Sunday, May 24

Looking for cohost & recording specialist

Good morning to you all!

This blog post is going to be a little bit different than the others. It will have WoW content but it is directed at a real-world need that your good pally Xan needs help on.


That's right! I REALLY would like to continue with the hopes of a podcast. As you know Bela has kind of fallen out of the running due to an unfortunate wedding accident... I am kidding. But she did go off and get married without telling me. =S And so I am without a cohost. That is part one...

Part two is that I was messing around with Audacity and Skype and realized I know NOTHING about either one of them. In addition to that it took me the good part of two hours just to record music for the podcast.

Due to part one and part two I am putting out an open casting call for a cohost or two. My requirements are very simple really;

1) I would prefer a female for her angle and perspective on the game.
2) I would like someone who knows how to record a podcast and knows how to make it available for the general public.
3) I would like this person(s) to be at least 21 but I do not want to "rock the EXPLICIT tag" like other podcasters do, just because this is a noob show so we may have younger listeners.

Applicants need to either meet requirements (1&3) or (2&3) preferable all three.

I may also be able to get you a J! code in order to get your own piece of J!NX SWAG for the show. So please, post a reply here and then email me your qualifications at theexperiencednoob(at)gmail(dot)com. Or you can really impress me and email me a sound file showing me your abilities!

Good luck to you all!

*Special thanks to Frosty, Heidi & Frank from 97.1 radio in CA for the picture*

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  1. I would totally be down to do a podcast but like you I know nothing about it. :( I'm also not female. I'm 28, so I pass #3 at least. lol