Wednesday, May 13

What to do when you feel overwhelmed... (Part 2)

In part two we will talk a little more about what I find to be the best thing to do when your WoW time is at a premium because you only get to dedicate an hour or so a day except on weekends. In my case even an hour a day during the week can be tough.

So what do you do when you only have an hour to play WoW? What do you do when you have so many things you want to accomplish but don't have the time to hit it all?

I have a couple other suggestions once you get in the ballpark of the 60's through 70's and even into level 80!

1) Achievements are still important. Figure out what achievements you wish to... achieve and start running towards them. Is there a certain title you want? Is there a mount you are looking forward to receiving? I find myself grinding out rep for The Diplomat title. Currently I am two shotting ogres in Nagrand for the Kurenai. Xan already has the Ambassador of the Alliance which I feel fits my personality as well as Xan's. But to add a Diplomat title to change back and forth from would make it all the more fun.

2) DAILIES! Is there certain gear you are looking to obtain through a certain faction? Is there a pattern you want for your profession? I find myself doing the Argent Tournament/Silver Covenant, Sons of Hodir, and Kalu'ak dailies. I just finished hitting Exalted with the Oracles and so now it is a once a week shopping trip to the Basin just to get me another egg.

3) The final example of what you might be able to accomplish while your tie is at a minimum... Battlegrounds and Arenas. Although I am not a HUGE fan of PvP (Player vs Player) stuff I still go in and get my butt handed to me on a platter just so I can gain honor points for gear upgrades. If you have at least one friend within earshot or a phone call you can hook yourself up with a 2v2 team. As long as you grind out 10 arena battles a week you will be able to earn some points. I will say it is a long grind, but it can be worth it in the long run.

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