Sunday, May 31

I have been 3 days "sober"

Yup, I said it... "Sober." My name is Xan, and I am a Pepsaholic.

Yesterday I had a full physical done. (I refer to them as my own "Lube, Oil & Filter" just like you do with your car. Tire Rotation may be on the way.) Maggie had said a few times this last week that "Once you hit 30 you start falling apart." Well I suppose that is true to a point.

Things on the checklist:

1) Snoring
2) Knees
3) Muscle Spasms
4) Kidney Stones (?)
5) Overall general health

The doctor went over all of the things that were wrong with me. And come to find out they can all be dramatically improved if I.... *GASP* Lose weight and drink more water. Hmm... go figure.

Solutions to above checklist:

1) Lose weight & possible nose spray
2) TBD - (Need to go to American Care Care for the tires and suspention)
3) Drink more water
4) Drink more water
5) Lose weight and drink more water

Funny how it all ties together eigh? So what is my plan of attack you say? Well that part is easy.

1) No more Pepsi, or soda in general if it can be helped
2) Walking every night for 30 minutes
3) Eat a little less
(And as Hulk Hogan used to always say...)
4) Say Prayers
5) Take your vitamins

There is a little "widget" II found that will track my progress. I have added it to the bottom of the blog. So cheer me on as I get to a reasonable weight!

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  1. he who quits drinking soda, doesn't want to any raids