use, mainstream! For a while now it has been OK to like or be a fan of video games or you may go as far as saying a nerd or a geek. Everyone has a different definition of both terms. But what I do not like is how some people are getting into this world of ours without being a true gamer or comic person. As I stated, this is my opinion but I can't help to think what direction the games, the nerd world we love will take!? Am I off on this? Let us know what you think, I am curious what others think.

Well that is my little summary of Comic Con and I will see if we can post some pictures too and you can checkout my Twitter @mohalen as I posted some pictures from my phone too.

Thank you
and Take care.


Monday, July 27

New Moon Theater Reservation

I have been contacted by Larry Miller Group to see if we would again be interested in a ‘private’ showing of the next Twilight Saga movie. I thought I would put ‘feelers’ out to see who would want to go. I am sure that the tickets will have an extra built in to the price – the concession. Last time it was the price of a normal ticket plus $5 which was given to you as a gift card to use at the concessions.

There is a possibility that there might be a pre-screening the day before the national release date – and, I won’t know that for certain until I tie up a theater.

Please let me know your thoughts – I would need at least 300-325 tickets to be purchased. Just ask your friends/family/twilighters and see what kind of interest you get and then get back to me – then we will make the decision.

The movie comes out Friday, November 20th – less than 4 months away!

In addition I have been given the go ahead to offer Gift Certificates to 1% of those tickets sold. If we sell out a 300 seat theater that will be 3 Gift Certificates to J!NX.

The Experienced Noob is going to try to find other items to give away. Please let me know with a post here and an email to TheExperiencedNoob@Gmail.Com if you would like to come or if you would like to help with a give away.

Thanks to all!

Friday, July 24

Beasley’s ornaments… (Original Fiction by Xan)

“Now for you, my minuscule thief.”

“I am NOT a thief!” shouted Beasley.

“Of course not, but you still have a way of getting yourself into trouble, do you not?” Philomar shot Beasley a knowing look.

“Well, I do have a habit of getting out of it, most of the time. But yes, I suppose.” Beasley continued a bit uncomfortable at the thought that the wizard knew so much about him. He prided himself on his ‘skills.’ “Why, what are you going to give me, a ring that turns me invisible? Then it slowly turns me into a mean and greedy monster whose only focus is the ring?”

“That is absurd, where did you hear such a tale?” Philomar cleared his throat. “So you want a ring, do you? Please, follow me.”

The two walked over to another door, this one had several locks along its opening. Nevertheless, none of those locks had keyholes. The wizard, again, waived his hands in some arcane gestures, mumbled a few words and pointed to the door. Several clicks began to clap on the door, as though small hammers were tapping the other side of the door. Beasley listened carefully as each lock swung open, trying to find out how they all worked. The wizard scowled at the halfling.

“What?!? I am only trying to figure out how they work, in case I come across a similar door in my travels.” Beasley smiled. “Or perhaps give you some pointers on making the locks better?” Beasley giggled uneasily as the wizard stared at him knowingly.

“As long as your travels don’t lead you back to this door, I will let your comment pass.” Philomar smiled and winked at the tiny man. Beasley only turned his attention back to the door and its many locks. The final lock snapped open and the door began to creak open. Behind this door was revealed a great treasure trove. Beasley entered the room, only after Philomar stepped in. He did not want to look too anxious with a wizard standing over him.

“Where is the dragon guarding this great hoard?” Beasley could help but question. “I have not seen such a horde like this since that red dragon…” He rambled on like a fool with a twinkle in his eye.

“This way.” The wizard grabbed the drooling thief by his shirt and motioned him over to a chest full of rings. “Pick one, but only one.” The wizard gave the order.

Beasley’s eyes sparkled as he looked at each ring intently. He looked at the wizard as he fondled each ring in his hand, and then dropped them back in the chest. Until finally one ring caught his eye. A platinum ring of unattractive features, only carvings of shields on the outside and an inscription on the inside, written in a language long since dead.

“I like this one!” Beasley smiled at his find and greedily slipped it on his finger.
Gleorn chuckled. “That one will do well to keep you safe when you and your sticky fingers get into trouble. Now… empty your pockets.”

