Sunday, June 28

Contest Extention

With the higher volume of page viewers and such I have decided to extend the contest. Please visit the contest blog posting and enter. Please enter often and please make sure to mention the contest in your post/link on other sites so that they too can see the contest and they can enter too.

Due to the knee surgery and complications that came of it I have decided to extend the contest deadline until the end of August. So the new drawing date will be September 1st. So please make sure to mention the blog and future podcast wherever and whenever you can. I discourage using the WoW forums or Trade Channels as you have seen from my previous posts that could get your account suspended. But other chat rooms and such are great if you can tactfully mention the blog for the contest. Don't forget to email me your contact information as well as posting the web address to your link in the comments of the contest.

Good luck!

Remember to PIMP YOUR NOOB!

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