Saturday, June 20

Account Cancelled?!

You good friend Xan has run into a bit of a hang up. It seems that Blizzard has canceled my account without any explanation.

Xan was running Heroic Nexus and just after Anomolous my game was dropped. I tried to log back in and it said I needed to visit When I went to log in there I got this screen:

This account has been temporarily disabled and is currently unable to access World of Warcraft.

An email has been sent to the registered address on the account with the reason for this temporary closure. If you would like to appeal this decision or did not receive the message please contact our Account Administration team at from your registered email address.

I then checked my email for my account. I received an email that stated the following:

Greetings Jason,


Realm: Trollbane
Character Name: Xandarr

Account Action: Account Closed

The actions detailed above have been deemed inappropriate for the World of Warcraft by the Blizzard Entertainment In-game Support Staff. After a thorough investigation, this account has been closed.

These activities violate the World of Warcraft Terms of Use. We ask that you take a moment to review these terms at

This World of Warcraft account has been closed by our staff based on a review of the account and all related policy violations, in accordance with the Terms of Use and our In-Game Policies ( Any recurring subscriptions on this account have been suspended to prevent further monetary charges. If you have any questions about the infractions that lead to this closure, or if you would like to dispute this action please contact Account Administration.

To learn more about how Account Administration is able to assist you, please visit us at .

Game Master
Blizzard Entertainment

I am asking anyone out there that can help to please help me. Blizzard is only available by phone from 8 AM to 8 PM Mon - Fri. What does that do for those of us that have our accounts hacked on the weekend or our accounts canceled on the weekend as well?

Aleara has already petitioned a GM. View Here Anyone else that could do the same for ol' Xan would be appreciated as well.

Calling all WoW players who read the blog. Please help me get a hold of a Blizzard representative to find out why my account was cancelled and why I didn't recive any warnings if I MIGHT have done anything wrong.

Thank you everyone! Please reply here if you are helping with an open ticket on Trollbane Server or whatever you are able to do.

Thanks again!


  1. I have opened a ticket for you, Xan.

  2. Xan, shoot me an email. You can find it on my website.

  3. I've had crap like that happen to me. I had been accused of account trading (which I had done, but on a separate account), and they banned the account I had been playing since release. We got it all sorted out eventually, but it took a while, and the traded account was shut down permanently and my main account got a black mark against it (I have since transferred off that account to be free of any tarnishment).

  4. Wow, that's horrible! It's stupid that they didn't give you any real reason or any warning... maybe it was some sort of mistake. Hope you hear back, let us know what it was!