Beasley huffed and kicked some coins on the floor as he turned his pockets inside out to reveal several other small rings. “How did those get in there?” Beasley queried. “And more importantly, how did you know?”

Philomar just winked. “Now for something that will help you if the ring cannot. A sword, perhaps? One befitting a thief.”

“I am not a…” Beasley decided to give up on his masquerade.
The two exited the treasure trove and proceeded to the first door that Zander had entered.

“Wait, I thought you said a sword. Why are we standing at the door where big-boy got his hammer? I am NOT using a hammer. Do you know how heavy those things are?” Beasley continued to complain.

“Faith, my little cynic.” Philomar scolded as he pointed to the door. As the door opened the same room previously filled with hammers, now it was filled with all sorts of little people blades. Philomar pointed to one with a black hilt shaped in the form of a cat pouncing. “Bring me that one, thief.” Philomar ordered with a smile.

Beasley glared, but did as he was told. He took the blade back to Philomar. “This blade likes to hide in the shadows and attack like a cat stalking a mouse. It will serve you well.” He handed the blade back to Beasley. “Come, time is short. Your companions await us in the dining hall. Let us be on our way.” Philomar walked out of the room, the doors slowly creaking closed behind him. With a jolt, Beasley darted through the door just as they locked closed.

Friday, July 17

Mayvn’s turn… (Original Fiction by Xan)

“Now, who’s next?” Philomar said as he waved his hands and closed the ‘hammer room’ door.

“Me, me, me!” shouted Mayvn.

Philomar laughed at the musical joke already unfolding. “A bit out of tune, aren’t you Bard?”

“Well after the night I had, you’d be ‘singing a different tune.” Mayvn scowls, then composes himself, straightens his chain shirt, and curls his nose. “I need clothing befitting my station… SILK!” Mayvn smiles a shy but greedy smile.

“Hmmm…silk?” Philomar shoots the gangly man a quizzical look and exerts all his energy to not laugh out loud. “Let’s come back to that… what else? Perhaps an instrument?”

“Of course, a lute… please.” Mayvn tries not to sound overly anxious to get out of the chain mail.

“I have just the thing. Please follow me… try not to make too much noise.” Philomar laughs at the misfit in the mis-fit armor.

“Very funny.” Mayvn crosses his arms and pouts as they traipse further down the hallway. He mumbles, “I will eviscerate you in legend, every blemish, every pore…”

“Were here, are you finished?” Philomar frowns.

Mayvn turns red and lies. “I didn’t say anything.”

Philomar waves his hand and a gilded door opens to reveal a wall of musical instruments. “Perhaps I should pick one for you.” A lute gently begins to float. Mayvn’s eyes grow wider as it floats towards him.

“This is beautiful!” Mayvn raves, and then he regains his composure and puts on a face of complacency. “It’ll do for now.”

Philomar reached for the lute.

Mayvn screams out like a little girl, “MINE!” as he jumps to hold onto it.

“Let me show you something.” Philomar said in a tone similar of a parent toward their child.

Mayvn hesitates but slowly loosens his grip on the instrument. Philomar points to a lever just under the strings. “You see this?” He pushes the lever and out pops a dagger. “Be careful while you play, your sharp tongue may not be the only thing that could get you into trouble.”

Mayvn scratched his head. “Ah, I need a hat too! I had one that the shopkeeper said was very rare and there were only two others in the world.”

Philomar smiled, waved his hand and a hat materialized on Mayvn’s head. The hat had a wide brim pinned up on one side. Sandwiched between the pinned up brim and the body of the hat was a large peacock feather that swooped towards the back of the hat. The hat was very similar to ‘Betsy,’ the hat he owned before becoming a slave.

“Ah Betsy! I thought I had lost you forever!” He turned to the wizard. “How did you find her?!?!”

“Easy,” Philomar said. “I have an old chest full of ones just like ‘her.”
Mayvn scowled, remembering how much he paid for his ‘rare’ hat. “I knew it! No matter, this hat will be known as ‘Betsy II.’ She and I are will never be estranged again!”

