Tuesday, June 2

MoMoments #4 - I See Dead People!

Have you noticed in game (hopefully you have not noticed this in real life) corpses of what I usually think are other characters that are either running back to rez or people that died and logged off.

However, I have a conspiracy theory that they are not real characters and the WoW design team is just toying with us or even worse making fun of us!

Take, "Skillkyllin," I found the corpse in Brambleblade Ravine in Mulgore. Come on that cannot be a real player, dont believe it! There were other corpses there that I believe were real players that just logged, probably were not in the mood to run back from the graveyard.

Ow wow... as I was wrting this I may have answered my own question... well partially. Some of the names I mention came to life right in front of me!
But I still beleive WoW places some gh-gh-ghosts or zombie like, fake characters in game with funny names just to toy with us.

Oh and to top it off, sometimes when I try to rez them, nothing happens!

Let me know if you are aware of this phenominon or I just need to get some more sleep.

Remember, take things in moderation, even WoW!


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