Wednesday, June 24

Kilzar's Garage

"Ok i got the bolts, copper wire and ... were are those pistons at?"

Oh hi there, welcome to Kilzar's Garage. Of course I am the owner and proprietor of this establishment Kilzar. I have been asked by Xandarr to tell you about engineering. Engineering has some great items that can be made at all levels.

For starters there are useful items such as ammo. In my humble opinion you can never have enough rounds for your gun. At higher levels the best ammo available is manufactured by us engineers.

You can create your own guns, ammo, scopes and my personal favorite...explosives! Who says you can't have a blast with a few sticks of TNT! Yes, engineers can make explosives. Add to that arsenal land mines and even exploding sheep! Yes, the exploding sheep are as fun as they sound.

Then there is the head gear, there is a huge variety of head gear that can be made for any armor class. There are even goggles that helps you to see into the distance or see through peoples clothes. (Don't worry Mo, I'm working on your X-ray goggles now).

There is even a list of items that enhance your gear in some way. One item is rockets that attach to your boots to help you walk faster, there is the jumper cables that help you bring a toon back to life (we can't always wait for a healer to do there jobs), I use the gnomish army knife which acts like the jumper cables but it is also a pick, skinning knife, a blacksmith hammer and even a wrench. One of my favorite little toys is a little rocket that hooks up to your gloves (the rockets do awesome damage).

There is other items that the entire party can also use, there is the scrapbot construction kit that gives people a chance to repair and to sale there gear, there is even an item called moll-e that is a portable mail box.

But the top two items that I love are Nesingwary 4000, which is one of the top guns in the game. There has been many elites out there that have fallen to its might! My other favorite, which I am working on building now is the Mekgineer's Chopper, (for the horde you ride a similar mount known as the Mechano-hog) who would not love one of these in their 'stable?' I know when I complete mine it will be my biggest toy.

So, you might be thinking why you should become an engineer instead of a tailor, a blacksmith or even a leatherworker? It is simple, engineering is way too much fun not to be one.

So, here at Kilzar's Garage we want to thank you for stopping by and just remember if your not having fun, than you must be playing a orc.

(Now, were is that piston at?)

If you would like to ask questions from Kilzar please email us at and put "ASK KILZAR" in the subject line. The grumpy ol' dwarf will be glad to answer readers questions.

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