“Now for the…uh….silks. Yes?” Philomar smiled.

“YES!” Mayvn shrieked like a little girl presented with a new doll. “Please!”

“Come this way.” Philomar began walking down the hallway once again and he stops in front of a small room with swinging shutter doors. “Step in there please.” He motions Mayvn to step into the small room.

Mayvn hesitated, then obliged. The wizard then pulled a silk rope with a tassel on the end and silks began to fall from the sky. They began to swirl around the bard.
Mayvn shrieked. “I can’t breathe! I will get you yet wizard! Your diabolical trap won’t keep me forever!”

The wizard just snickered as the swirling fabric slowly began to disappear. Mayvn gasped and he began to cry like a beauty queen.

“They’re beautiful,” he whimpered. “I’m beautiful!” Mayvn fell to his knees in the hallway and wept over his newfound beauty. Philomar smiled and left him to weep.

Thursday, July 16

Do you play WoW deaf?

OK, so my sister "Bela" emailed me this YouTube video and I had to share it. But it brings a thought into my mind that I would like to find out what our readers think.

Do you play WoW deaf?

What I mean about this is do you play WoW and listen to the music and the ambiance as it is? Do you play WoW with the sound effects on but you listen to your own music on your computer or iPod? Or are you like Mo and listen to podcasts while playing WoW?

For Ol' Xan I actually play WoW completely muted. This stems from playing WoW in the same room as my wife and child while they are watching TV, or while I was rooming with Kilzar for those 9 LONG months waiting for my work to allow me to work from home. Kilzar and I both mostly play WoW with the sound turned off. We generally have a television going and are looking up over the tops of our laptops at the action going on the television.

How do you play WoW? Why do you play WoW that way? Give me some thoughts and feedback, I'd like to hear from the readers.

Tuesday, July 14

Mo-Moments #8: "We built this city, we built this city on Podcasting!"


I wanted to write about the podcasts I listen to on this post. More specifically of course WoW-related podcasts.

In my opinion there are so many people missing out on so many wonderful podcasts, as well as blogs so I feel it is my responsibility to promote one another.

What I will attempt do is list the ones that I listen to that are WoW related in alphabetical order and allow you to search them on iTunes or what ever means you wish. Another great tool I use is the Google Reader to listen to some podcasts.
If you do not utilize Google Reader than I suggest you first get Gmail than read more about Google Reader.

Also please comment if I have missed one you listen to and let us know what podcasts I have missed that you enjoy.

OK here we go!

1. Alea Iacta Est Podcast (
I am not in the AIE guild on Earthen Ring but this is still a good listen. The AIE gang is so passionate and knowledgeable that they provide so many great pointers and suggestions that any one WoW player can listen to this podcast on any given episode and learn something.

2. Aleara's Hobbit Hole Podcast (
Well, this is Aleara's podcast, and as she states it is a short and sweet quick hit podcasts of what she does and things and her WoW happenings. Many people wonder why anyone would want to just talk about what they do, let alone for people to listen to other people's happenings. OK I cant explain it but just give it a try. Why do you read a book or magazine? Same difference! Read and listen to her podcast!

3. All Things Azeroth - (Xan busting in to include) YOUR World of Warcraft Podcast (
This cast is by Medros and Graece and a podcast that covers what they have done in game, game news, opinions, discussions and more. One of the well produced casts and I do not miss an episode and look forward to each episode.

4. Analog Hole Gaming (explicit tag warning) (
You may hear this podcast name and wonder what the (enter whatever word you wish) and ask what is with the explicit tag??? Well this is by 3 very interesting, normal, WoW/gaming people that just may be like one of your friends or guildmates. They talk about what they have done recently in their lives, sometimes it is about WoW, other times it is about other games, and all the time you are guaranteed to be entertained. Just do not be offended by their language and their epicly long podcasts. Give it a try and please don't say the episodes are too long!

5. AppSlappy (
OK, OK! I'm cheating but you have to listen/read what ever Scott Johnson does! He is (just in my opinion) one of the most "today" modernly technically intelligent interesting minds and you will be hearing more from this kid, he will be going somewhere one of these days!

