Tuesday, May 19

MO Moments Entry #1 - Say Thank You

Hello all! Grats to those who were able to get their BlizzCon tickets. I would like to drive up to Anaheim on BlizzCon day to get together with our WoW folks, so we shall see.

For my first "MOMoment" on The Experienced Noob, I would like to reflect on the lack of common courtesy in the game, especially the simple task of saying "Thank you" or buffing your fellow Horde or Alliance.

Taking in consideration everything from different playing styles and different types of people/personalities from around the world, that I do understand.

What I do not understand is, are we all not gamers? So why is it so hard for us to say "Thank you?" Heck even a simple "TY" in chat!

When someone from your faction buffs you or helps, say "Thank you." Try it out. Believe me it is not that hard. If you can buff someone else, try it out on someone else, why souldn't you? It should not matter if you are on a pvp server or not.

Just as in life, yes if we all get along it would be so much better. I know that is unrealistic. But we are gamers and we have our groups, society, community, whatever you would like to call it.

So this is your MO Task...

Just say "Thank you" and/or give a simple "FREE" buff to your fellow gamer and if you do not feel better after that come back and tell me and than I will say: "THANK YOU" for trying.

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