Monday, May 11

How do you do Instances?

I had a great experience this weekend and I wanted to share it with all of you. It was actually mentioned in the Bind on Equip Episode 24 by the lovely Tempeste. "If a spot comes open in a group and someone asks if you can join, instead of ignoring the request and if you want to go... offer. Let the leader know you may be undergeared and let them make the call."

I am honestly working hard to be a better tank as well as trying out the duel-spec option with a Ret talent spec. I leveled Xan as a Prot pally from level one I had that goal in mind. I worked hard on him but didn't understand the basics of what was needed as a tank. But in time and through a lot of questions asked I slowly began to learn the ropes. But stubbornly I refused to study the websites and such. So it was still an uphill battle.

Now with the help of podcasts and my own research I am slowly working towards being the tank that I want to be.

Now to the point of my story:

On EARLY Saturday morning May 9th I was doing my dailies and I picked up the daily dungeon quests. The heroic and the regular daily dungeon quests were both in Halls of Lightning. I KNEW that I didn't have the defense to live through a heroic run, so I put my name down on the LFG for a regular run.

I was contacted by members of the Trollbane guild known as All the Way to Uranus (Formerly of Apocalypse) They were looking for a tank on Heroic. I informed the person asking that I may be a little undergeared with a defense of about 520. They encouraged me to join them and said that their healer and their DPS was epic and that if I could hold them with the defense potions they gave me we would be fine.


We actually did very well. I accidentally pulled a couple times and ended up wiping. I apologized to the group and they just cheered me on, let me know some of the pulls were not my fault etc...

After an hour or so we cleared Heroic Halls of Lightning and not only that I was given the opportunity to get all the Achievements in HHoL as well.

Now THAT is the way a PUG is supposed to go. Thanks again to the members of All the Way to Uranus : Kratos, Mooniez, Pascha, & Ferris.


  1. That is great, and grats.
    I on many occasions do not respond on the lfg or city channels when someone is looking for a tank or other needs they may have because I am in all greens or blues. My experience has been mainly bad but I know I need to keep trying, as I will be focusing more on my high level characters.
    I also do not appreciate when people request my info: spec, SSN, DOB, what i ate before I have to get into a PUG!!! come on people be a little open minded especially on pugs!
    Well grats to Xan and all that have had successful pugs

  2. Hey there Xan, you really didn't do too horrible. For your first heroic you did pretty well actually, good luck with you blog


  3. I don't do a lot of PUGing, but I find that usually you can tell how well it's going to go before the group even enters the instance. The attitude I am contacted with and the responses I get can often make the decision for me, rather than whether I really need to do the instance or not. For example, on my priest I often get whispers that just say "u heal?" which usually doesn't inspire much hope for a good group.