Wednesday, June 10

Where is your Bait and Tackle?

Now no one is better than good ol' Nat Pagle when it comes to fishing. Everyone knows that this guy knows where it's at when it comes to fishing. In fact J!NX went so far as to pay homage to the legendary angler with his own shirt! But this article isn't going to be talking about this fisherman extraordinairre, we are going to be talking about fishing and what it means to you!

I am not going to go into as much information as a good short friend of mine has done with her website. I will let you visit that site on your own at This little gnome has it all!

But what I am going to talk about is how important this kind of stuff is for new folks or people levelling alts to focus on as they are doing the quests and gaining the XP needed to advance in levels.

El has a great page dedicated to leveling fishing from 1 - 450. Both for the Alliance and the Horde. In those two links this shows you not only how to level your fishing but also how to level your cooking as well. After all, why just fish when you can fry it up too!

Now the reason I decided to make sure all your Noobs out there are leveling your fishing and cooking as you level your toon is because poor ol' Xan here has been stuck fishing at level 80 in places like STV. (Stranglethorn Vale) This is all fine and good, but gosh darn it, I could have already been 450 in fishing and cooking and received the Skills to Pay the Bills achievement. Why, oh why, didn't someone tell ol' Xan that I would need this sort of stuff while I was levelling?

I didn't have the help or the foreknowledge to think it would be nessecary. That is why ol' Xan is giving you Noobs the chance to avoid making the same mistake he did. Remember Kilzar talking about his profession experience on a similar topic? So don't miss out. Make sure you pick up your bait and tackle and get out there and see the beautiful bodies... of water that WoW has to offer. Who knows you could even find yourself fishing up a new mount!

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  1. I do believe, Xan, that you can fish anywhere and level up your fishing. No need to go to different areas of Azeroth.