Tuesday, June 9

MoMoments #5 - Know Your Limit

Just at Blizzard says, take all things in moderation, even WoW.

Well knowing your limit is along the same lines. What do I mean? Well knowing your limit I am thinking mainly of when you are grouping up for instances, not just at 80, and not just a PUG. My examples are for my 80 holy priest. I leveled him holy pretty much the entire way with about 4 levels with shadow. At 78, I was an ok healer I would say. I had healed most instances up to level 78 including Kara at 70 and I would rate myself at about average = still room for improvement.

Well, leave it to a nice regular instance to bring this troll, "Moheal" back down from the soap box mahn! Healing Halls of Lightning with a couple of 80s; pretty much a good group. Only bad seed was, ME! Yes ME, the Thrall forsaken Healer!!!! What was my problem? Yes I know what my problem was: LINE OF SIGHT!!!! Just like in real life, in game there is a line of sight at which point, in this example, where you cannot heal your tank or your group. This poor Ret Pally died about 5-6 times because I could not heal him in time. Than it started to get to me I guess as I caused a few wipes. All I had to do is just move with the group but for some reason I was not able to "multi-task" :( Thankfully this group was so cool and patient with me and we finished.

Well lets fast forward to level 80 and I get invited to Heroic AN. (Azjol-Nerub) Don't make me spell it out as it is hard enough to do this instance! Well OK, I'll tell you anyway, this was beyond my limit! I of course died on the trash, then caused a wipe, not all my fault but....yes I had another issue at this point = MANA MANAGEMENT!!! Unbelievable!!! What was I thinking? Joining this group thinking I can heal Heroic AN with no level 80 gear.

Now many of the hardcore players will say this is a problem with WoW, players do not know their limit and others will say we all need to do instances to gear up. I of course agree with both...no no I am not chickening out, both views are right. I should have known my limit and either tried another instance or completed some quests or worked on rep. Also, yes I could have been a winner of a nice pair of shiney boots but I let the 'Lock "need" it as my view at that point was that 'Lock has better gear than me anyway and I need to get my troll to another instance other than Heroic AN or even HOL.

Well I hope to get back to you all in a few weeks as I try some more Heroics.

Lesson to learn today is "Know your Limit." If you know that you have not yet mastered your level and skills, than either talk with your group or don't get into the instance that you know will cause you to /facepalm

Thank you


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