Saturday, May 9

Nerdtacular 2009

So I had one of the best times at a movie I have had in a long time. NERDTACULAR hosted and put together by the great Scott Johnson of Extralife Radio & more commonly known in the WoW community... The Instance.

Nerdtacular is a fan appreciation event created by, Scott Johnson, creator of Extralife and host of ELR and The Instance podcasts. The first event was held in 2007 in Salt Lake City, during the premier weekend of Spiderman III. The whole idea was to try and figure out a way that Mr. Johnson could give a little something back to the amazing community. He rented a movie theater and invited fans from all over the world, and gave out prizes and other phat lewts to some lucky attendees.

In 2008, Nerdtacular was held during the premier of Batman: The Dark Knight, with doubled attendance and loads more prizes. It was also the year where a good 3rd of the crowd were from out of state, and in some cases, the country.

This year was held this morning and the prizes were awesome! A contest for the best dressed Trekkie received XBOX 360's. There was a Twitter contest where you had to have fast fingers to send a Twitter to Scott and the third post would get a prize. in addition those that registered for the event ha their names added to Mr.Johnson's hat and were drawn at random. Yours truly received a hat and a shirt from J!NX.
J!NX Side Hack
Rise of Arthas one size too small. =[ Time for old Xan to lose some weight!

Afterwards we went to a nearby park to socialize and have some junk food and just talk about the amazing movie and get to meet and greet personalities like Scott Johnson, Randy Jordan & Brian Dunaway. Guest co-host and ex-Brother in law of mine, Mark Larson was also there. It was nice to see him again, unfortunately the person taking the pictures cut him out. Sorry Mark!

Scott Johnson, Randy Jordan & Yours Truly

Scott Johnson, Randy Jordan, Brian Dunaway & Me (Poor Mark is on the right smiling a cheezy smile but no one will ever see it) Boo

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