Wednesday, May 20

Experiment Log: "Measure Twice, Cut Once"

Ok, now that we have seen a couple hiccups with the "experiment" we are going to start again. ANYONE who would like to join us is welcome to do so.

Those who are currently participating are...

- OPEN -
- OPEN -

We will all need to do the rolls online together. The original five are going to meet on Trollbane server in the Red Dragon Knights guild (See bottom of blog for details) and make the rolls at around 11:00 PM Mountain Time on Friday Night May 22nd. There will be no rerolls, but I am going to make one exception...

Here are the rules:

No sugar daddies - This experiment is to experience content "at level" without any help but from your friends.

I will allow you to exclude one race OR one class function before you roll

There will only be one of any race (In the original 5, after that then the balance within the guild will stay equal)

Race rolls are: 1) Orc 2) Tauren 3) Undead 4) Troll 5) Blood Elf

Classes are rolled from highest to lowest: Tank, Healer, Melee DPS, Ranged DPS, Ranged DPS

This experiment is also there to stretch your horizons and possibly have you play a race or class you may never have picked on your own; so I would encourage you to not use Rule #2. This decision to use or not use Rule #2 will have to be in place before anyone rolls.

We are going to try a different RPPvP server because some players are having issues with that server. THE NEW SERVER IS TWISTED NETHER.

The first goal after rolling our toons is to get your toons between levels 13 - 16 so that when we meet again we can run RFC in Orgimmar.

Next will be to run RFC

Homework afterwards will be to get to 15 - 21 for WC

Next between 15 - 21 for VC (Deadmines)

Next between 18 - 25 for SFK

Then as the levels become harder to obtain we will adventure together to level up as a group until we can comfortably go into the next instance.

According to the group a time has not yet been officially determined, hoewever the options are floating between Late Friday Evening around 11:00 PM Mountain Time or Early Saturday Morning around 8:00 AM Mountain Time.

Once all has been determined and things get moving, Kilzar and I will create DK's just long enough to get enough money to start a guild. Those toons will then they will be deleted in order to avoid breaking rule #1.



  1. so is rule # 1 is not to talk about the experiement?

  2. Rule #1 is to TELL EVERYONE about the experiment.

    In actuallity Rule #1 is No Sugar Daddies.

  3. I would love to roll over here with you guys, but my guild is in dire need of a Priest to be leveled... I'm currently 70 trying to blow through Northrend. If there is another experiment down the road, I'd love to be a part of it.