Saturday, May 16

Experiment Continues

Mo - Blood Elf Paladin Tank - Mining Blacksmithing - (Server Issues)
Rose - Undead Warlock Ranged DPS - Alchemy Herbs - (Name Forthcoming)
Kaigun - Tauren Hunter Ranged DPS - Skinning LW - (Name Forthcoming)


So the experiment had it's own share of problems last night. Probably system errors due to the recent sale of BlizzCon tickets all the WoW servers were not getting past the "Authentication" section of the login screen.

Fortunately Rose and Kaigun rolled earlier in the day with Kilzar moderating on the DPS slots. Originally we were going to have one of each race, but I had to make an executive decision regarding somone's toon and another toon was created. (Sorry for the issue) Kilzar was in game when the lag started and he rolled for Mo, Kilzar, and myself. As a result we have the above listed toons on the Venture Co. (US) server.

MO is still having issues trying to log into the Venture Co. server and will join us soon.

Kilzar and I have created DK's on the server as well to fund the creation of a guild and then will be deleted from the server to avoid 'twinking' issues.

Anyone is invited to join us as long as there is pure soloing experiences without sugar daddy funding for your toons and running instances 'at level.'

Homework now is to get our freshly made toons up to 13 - 16 in order to do Ragefire Chasm next Friday.

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  1. Good luck guys! I'm sure it'll be a blast.