OK no joke, if you are an iPhone user or just an app user on smart phones, this is your podcast.

6. Big Red Kitty (

For the experienced WoW/blogger/podcast listening people you know Big Red Kitty has quit WoW and left our blogging community for the very important personal reason.
But that does not mean you cannot go back and watch/listen to his podcasts and read his blogs. Yes I will plug blogs too. Very educational even for the very experienced WoW player including the raiders.

7. Bind on Equip: a World of Warcraft Podcast (BOE) (
It does not get funnier than our Australian podcasters. I just wish I could email them every week. Very funny/friendly gang that plays WoW and does a great job telling us about it. They have started and been doing their experiment of rerolling Horde on a new server with no sugar daddy's and just pure WoW fun! This is a must listen to on your podcasting list!

8. Blizzcast, well yes it is by Blizzard but I am just wondering why they do not have one each week. Perhaps they don't want to over shadow the great job other podcasters are doing but I think you will all agree we want to see more episodes from Blizzcast.

9. Buzz Out Loud - yes yes another cheat by MO! but if you are a techy this is a great podcast, check it out.

10. The Combobulater Podcast (
This is another podcast of gamers, at times they talk about WoW but lately they have been sick of WoW, which I know some people have been. You may learn about a game you want to check out from them.

11. Ctrl Alt Wow - World of Warcraft Podcast (
The Best WoW podcast, OK I am biased because this wonderful gang reads OUR emails :)

But take a listen: Aprillian's passion for the game is unmatched by no one else I know, and her playing style too. She is an altaholic, as I am and many others...and a multi-boxer (playing with multiple characters on multiple accounts at one time). Ashayo and Glanthur have the raiding experience and also play different styles. Each week it is a great 2 hour listen to what they have done in game and their guild happenings. For the CTRL ALT WOW!

12. Elunes Grace and Epic Dolls ( podcasts - 2 great podcasts and lots of people that worked on them, no longer making podcasts. First of all Thank you so much to both podcast peoples and for their wonderful work. Listen to their episodes and you will hear why they will be so missed!

13. Lucky 13 for our communities troll podcasters: Epic Shardz! ( Zebgora and Tamori, two WoW players that play as trolls in game and out! :)
They discuss their WoW happenings, news and opinions.

14. Extralife Radio, with Scott Johnson ( Actually that link will allow you to check out all of Scotts work. This is a very cool podcast and each week Scott and his clan discuss different things they like, and you will like no doubt.

15. For the Horder Radio
I have just discovered this podcasts so I cannot say much about it yet.

16. Heathcast, this one as well, I have recently discovered.

17. Hearthstone Tavern (
I call this the Harvard of podcasting, also your role playing and lore podcast. The group has only 3 episodes behind them but WoW will you learn so much and if you are like me and do not know much about the WoW lore or RP much, you will be intrigued to learn more!

18. Inside Azeroth (
This is, as you can guess, a podcast that goes inside Azeroth :)
The hosts were previously part of other podcasts and blogs and for some people too controversial or opinionated. I believe that is not possible and in podcasting and blogging, opinions should be encouraged and if you don't agree with someone doesn't mean that you should not listen or read what they think.

19. The Instance (
If Ctrl Alt Wow is the Queen of podcasting, this is the King without a doubt!
Scott and Randy do such a wonderful job that I believe most of you already listen to them but don't let that stop you from pass the word along. A great podcast about WoW news, upcoming patches and listener participation.

20. Outlandish: A World of Warcraft podcast (explicit) (
Dudes talking about WoW, news, and of course opinions. They are funny, make fun and don't mess with them!

21. Project Lore ( another podcast I have just started watching, it is video casts

22. Proudmoore Pansies: A World of Warcraft Podcast (
Similar to Outlandish, dudes that I appreciate their wow knowledge and opinions.

23. Rawrcast: World of Warcraft Podcast (
This is one of the few podcasts that has really gained a large fan base and still growing. A couple that plays WoW, raids and have opinions. They are currently recruiting so check them out.

24. The Starting Zone: A World of Warcraft Podcast! (
A refreshing new podcast that does focus on new players or just getting down to the basics. They do a great job on their podcasts and looking forward to many other episodes from them.

