Friday, July 24

Beasley’s ornaments… (Original Fiction by Xan)

“Now for you, my minuscule thief.”

“I am NOT a thief!” shouted Beasley.

“Of course not, but you still have a way of getting yourself into trouble, do you not?” Philomar shot Beasley a knowing look.

“Well, I do have a habit of getting out of it, most of the time. But yes, I suppose.” Beasley continued a bit uncomfortable at the thought that the wizard knew so much about him. He prided himself on his ‘skills.’ “Why, what are you going to give me, a ring that turns me invisible? Then it slowly turns me into a mean and greedy monster whose only focus is the ring?”

“That is absurd, where did you hear such a tale?” Philomar cleared his throat. “So you want a ring, do you? Please, follow me.”

The two walked over to another door, this one had several locks along its opening. Nevertheless, none of those locks had keyholes. The wizard, again, waived his hands in some arcane gestures, mumbled a few words and pointed to the door. Several clicks began to clap on the door, as though small hammers were tapping the other side of the door. Beasley listened carefully as each lock swung open, trying to find out how they all worked. The wizard scowled at the halfling.

“What?!? I am only trying to figure out how they work, in case I come across a similar door in my travels.” Beasley smiled. “Or perhaps give you some pointers on making the locks better?” Beasley giggled uneasily as the wizard stared at him knowingly.

“As long as your travels don’t lead you back to this door, I will let your comment pass.” Philomar smiled and winked at the tiny man. Beasley only turned his attention back to the door and its many locks. The final lock snapped open and the door began to creak open. Behind this door was revealed a great treasure trove. Beasley entered the room, only after Philomar stepped in. He did not want to look too anxious with a wizard standing over him.

“Where is the dragon guarding this great hoard?” Beasley could help but question. “I have not seen such a horde like this since that red dragon…” He rambled on like a fool with a twinkle in his eye.

“This way.” The wizard grabbed the drooling thief by his shirt and motioned him over to a chest full of rings. “Pick one, but only one.” The wizard gave the order.

Beasley’s eyes sparkled as he looked at each ring intently. He looked at the wizard as he fondled each ring in his hand, and then dropped them back in the chest. Until finally one ring caught his eye. A platinum ring of unattractive features, only carvings of shields on the outside and an inscription on the inside, written in a language long since dead.

“I like this one!” Beasley smiled at his find and greedily slipped it on his finger.
Gleorn chuckled. “That one will do well to keep you safe when you and your sticky fingers get into trouble. Now… empty your pockets.”

Beasley huffed and kicked some coins on the floor as he turned his pockets inside out to reveal several other small rings. “How did those get in there?” Beasley queried. “And more importantly, how did you know?”

Philomar just winked. “Now for something that will help you if the ring cannot. A sword, perhaps? One befitting a thief.”

“I am not a…” Beasley decided to give up on his masquerade.
The two exited the treasure trove and proceeded to the first door that Zander had entered.

“Wait, I thought you said a sword. Why are we standing at the door where big-boy got his hammer? I am NOT using a hammer. Do you know how heavy those things are?” Beasley continued to complain.

“Faith, my little cynic.” Philomar scolded as he pointed to the door. As the door opened the same room previously filled with hammers, now it was filled with all sorts of little people blades. Philomar pointed to one with a black hilt shaped in the form of a cat pouncing. “Bring me that one, thief.” Philomar ordered with a smile.

Beasley glared, but did as he was told. He took the blade back to Philomar. “This blade likes to hide in the shadows and attack like a cat stalking a mouse. It will serve you well.” He handed the blade back to Beasley. “Come, time is short. Your companions await us in the dining hall. Let us be on our way.” Philomar walked out of the room, the doors slowly creaking closed behind him. With a jolt, Beasley darted through the door just as they locked closed.

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