Wednesday, May 6

What to do when you feel overwhelmed...

Another blogger/podcaster put forth the question, "Has Blizzard given us too much?" As to say "Do you feel like there is too much to do in WoW now?" I thought that sounded like a pretty good topic myself, so here it is.

First of all, what is it you are working on? Do you feel like there is just too much to do? Do you feel as if you don't have any direction? You know, I felt as if I had too much to do and not a whole lot of direction while I was doing it when I first started.

I would have to say now, I feel as though I have a pretty good grasp on what is going on as far as what my Main finds himself doing... most of the time. I mean because my WoW time is at a premium now I REALLY have to look at what is important to me and what do I have time to do? The answer for me is "DAILIES!" And we will focus on that a bit more later, but lets talk about the children of WoW... the Noobs.

When you first create a toon, do you just rin around 'willy-nilly' and just do quests that you stumble onto as you travel? Do you have a plan to complete an area before moving on to another one? What is your ultimate goal in WoW? I thnk those questions should be tackled before you get out of your starting 'safe-zone.' I have a few suggestions that would make your life a little easier and more than likely give you a level a day at least until you are about 40-50.

1. Get the AddOn known as TourGuide! I would have to ay that I didn't know about this little gem until I was well on my way. in fact I only learned about it a couple months ago. My 'Alt-Main' on Perenolde FLEW through content and levels. I got a level a day on my lunch hour until I hit Stranglethorn Vale.

2. Have a plan. I would suggest taking a moment to look over Achievements. The task may look daunting as you look at them all. But one you start looking you can see a pretty easy pattern forming. I find that if you just go down the list, in game, they kind of make an order from least difficult to most difficult.

3. If you are not going to do achievements, what is your priority? Are you racing to level 80 as fast as you can? Are you being social and leveling with your friends? Find out what your joys are in the game and go for those.

Now that we have some of the basics down, lets go into you more experienced players. How do you WoW? What do you do with your time? What is your ultimate goal?

I will leave that topic for another time. Please, if you are reading this, give me feedback. Answer the question I posted above... How do you WoW? What do you do with your time? What is your ultimate goal?

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