25. Twisted Nether Blogcast Podcast (
A podcast of WoW and the blog community. This is another podcast that I believe recently has gained many fans and I think we should promote them as they do an awesome job!

26. World of Warcast: A World of Warcraft Podcast (
The Oxford of podcasting I say, as the hosts are very knowledgeable in WoW and raiding and for so long have done a great job covering WoW. Even if you are not a raider you can still listen and you will enjoy their work.

27. Wow Dawgs (Explicit) (
A very cool opinionated podcast and what he does in game, upcoming news and more.
Also checkout:
The Vinyl Experience (

28. Wow Radio: Casually Hardcore - I will always say do not complain about a podcast until you have done one successfully but on this podcasts, even though I have enjoyed many episodes, I have not been able to listen because of the sound variations. But I would still like to plug them and want you all to gather your own opinions.

29. used to be wowinsider and yes part of the website that has the bloggers and Sr writers

30. Wowcast: World of Warcraft Podcast (
This is the one and only Alachia and only wish she would do more casts as we all know, or if you don't, very interesting knowledgeable wow players, bloggers and as she says all things meta!

31. Yet Another World of Warcraft Podcast (Explicit)

32. 450 First Aid


Ok that is all I have in my iTunes. What did I miss?

I know there are so many other blogs and we may cover that on a later date.

Please comment, write to us, comment on my twitter @mohalen and let us know, do you listen to podcasts while you play, walk, workout, and spread the word!

Thank you


Monday, July 13

Contest is OVER =[

Unfortunately not a whole lot of entries were submitted into the "Pimp your Noob" contest despite my best efforts to promote it.

As such winners were selected by default. "Brajana" has been given their prize from the "Nerdtacular '09" contest as promised. I have contacted Brajana via Twitter to gather the appropriate information to send the shirt.

Rabidlemming won the gift code from J!NX. Unfortunately I haven't a way to contact them. Hopefully they will comment here or email me as soon as possible. If I do not hear from you, I will be forced to redraw another entry.

Hopefully the next contest will have more support and response.

Friday, July 10

Zander’s new blessings… (Original Fiction by Xan)

“Now, where shall we begin?” Philomar queried his guests. “How about you, my rather original giant? It is not often you see a half-ogre.” Philomar points to Zander. Zander only looks behind him thinking of the ‘little guys’ first. Philomar chuckles. “Yes, I meant you. Tell me, my large friend who were your parents?”

Zander looked to the wizard in shock. “I have not been asked that question in many years.” He sheepishly walks up to the wizard. “Well, I am known again as Zander, Son of “the Indefinite” for a reason. It is believed my mother was a human and my father a filthy ogre, I do not know my parents. I was raised by the priests of Othr as a human of great strength.”

“Ah yes, that explains it.” Philomar smiles at the comment Solcloud made about Zander breaking the mold. It especially fit after seeing Zander’s childish demeanor towards a man half his size. He pats the giant on the shoulder and continues. “What do you require?”

“I am traveling as a minister of Othr’s word. I wish only to be worthy of Othr’s blessings once again. He is a God of war and would look upon me unfit without armor and a weapon. Do you have such things to fit my size?” Zander looks down to the wizard in humility.

“I do indeed, my large friend.”

Philomar waves his hand at a doorway to his left. The door creaks open to reveal a treasure trove of armor. Chain mail, plate mail, hide, everything was on display in front of his eyes. Zander’s eyes bulged at the sight, but then his heart sunk when no armor seemed to look big enough for his size.

“There is nothing to fit me.” Zander’s heart sunk.

“Yes there is!” The wizard reaches out and pulls out a chain shirt that had the symbol of Othr on the chest off the wall. However, it looked to only be able to fit a man of Beasley’s stature, not Zander’s hulking build.

The giant chuckled at the image of him wearing that chain shirt over his massive head. “Yes, that is my God. But it is most definitely not my size.”

“Put it on,” urged Philomar. “It will fit. Trust Ol’ Philomar.”

