Monday, May 18

Cooking is Important!

Hey there! Your friendly neighborhood hunter, Kilzar here with a little tip for you.

I was reminiscing about when I first started playing the game. I sniggered about all the things I used to mess up on. One of the things I ignored most was cooking. Being able to cook any meat that you find has great rewards especially for hunters!

Food is more important than bandages (in my opinion) for healing. You get a good amount of health back, in addition there isn't a cool down on food like there is on bandages. Another huge plus to cooking is that some of your cooked food will give you a plus to some of your stats for a period of time. Who doesn't want all the advantages you can get?

Once you get higher in cooking you will be able to make feasts for your entire party. Trust me, they will love you. In addition to that, if you are a hunter you really need to cook your own meat for your pets, that way you will only have to buy fruits for certain pets.

And for you achievement players, there are a lot of cooking achievements that you can get and they are not to difficult to get if you do the cooking while you are leveling. You can get the title of "Chef" if you complete certain achievements.

I passed on fishing and cooking while I was leveling. I passed all the food to Xan's alt Nkaala while we ran around in vanilla WoW. BIG MISTAKE! So take it from me, cook early and cook often.


  1. So true, and what I do is I have my warrior be the Chef!
    But it is nice to have each character to make their own food.
    Fishing is one thing I need to level still.

  2. Gratz on the Title Kilz!