Tuesday, May 26

What's in a name? (Momoments #2)

Hello all,

This past Friday we (Xandarr and Kilzar) created out experiment characters on the Twisted Nether, Horde side. You can read more about it on: THE EXPERIMENT

Creating a new character always takes me back to the first time we started playing WoW... Ahhh remember... how was your first time? Playing WoW that is.

For me, I did not know what I was doing. Be it the first time or the 105th time I have started new characters, picking a name has always been important to me. Your characters name is, well as important as your characters identity and personality. Many times I may not pick a very unique name but it still has meaning to me. Take my main's on Balanzar server, they are start with "Mo," very original right? However each character, yes every one of those ten on that server are very unique and special to me.

My first toon, my "main," the big daddy of them all... "Motauren, the great warrior for the Horde." Yes he may be in greens and blues but the time spent playing, interacting, and creating my guild, is very special. I do not participate much on my RP servers but I believe that everyone RP's in their own way, even with their own characters.

How about you, are you character's names important to you, to your guild?

Do each of them have a special meaning?

Please let us know: what is in a name?

Thank you

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  1. I only pick a name because I have to, and the generated ones can be kind of lame. My first main was named Thelemming. I'm unsure at this point why, I know Rabbidlemming(sic) was too long but I don't know why I just didn't choose Rabidlemming (which is my name now). I didn't end up switching it till a few months after switching servers.

    This was all before the paid name change functionality so I reported my own name for being an incomplete sentence "The Lemming (ran into the street and was run over)". And viola Rabidlemming was born, which is closer to my most used internet moniker.

    Ever other toon? I haven't given a crap what their name is, I have Lemming (oober original), Pascha (named after my dog HA), Darkwingduck (this I actually thought was a good one), etc.

    Now when I go to start creating another (soon to be deleted I'm sure) toon I end up picking random things in my room and combining their names. Meet Clipos (Paper Clip and Mentos) lol.