Zander shrugged and lifted the shirt over his head. As he did so, the chain shimmered with a tingle of blue electricity and the shirt began to expand. He let out a mighty roar of laughter as the shirt tickled him as it slipped over his arms and down his body to fit him perfectly.

“Othr must be praised! How did that work?”

Philomar explained that the chain shirt recognizes followers of Othr and conforms to fit them. “Might I suggest a robe to befit a cleric, Master Zander?” The wizard waved his hands and a white robe with only holes for the arms and a hood floated into his hand. Zander put the robe on and pushed his arms through the holes. The metal of the chain mail on his arms shimmered as it pushed through the robe.

“What else does such a cleric need?” Philomar asked rhetorically. “Ah yes, you said a weapon befitting the god of war! I know just the room.”

Philomar smiled at the obvious pride now being expressed by Zander in his new clothes. Philomar walked across the hall, Zander following behind anxious to see what was next. The door to the armor room creaked shut behind him. Philomar waved his hand at another door, it creaked to life and a room full of hammers appeared before their eyes. Zander’s chest puffed up with pride as tears of gratitude filled his eyes.

“Pick one.” Philomar urged.

Zander rubbed his eyes, sniffed and praised Othr once again silently. “I cannot. Such gifts can only be given to one worthy. How can I be graced with such wonders?”
Philomar nudged Zander. “Othr is blessing you through me.”

Zander smiled, “Then let Othr bless me, you choose for me.”

“Very well.” Philomar waved his hand and a hammer floated into his grip. “This befits a follower of Othr.” He hands the hammer to Zander. The giant inspects the hammer and noticed it was perfectly balanced.

“This is Othr’s Hammer of Smiting, it causes massive damage to your foes in battle, but it especially takes large bites out of the undead. Othr would be pleased for you to have it.”

Zander smiled and shrugged, “Is it too much to ask for just a shield? Nothing special, just a shield?”

“Of course not, my large friend.” Philomar points to Zander’s arm and a large wooden shield with a hammer carved on the front appeared attached to his arm.

“Thank Othr, and bless you, servant of Othr.” Zander smiled. “I will wait for the rest of you with Solcloud.” Zander walked back towards the dining hall, very happy with his ‘blessings.’

Wednesday, July 8


As a noob to the game you probably are bombarded with the darned abbreviations and stuff associated with World of Warcraft. (WoW) I thought it would be fun to expound on this a bit after seeing this great video on You Tube. But before I continue I have to say one thing... Is that all Undead and Tauren are good for is for comedic references? At least it is better than all those darned jabs at the short folk... you know who you are!

So here we go, let's start with instances:

Ragefire Chasm: RFC
The Deadmines: VC (Named after final boss VanCleef)
Wailing Caverns: WC
Shadowfang Keep: SFK
Blackfathom Deeps: BFD
The Stockade: Stocks
Gnomeregan: Gnomer
Razorfen Kraul: RFK
Razorfen Downs: RFD
Scarlet Monastery: SM
Uldaman: Uldaman
Zul'Farrak: ZF
Maraudon: Maraudon
Sunken Temple: ST
Blackrock Depths: BRD
Blackrock Spire: UBRS or LBRS (Upper / Lower)
Dire Maul: DM
Scholomance: Scholo
Stratholme: Strat
Hellfire Citadel: Hellfire Ramparts: Ramps
Hellfire Citadel: The Blood Furnace: Blood Furnace
Coilfang Reservoir: The Slave Pens: Slave Pens
Coilfang Reservoir: The Underbog: UB
Auchindoun: Mana-Tombs: Tombs
Auchindoun: Auchenai Crypts: Crypts
Caverns of Time: Old Hillsbrad Foothills: Old Hills
Auchindoun: Sethekk Halls: Sethekk
Auchindoun: Shadow Labyrinth: Shadow Labs
Caverns of Time: The Black Morass: BM
Coilfang Reservoir: The Steamvault: Steamvault
Hellfire Citadel: The Shattered Halls: Shattered Halls
Magisters' Terrace: MT
Tempest Keep: The Arcatraz: Arc
Tempest Keep: The Botanica: Bot
Tempest Keep: The Mechanar: Mech
Utgarde Keep: Utgarde Keep: UK
The Nexus: The Nexus: Nexus
Azjol-Nerub: Azjol-Nerub: AN
Azjol-Nerub: Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom: Old Kingdom
Drak'Tharon Keep: DTK
The Violet Hold: VH
Gundrak: GD or Gundrak
Ulduar: Halls of Stone: HoS
Caverns of Time: The Culling of Stratholme: CoS
The Nexus: The Oculus: Oculus
Ulduar: Halls of Lightning: HoL
Utgarde Keep: Utgarde Pinnacle: UP

