Tuesday, July 14

Mo-Moments #8: "We built this city, we built this city on Podcasting!"


I wanted to write about the podcasts I listen to on this post. More specifically of course WoW-related podcasts.

In my opinion there are so many people missing out on so many wonderful podcasts, as well as blogs so I feel it is my responsibility to promote one another.

What I will attempt do is list the ones that I listen to that are WoW related in alphabetical order and allow you to search them on iTunes or what ever means you wish. Another great tool I use is the Google Reader to listen to some podcasts.
If you do not utilize Google Reader than I suggest you first get Gmail than read more about Google Reader.

Also please comment if I have missed one you listen to and let us know what podcasts I have missed that you enjoy.

OK here we go!

1. Alea Iacta Est Podcast (http://aie-guild.org/)
I am not in the AIE guild on Earthen Ring but this is still a good listen. The AIE gang is so passionate and knowledgeable that they provide so many great pointers and suggestions that any one WoW player can listen to this podcast on any given episode and learn something.

2. Aleara's Hobbit Hole Podcast (http://alearajl.blogspot.com/)
Well, this is Aleara's podcast, and as she states it is a short and sweet quick hit podcasts of what she does and things and her WoW happenings. Many people wonder why anyone would want to just talk about what they do, let alone for people to listen to other people's happenings. OK I cant explain it but just give it a try. Why do you read a book or magazine? Same difference! Read and listen to her podcast!

3. All Things Azeroth - (Xan busting in to include) YOUR World of Warcraft Podcast (http://www.allthingsazeroth.com/)
This cast is by Medros and Graece and a podcast that covers what they have done in game, game news, opinions, discussions and more. One of the well produced casts and I do not miss an episode and look forward to each episode.

4. Analog Hole Gaming (explicit tag warning) (http://www.analogholegaming.com/)
You may hear this podcast name and wonder what the (enter whatever word you wish) and ask what is with the explicit tag??? Well this is by 3 very interesting, normal, WoW/gaming people that just may be like one of your friends or guildmates. They talk about what they have done recently in their lives, sometimes it is about WoW, other times it is about other games, and all the time you are guaranteed to be entertained. Just do not be offended by their language and their epicly long podcasts. Give it a try and please don't say the episodes are too long!

5. AppSlappy (http://www.myextralife.com/appslappy/)
OK, OK! I'm cheating but you have to listen/read what ever Scott Johnson does! He is (just in my opinion) one of the most "today" modernly technically intelligent interesting minds and you will be hearing more from this kid, he will be going somewhere one of these days!

OK no joke, if you are an iPhone user or just an app user on smart phones, this is your podcast.

6. Big Red Kitty (http://www.bigredkitty.net/)

For the experienced WoW/blogger/podcast listening people you know Big Red Kitty has quit WoW and left our blogging community for the very important personal reason.
But that does not mean you cannot go back and watch/listen to his podcasts and read his blogs. Yes I will plug blogs too. Very educational even for the very experienced WoW player including the raiders.

7. Bind on Equip: a World of Warcraft Podcast (BOE) (http://www.bindonequip.com/news.php)
It does not get funnier than our Australian podcasters. I just wish I could email them every week. Very funny/friendly gang that plays WoW and does a great job telling us about it. They have started and been doing their experiment of rerolling Horde on a new server with no sugar daddy's and just pure WoW fun! This is a must listen to on your podcasting list!

8. Blizzcast, well yes it is by Blizzard but I am just wondering why they do not have one each week. Perhaps they don't want to over shadow the great job other podcasters are doing but I think you will all agree we want to see more episodes from Blizzcast.

9. Buzz Out Loud - yes yes another cheat by MO! but if you are a techy this is a great podcast, check it out.

10. The Combobulater Podcast (http://nlcast.wetpaint.com/thread/1620567/The+Combobulator)
This is another podcast of gamers, at times they talk about WoW but lately they have been sick of WoW, which I know some people have been. You may learn about a game you want to check out from them.

11. Ctrl Alt Wow - World of Warcraft Podcast (http://ctrlaltwow.com)
The Best WoW podcast, OK I am biased because this wonderful gang reads OUR emails :)

But take a listen: Aprillian's passion for the game is unmatched by no one else I know, and her playing style too. She is an altaholic, as I am and many others...and a multi-boxer (playing with multiple characters on multiple accounts at one time). Ashayo and Glanthur have the raiding experience and also play different styles. Each week it is a great 2 hour listen to what they have done in game and their guild happenings. For the CTRL ALT WOW!

