Tuesday, July 7

Mo-Moments #7: Blog Etiquette

Hello all and hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend.

I wanted to write about blogging etiquette, more for my sake I will say and my nooberness in the blog world. I do not know of any rules in blogging and as far as I see blogging is stating your opinion, perhaps your knowledge but more your opinion and views on a topic or even perhaps your own material on a new topic/subject.

So, well, what is the etiquette for blogging and bloggers?

I have no doubt in the WoW community, a few people are bound to write the same thing perhaps and of course have the same opinions. We know as well that people will have differences and different opinions which at times start some friction between some people(s). What happens when someone does appear to copy your opinion and make it their own?

What do you do? Who do you report them to? And can you?

As I think we agree blogging is opinion based so what now?

I ask this basically because I would like to know and I have to believe other would like to know too.

Please email us or comment, have you ever wondered? If you are a new person in any blog atmosphere, how would you learn the "etiquette"?

I will have to state that if someone profits by stealing your blog/thoughts and makes it their own than yes something can be done.

I would like to know, have you ever been in this situation, on either side? Have you ever taken someones idea and blogged it as your own or vise versa?

Is the blogging community like baseball and there are some unwritten rules? Well what happens when someone takes "steroids" (the blog version)?

So please let us know or pass this to a blogger you know and please have them send us their thoughts.

Inquiring Mominds would like to know!

(Xan here - I just wanted to add to what Mo has mentioned here in this week's edition of MoMoments.)

I have not found anyone who has copied my ideas for a blog, but I have come across people who have blogged about thoughts I have had to blog about. I haven't blogged about those ideas as I respect those people who have blogged about them already. However, I have spoken to fellow bloggers about ideas they have given me and have commented to them about me possibly blogging about a similar topic at another time and they have encouraged me to blog about that idea and given my two cents.

If you ask the blogger if you may blog about a similar topic, I believe, you are better off.

But as Mo has mentioned, please post your thoughts here as well.)

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