Monday, May 4

New Experiment ... Care to Join Me?

After listening to our friends over at Bind on Equip I have thought about doing a similar experiment for fun on our own as well.

We found a RP PvP server (The Venture Co.) and randomly roll up some of our own toons. The Venture Co was chosen because it is on the Pacific Time Zone for server and since this is going to become a late Friday night endeavor we want to make it on a server that is late enough to fit our needs. Besides 2 out of the 3 members so far live in the Pacific Time Zone.

Because Xan has played only Alliance except for an 'Alt-Main' on Perenolde Server it has been decided that we are going to do Horde as well.

The roster is filling up fast but anyone that would care to join us is welcome to do so. We are starting off with a main 5 man group, but are willing to build it up to a raid sized group.


Basically we are going to follow the same rolling ideas that Bind on Equip used in their podcast.

After we have our basic starting five we will roll the group mechanics of:


After roles have been established we will roll (/roll5) races:

1 - Orc
2 - Tauren
3 - Troll
4 - Forsaken
5 - Blood Elf

In addition we will try to also have as diverse options on professions but they must include one gathering and one manufacturing skill. (i.e. Mining/Blacksmithing)

Also, will have to talk to the group once it is formed and we will have to look into not buying equipment on the AH but rely on the party to make gear upgrades or world drops... Just a thought.

We are going to run this group a couple hours on Friday nights. Hopefully we will be able to record using Skype and post the results here.

If you would like to join our experiment please reply to this post. We would like to get this started in a couple weeks but we need to try and get two other members as soon as possible.


  1. Come on people, there has to be two more people out there that wants to do this