Thursday, May 28

I've got the fever!

OK, so I don't think I am THAT crazy but I do have to say that your good friend Xan and his travelling buddy Kilzar have hit a wall. PUGing is slowing down and so is raiding. Everyone has moved onto Ulduar and Kilzar and I haven't even seen a completion of NAXXRAMUS.

In fact, poor ol' Xan has just seen inside NAX. He got to see Grand Widow Faerlina but aggro of another nature caused him to D/C after one attempt. Kilzar was a bit luckier and saw that NAX run through to Heigan the Unclean. (What a moniker... "The Unclean".... really? Dude must have had it rough in grade school.)

Our former guild leader for "Devil's Dirty Work" got hacked a couple weeks back and the guild was disbanded. Much to our dismay. Luckily Kilzar had an alt guild for his alt toons known as the "Red Dragon Knights." Unfortunately some of our former guildmates are hesitant to make the switch to the new guild in hopes that the "Devil's Dirty Work" will rise from the ashes. We hope it does too, but in the meantime we are hopeful that we can continue to move forward to victory in raiding.

Now, as an "Experienced Noob" how does one get into a raid?

1) There is research on places such as Elitist Jerks, Maintankadin, and other websites.

2) Pray for a PUG (Pick Up Group) to pick you up using the three options of the LFG (Looking For Group) feature on the menu bar at the bottom of your interface.

3) Join a guild or form a guild with like minded individuals such as the "Red Dragon Knights."

4) Or lastly you can write a blog post looking for a guild to take on a paladin and a hunter... I mean your toon and help them in their possible weak areas such as gear. Possibly by running you through heroics or parts of NAXX in order to get you on par to be an asset to their guild.

Any one of these options is an idea for those of you who have hit that wall, but have the RAIDING FEVER and wish to see more content and become the toon you have always viewed yourself as becoming.

Good luck to you all. And if there are guilds out there looking for a hunter and a paladin who wish to advance and your guild is willing to assist, please post to this blog entry with your contact information.

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