12. Elunes Grace and Epic Dolls (http://epicdolls.com/) podcasts - 2 great podcasts and lots of people that worked on them, no longer making podcasts. First of all Thank you so much to both podcast peoples and for their wonderful work. Listen to their episodes and you will hear why they will be so missed!

13. Lucky 13 for our communities troll podcasters: Epic Shardz! (http://www.epicshardz.net/) Zebgora and Tamori, two WoW players that play as trolls in game and out! :)
They discuss their WoW happenings, news and opinions.

14. Extralife Radio, with Scott Johnson (http://www.myextralife.com/) Actually that link will allow you to check out all of Scotts work. This is a very cool podcast and each week Scott and his clan discuss different things they like, and you will like no doubt.

15. For the Horder Radio
I have just discovered this podcasts so I cannot say much about it yet.

16. Heathcast, this one as well, I have recently discovered.

17. Hearthstone Tavern (http://hearthstonetavern.podbean.com/)
I call this the Harvard of podcasting, also your role playing and lore podcast. The group has only 3 episodes behind them but WoW will you learn so much and if you are like me and do not know much about the WoW lore or RP much, you will be intrigued to learn more!

18. Inside Azeroth (http://insideazeroth.libsyn.com/)
This is, as you can guess, a podcast that goes inside Azeroth :)
The hosts were previously part of other podcasts and blogs and for some people too controversial or opinionated. I believe that is not possible and in podcasting and blogging, opinions should be encouraged and if you don't agree with someone doesn't mean that you should not listen or read what they think.

19. The Instance (http://www.myextralife.com/wow/)
If Ctrl Alt Wow is the Queen of podcasting, this is the King without a doubt!
Scott and Randy do such a wonderful job that I believe most of you already listen to them but don't let that stop you from pass the word along. A great podcast about WoW news, upcoming patches and listener participation.

20. Outlandish: A World of Warcraft podcast (explicit) (http://www.outlandishpodcast.com/)
Dudes talking about WoW, news, and of course opinions. They are funny, make fun and don't mess with them!

21. Project Lore (http://projectlore.com/)- another podcast I have just started watching, it is video casts

22. Proudmoore Pansies: A World of Warcraft Podcast (http://pansydivision.net)
Similar to Outlandish, dudes that I appreciate their wow knowledge and opinions.

23. Rawrcast: World of Warcraft Podcast (http://rawrbitchrawr.blogspot.com/)
This is one of the few podcasts that has really gained a large fan base and still growing. A couple that plays WoW, raids and have opinions. They are currently recruiting so check them out.

24. The Starting Zone: A World of Warcraft Podcast! (http://thestartingzone.com/)
A refreshing new podcast that does focus on new players or just getting down to the basics. They do a great job on their podcasts and looking forward to many other episodes from them.

25. Twisted Nether Blogcast Podcast (http://www.twistednether.net/)
A podcast of WoW and the blog community. This is another podcast that I believe recently has gained many fans and I think we should promote them as they do an awesome job!

26. World of Warcast: A World of Warcraft Podcast (http://worldofwarcast.com/)
The Oxford of podcasting I say, as the hosts are very knowledgeable in WoW and raiding and for so long have done a great job covering WoW. Even if you are not a raider you can still listen and you will enjoy their work.

27. Wow Dawgs (Explicit) (http://www.wowdawgs.com/)
A very cool opinionated podcast and what he does in game, upcoming news and more.
Also checkout:
The Vinyl Experience (http://thevinylexperience.com/)

28. Wow Radio: Casually Hardcore - I will always say do not complain about a podcast until you have done one successfully but on this podcasts, even though I have enjoyed many episodes, I have not been able to listen because of the sound variations. But I would still like to plug them and want you all to gather your own opinions.

29. wow.com used to be wowinsider and yes part of the wow.com website that has the wow.com bloggers and Sr writers

30. Wowcast: World of Warcraft Podcast (http://wowcast.weebly.com/)
This is the one and only Alachia and only wish she would do more casts as we all know, or if you don't, very interesting knowledgeable wow players, bloggers and as she says all things meta!

31. Yet Another World of Warcraft Podcast (Explicit)

32. 450 First Aid


Ok that is all I have in my iTunes. What did I miss?

I know there are so many other blogs and we may cover that on a later date.

Please comment, write to us, comment on my twitter @mohalen and let us know, do you listen to podcasts while you play, walk, workout, and spread the word!

Thank you



  1. The Elitist - Newish podcast representing the "hardcore" point of view.

    How I WoW - Shawn Coons and Patrick Beja dig into the lives of people who play WoW

    Wow Radio - In addition to Casually Hardcore they have 2-3 other active shows Blue Plz, A lore show...


  2. Pugcast! www.pugcast.com