Wednesday, July 1

Tailoring Take 2

Hello all,

I wanted to pick up where I left off talking about tailoring a few weeks ago.
As I mention before you can use the power of google to find the hundreds of sites that have tailoring guides (of course the more popular wow sites will come up in your search).

And dont forget the wow website itself as they have great under rated material and guides.

As you level and loot higher level cloth, you will also need to use it for bandages, so you may need to as what some people call it farm for the cloth.

That means go to a particular area (perhaps an area you have already been too) so you can loot more cloth.

To get to the meat of tailoring, once you have leveled up to skill level 300 you will be able to start making some very decent gear, even some purples!

You will need to choose what specialty you want to be and depending and which class you are will help you or you may not even want to bother as the quest loot gear in Northrend will be better.

Another key point to make is how dependent you may be for some items you need to make on other professions or if you have made enough gold, on the Auction House (AH).

For higher level items and to level to the max 450 tailoring skill you will need some skinning, mining, and even alchemy materials. If you are in a guild you can ask your guild mates and if you are not you can perhaps have one of your other characters make it if they have one of the other professions. In regards to buying the items from the AH, you will need to make sure you are not spending more gold than you will make or the item is worth. Even if you have enough gold and you don't care about wasting gold, I say don't! Listen to me now believe me later, you will also need to be vigilant in your gold spending.

In addition to bigger and BIGGER BAGS, up to 22 slot bags (as of right now) which is very cool!

You can make other very useful item when you are all maxed out, such as:

Sapphire Spellthread and Brilliant Spellthread which will increase your spellpower on you pant; it will pretty much make you a tailor-enchanter! how cool is that!

Flying Carpet well do I need to explain this!? Ok well it is a mount that is 60% speed, so you will go sllllooooowwwww. But if you dont have or dont want to buy the epic flying mount training for 5000 gold than this will work for you.

Magnificent Flying Carpet and this is the 280% speed or as it is called epic flyer and is very cool!

And if you really want to challenge yourself you can try to go for:

Deathchill Cloak which requires - Loremaster of Northrend which involves completing some quests, which, well deal with the lore, go figure! :) Once you complete the quests you can learn to make this from the tailor trainer.

Wispcloak which requires Northrend Dungeonmaster which you complete and achieve by go through all the Northrend instances and completing them, meaning successfully downing the final boss.

Well that is the 3 cents from me, MO about tailoring. You will be able to learn so much more about tailoring but you first need to figure out what you want to make. Perhaps you want tailoring just to make bags. Also remember to visit all the different factions and rep rewards. There are tailoring recipes all over the world of WOW.

Take care all

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