Tuesday, July 7

Mo-Moments #7: Blog Etiquette

Hello all and hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend.

I wanted to write about blogging etiquette, more for my sake I will say and my nooberness in the blog world. I do not know of any rules in blogging and as far as I see blogging is stating your opinion, perhaps your knowledge but more your opinion and views on a topic or even perhaps your own material on a new topic/subject.

So, well, what is the etiquette for blogging and bloggers?

I have no doubt in the WoW community, a few people are bound to write the same thing perhaps and of course have the same opinions. We know as well that people will have differences and different opinions which at times start some friction between some people(s). What happens when someone does appear to copy your opinion and make it their own?

What do you do? Who do you report them to? And can you?

As I think we agree blogging is opinion based so what now?

I ask this basically because I would like to know and I have to believe other would like to know too.

Please email us or comment, have you ever wondered? If you are a new person in any blog atmosphere, how would you learn the "etiquette"?

I will have to state that if someone profits by stealing your blog/thoughts and makes it their own than yes something can be done.

I would like to know, have you ever been in this situation, on either side? Have you ever taken someones idea and blogged it as your own or vise versa?

Is the blogging community like baseball and there are some unwritten rules? Well what happens when someone takes "steroids" (the blog version)?

So please let us know or pass this to a blogger you know and please have them send us their thoughts.

Inquiring Mominds would like to know!

(Xan here - I just wanted to add to what Mo has mentioned here in this week's edition of MoMoments.)

I have not found anyone who has copied my ideas for a blog, but I have come across people who have blogged about thoughts I have had to blog about. I haven't blogged about those ideas as I respect those people who have blogged about them already. However, I have spoken to fellow bloggers about ideas they have given me and have commented to them about me possibly blogging about a similar topic at another time and they have encouraged me to blog about that idea and given my two cents.

If you ask the blogger if you may blog about a similar topic, I believe, you are better off.

But as Mo has mentioned, please post your thoughts here as well.)

Thanks to All Things Azeroth!

I wanted to talk a little bit about a great podcast out there. All Things Azeroth, Your World of Warcraft Podcast.

Medros and Graece were wonderful enough to provide Ol' Xan a replacement authenticator after Ol' Xan lost his iPhone when he lost his job IRL. They have held contests a time or two and they are currently having a contest similar to ours here at The Experienced Noob.

Ol' Xan is trying to win their contest as the awards will be announced on my birthday. So this blog post is not only promoting All Things Azeroth, Your World of Warcraft Podcast but a contest entry as well.

As a matter of fact, as Ol' Xan is thinking about this contest and All Things Azeroth, Your World of Warcraft Podcast I do beleive they were the first podcast I listened to and the one that influenced Ol' Xan to think about starting his own.

Thanks Medros & Graece and keep up the great work!

Monday, July 6

Diamonds and Pearls

Who said that "Diamonds are a girls best friend?"

Oh yes, thank you Mr. YouTube embedder guy, that would be Marilyn Monroe.

Yes, Ol' Xan is all about the rings, gems, and trinkets that can be made from the salt of the... er... I mean... from the treasures of the earth. I am talking Jewelcrafting!

Now don't be calling Ol' Xan a material girl or anything but jewelcrafting has become quite a treasure for me. Being able to make your own trinkets and rings at a low level? Who wouldn't want that small buff when you are first starting out?

More importantly, let's talk money. If you wanna play the Auction House you can make quite a bit of money. Everyone needs new gems for their socketed items they pull out of instances and raids. Along with that, think of the money you save by prospecting and cutting your own gems.

