Thursday, June 25

Mo-Moments #6: To Celebrate or Not to Celebrate...

Do you play with fire?

Does your WOW character(s) play with fire?

Well I don't know about you but I like my fair share of fire/fireworks, while we are all being safe of course.

Ahhh, I remember ditching school back in Chicago (when someone says Chicago or any major city they are from it usually includes the area or region surrounding the major city... FYI) to go to Indiana to get some real never mind. Don't tell anyone ok!

Well to my point.

Do you get excited about the WOW holidays or the special events they have year round?

Are you one that is completing every quest and achievement to get the special mount? (if you are, well you do deserve a mount and then some other gifts and a drink on Mo!)

The latest Event/Holiday is Midsummer Fire Festival.

I always like to look at thing from both sides of the story; pros/cons salt n' peppa, you know what I mean?

The fire festival or fire festivus i like to call it, it is related to the Festivus holiday.

One great reason for everyone to do at least the Horde/Alliance Bonfires is that you will be able to go all across the land of WOW, explore, PvP if you are on a PvP server, and I would like to take this time to thank the rogues and druids that were following my every step the first day! Thank you very much, gang banging is what I look for on Sundays!

Not only do you explore, complete the event quests, get XP if you are low level, gain gold if you are high level and it will give you a chance to work towards the exploring achievements.

Anyone can do that even if you are not into the achievement system.

One of the many resources out there, website and blogs, from Twittering I was reading wowgrrl's tweets and you can check out the blog at

One of the good blogs out there, has a link to WowWiki, for Horde and Alliance.

Check out the other wonderful wow blogs, there are plenty but it is always great to check other peoples views.

If you are a new WOW player or someone like one of my guildies that was away from the game for a while, well I have many guildies like that but it is a great way to get back into the game.

Along with the easy part of each holiday or event come with the not so easy part; the tasks/quests that usually take groups. Let me tell you I have not had any luck doing these on pugs on my main server and yes I may quit too soon but if you do not care about getting the "meta" achievement I believe the experience WoW players like to call it. I call it special cool looking drake mount achievements. Either way, it does take time and patience and at best good pugs/groups to complete. There will be many that say I am incorrect but for me I do not have any desire to complete them and it is great for those that do complete them.

So at least visit your main city, check out the quests, do the one you want and abandon the one you don't, like Mo did!

Happy fire boys and girls and be safe, play with fire but don't PLAY with fire!

Thank you

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