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Stitch This!

Hello to all,

We would like to bring you our thoughts about professions.

Now you may ask, why thoughts and why not a guide? Well it will be a thoughtful guide in part and also there are so many guides out there, I would like to show people how my approach is to some professions on new characters I start or my high level characters.

First I want to mention, do not forget the WOW website,
they have so many useful guides, suggestions, and just information. If you are new to WOW than that should be your first stop. There are other sites, which you can use the old trusted Google to search or by getting on different wow websites, blogs, or writing to US! Yes we can answer questions, believe it or not.

Well as for the profession I would like to discuss, it is Tailoring today, yes, sew n' sew by Mo!

When you are starting out with WOW you may or may not learn in the beginning that having professions is important and vital to your own income and vital to your guild (if you are in one).

The reasons of course being that you will be able to use the materials you loot to make things and you will be able to use some items, sell others and even share other items with your friends.

I will get very basic for the people that are new to the game or just new to professions.

You are able to learn two major professions such as: Tailoring(other professions include: Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Enchanting, Engineering, Herbalism, Inscription, Jewelcrafting, Leatherworking, Mining, Skinning). Another key fact you should remember is that there is no one right way to do things in WOW; meaning you can pick any two professions you wish. Some will benefit you and your guild/friends, others can be more of a cash-cow. Just remember, always remember, this is a game and pick any professions you like or don't pick one up if you don't believe you need it to make gold or make yourself items.

Some professions may be learned in the starting zones or you may have to go to the capital cities, such as: Orgrimmar, Thunder Bluff, Silvermoon City, and The Undercity on the Horde side. Oh yes there is an Alliance side to this game, yes yes I am more on the Horde side but I will be fair on this post, the Alliance major towns are: Stormwind, Ironforge, Darnassus, and Exodar. Remember to visit the profession supply vendor after you learn the profession for the initial minor materials to make items.

Tailoring is a cloth centered profession, which means if you are a priest, mage, or warlock class you will most benefit from this profession. However, other classes will have uses for it as well. For this session we will not get into those specific details but concentrate on the initial uses of Tailoring, such as making clothing and bags. As you start tailoring you will be able to make low level items that you will be able to use for yourself such as cloaks, pants, chest items and shirts. You may walk around the world of Azeroth saying Thrall took the shirt off of your back but you also want to me fashionable in your Blue Linen Shirt or Simple Dress.
As you are leveling you will receive cloth from the different mobs you kill in every zone.

In the early zones up to about level 15 you will be receiving linen cloth and using that to make different items that tailoring will allow you to at your skill.
I did forget to mention, when you first train to learn tailoring, hit the C button than you will see your character screen with some tabs; click on the skills tab to see your characters skills. As you make tailoring items you will see your skill rise and you will need to go back to your trainer to learn higher levels of tailoring (or your other professions). Also you want to hit the P button to open up your spell book screen which will show you your tailoring skill action button. This is important as it will allow you to click it, drag it onto your action bars so you are able to open your tailoring screen whenever you want to.

As you are initially leveling up your tailoring skill, at tailoring level 70 you will learn from your trainer how to make linen bags which have 6 slots. To some wow veterans this is a joke, well it is a joke to most players. However, if you are new to WOW or just starting a new character on a new server you will need these small bags to be able to quest with. Another key important thing to remember is to visit different vendors in all the cities as many times they all have different special recipes for your to buy and learn to make.In the beginning you may need to wait until you have make some more copper and silver but you will need to remember that.

Before we go too much into tailoring, as I mentioned, you will be able to learn two main professions. Most people like to learn Enchanting with Tailoring. Without talking too much about Enchanting, basically it is a profession, as it is names, which will allow you to enchant an item you or someone else is wearing (or a profession crafter item) so a certain stat is improved, such as: +3 stamina, which of course will increase your stamina.

I believe it is important to get back down to the basics for, well, many reasons but the key once being that most of the time we forget what all these stats mean. Without getting too technical, anyone can learn the basics of the game so they can better enjoy their experience and playing style. We will deliver for most playing style or I should say majority of the playing styles.

Well the benefits of having tailoring and enchanting are that you will be able to disenchant the items that are green from your tailoring profession which than provides materials to enchant items. As I mentioned earlier, pick what ever you like to that is the great thing about tailoring, any profession goes with it.

I will leave it off there for now and we can get continue tailoring by Mo at another time.

Thank you,


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