Couple your ability to make your own neck pieces, rings, trinkets, etc. With the profession to mine your own ore and materials, Mining! Now you can seek and find ore veins to harvest rock and precious ore that can be smelted into ore bars, or prospected into various gems. This can also bring you a fairly good amount of gold on the Auction House as well. Also as a miner you can Smelt Titansteel which is in GREAT demand to everyone.

So next time you think that jewelcrafting is woman's work remember that you can make some great new friends with all the "Material Girls!"

Friday, July 3

The treasury… (“There is a fine line between coincidence and fate”)

Philomar, with a wide smile, stood up from his seat, “Ah yes, if it is agreeable, you three please follow me to my treasury.”

“It is VERY agreeable,” said Beasley licking his lips and rubbing his hands greedily.

“I must warn you, if you take what is not given to you. It will let me know. And the consequences will be dire.” Philomar directed the statement toward the halfling, and then gave him a smile and a wink.

“I don’t know what you are talking about.” Beasley huffed. “Just because my people are known to have sticky fingers that does NOT make me a thief!”
The four of them step toward the treasury. Solcloud rolls his eyes impatiently. Huffing, he flops back into his chair. He was starting to feel impatient and had to wait, yet again to crush evil.

They reach a large anteroom before a set of ornate doors without handles. The doors are moldy, old, battered doors. To the average thief or observer, these would be the doors to the stables, not the treasury. With a wave of his hand, Philomar opens the doors to reveal another long hallway with doors along either side.

Wednesday, July 1

Tailoring Take 2

Hello all,

I wanted to pick up where I left off talking about tailoring a few weeks ago.
As I mention before you can use the power of google to find the hundreds of sites that have tailoring guides (of course the more popular wow sites will come up in your search).

And dont forget the wow website itself as they have great under rated material and guides.

As you level and loot higher level cloth, you will also need to use it for bandages, so you may need to as what some people call it farm for the cloth.

That means go to a particular area (perhaps an area you have already been too) so you can loot more cloth.

To get to the meat of tailoring, once you have leveled up to skill level 300 you will be able to start making some very decent gear, even some purples!

You will need to choose what specialty you want to be and depending and which class you are will help you or you may not even want to bother as the quest loot gear in Northrend will be better.

Another key point to make is how dependent you may be for some items you need to make on other professions or if you have made enough gold, on the Auction House (AH).

For higher level items and to level to the max 450 tailoring skill you will need some skinning, mining, and even alchemy materials. If you are in a guild you can ask your guild mates and if you are not you can perhaps have one of your other characters make it if they have one of the other professions. In regards to buying the items from the AH, you will need to make sure you are not spending more gold than you will make or the item is worth. Even if you have enough gold and you don't care about wasting gold, I say don't! Listen to me now believe me later, you will also need to be vigilant in your gold spending.

In addition to bigger and BIGGER BAGS, up to 22 slot bags (as of right now) which is very cool!

You can make other very useful item when you are all maxed out, such as:

Sapphire Spellthread and Brilliant Spellthread which will increase your spellpower on you pant; it will pretty much make you a tailor-enchanter! how cool is that!

Flying Carpet well do I need to explain this!? Ok well it is a mount that is 60% speed, so you will go sllllooooowwwww. But if you dont have or dont want to buy the epic flying mount training for 5000 gold than this will work for you.

Magnificent Flying Carpet and this is the 280% speed or as it is called epic flyer and is very cool!

And if you really want to challenge yourself you can try to go for:

Deathchill Cloak which requires - Loremaster of Northrend which involves completing some quests, which, well deal with the lore, go figure! :) Once you complete the quests you can learn to make this from the tailor trainer.

Wispcloak which requires Northrend Dungeonmaster which you complete and achieve by go through all the Northrend instances and completing them, meaning successfully downing the final boss.

Well that is the 3 cents from me, MO about tailoring. You will be able to learn so much more about tailoring but you first need to figure out what you want to make. Perhaps you want tailoring just to make bags. Also remember to visit all the different factions and rep rewards. There are tailoring recipes all over the world of WOW.

Take care all