Sunday, May 31

I have been 3 days "sober"

Yup, I said it... "Sober." My name is Xan, and I am a Pepsaholic.

Yesterday I had a full physical done. (I refer to them as my own "Lube, Oil & Filter" just like you do with your car. Tire Rotation may be on the way.) Maggie had said a few times this last week that "Once you hit 30 you start falling apart." Well I suppose that is true to a point.

Things on the checklist:

1) Snoring
2) Knees
3) Muscle Spasms
4) Kidney Stones (?)
5) Overall general health

The doctor went over all of the things that were wrong with me. And come to find out they can all be dramatically improved if I.... *GASP* Lose weight and drink more water. Hmm... go figure.

Solutions to above checklist:

1) Lose weight & possible nose spray
2) TBD - (Need to go to American Care Care for the tires and suspention)
3) Drink more water
4) Drink more water
5) Lose weight and drink more water

Funny how it all ties together eigh? So what is my plan of attack you say? Well that part is easy.

1) No more Pepsi, or soda in general if it can be helped
2) Walking every night for 30 minutes
3) Eat a little less
(And as Hulk Hogan used to always say...)
4) Say Prayers
5) Take your vitamins

There is a little "widget" II found that will track my progress. I have added it to the bottom of the blog. So cheer me on as I get to a reasonable weight!

Saturday, May 30

Honey, where is my Billy Club? (MoMini #1)

Hello all, just wanted to bring you a MoMini, not a ShortMo, but just simply a quick tip from me, MO!

When I level I always make sure I have all of my weapon skills leveled up. This makes leveling fun especially with warriors and Hunters as they are able to use most weapons.

You can make it fun by using the fantastic weapons wow has available at the low levels like the Billy Club, Practice Sword, and many other weapons.

So give it a try, wack that Swoop with your club.

Happy hunting.


Friday, May 29

Original Fiction by Xan (Part 8) "Pirates and washtubs…"

“Mr. Dyse!” A woman called up the stairs of the mansion. “Mr. Dyse, if you please?”

A tall slender construct clothed in elegant silks and immaculately shined boots made its way to the handrail. “Yes, Lady Weatherly? How can I be of service?”

“Mr. Dyse, it is your duty to look after the children while Master Weatherly and I go into town.” The portly woman spoke with an air of authority. “I want them bathed, brushed and ready for the party this evening. Is that understood?”

“By your words, m’lady,” Mayvn bowed. “It shall be done.”

The heavyset woman turned on her heels and walked under the landing and out of sight. Mayvn shook his head and turned back towards the nursery where the children lay in bed still sleeping the morning away.

“I wish she would treat me as a member of her staff, not just like another mindless construct.” Mayvn mumbled under his breath. “Oh! I should not speak ill of the lady of the house.” He shook is head. “But it does befit one to think himself independent and paid for a job well done.”

Mayvn reached the doorway to the nursery, pausing a moment to enjoy the beautiful carvings on the doorway depicting great children’s stories. Painted carvings of pirates and sailors, wizards and dragons, as well as gladiators and kings. He would smile if he could. He thought of adventure and then looked to his silken clothing.

“I had better get my head out of the clouds. I could not wear such fine things while adventuring.” He tapped lightly on the door of the nursery and then stepped in. He walked across the room, gingerly stepping around toys lying strewn all over the floor. He navigated his way in the dimly lit room past a large dollhouse and to the window. He took the two gilded golden ropes in his hands and chuckled to himself at the start this would give the children.

“Wake up my little ones!” Mayvn said with a gentle but urgent voice as he pulled the thick velvet drapes open. “We have pirates invading! We must hurry!”

The children all jumped from their beds. Used to this type of game, they were ever ready to play with their construct ‘nanny.’ The sunlight bathed the room in a warm yellow glow. Toys were covering nearly every inch of the room.

“PIRATES!” Came a shout from one of the boys as he reached to his nightstand for his spectacles.

“Yes, Caleb.” Mayvn spoke to the ten-year-old boy in a hushed tone. “Pirates have been seen off the coast. These pirates are looking for children who are not bathed and whose rooms are not kept.”

“Oh my!” Came a feigned gasp from one of the girls. “Real pirates?”

“Real enough.” Mayvn walked over to Shelbi’s bed. The young girl, all of about twelve pulled the blankets up to her chin. “Real enough that I would not want them to find my children not clean and their room not tidy.”

The two smallest children, Avery and Zach, darted from their beds and began to heft armfuls of toys into their toy chests. These two, who were five and three years old, took to Mayvn’s stories like they were in real live adventures.

“Hurry Shelbi!” Avery huffed as she dumped another pile of stuffed animals into her toy chest at the foot of her bed. “We don’t want the pirates to get us!”
“Bad pie-rats!” Zach managed to get out, as he picked up a handful of toy soldiers and placed them neatly in the box made to hold and keep them safe. They were, after all, his favorite toys.

“That’s right!” Mayvn said to the two youngest. “Very good! You are sure to be safe from those pie-rats.” He said as he looked to the small boy trying so hard to make his bed on his own. Mayvn would have smiled again had he been given the capability to do so. He helped the small one tidy up his bed and clean up the rest of the toys surrounding his bed.

“Hurry Shelbi!” Avery shouted again as she ran over to Shelbi’s bed and tore the blankets off the bed to reveal the young girl in her nightgown.

Shelbi gasped and tried hopelessly to cover herself. “What are you doing? It’s only a game!”

“We don’t have much time before the pirates will get us and take us away!” Avery continued playfully.

Mayvn walked over to Avery's bed and gave her a beckoning wave. “Come child; let us tidy your bed.”

By this time Caleb had rolled out of his bed and walked like a zombie into the washroom and closed the door behind him. Then a splash as he flopped down into the warm foaming water of the bathtub. Shelbi shot out of bed at the sound of the water and began pounding on the door.

“Caleb!” She continued to hammer on the door with her fists. “You had better not take too long; some of us would like a hot bath too!”

“Mayvn has coals under the tub!” Caleb yelled from inside the washroom. “The water will be plenty warm for you!”

“Well I don’t want your boy dirt all over in my clean water either, Caleb!” Shelbi banged on the door once more for good measure as she went back to her bed and began tidying up her corner of the nursery.

As Mayvn finished helping Avery with her bed and giving it a nice inspection. He tidied up Zach’s bed and then proceeded over to assist Shelbi with her bedding.

“Don’t worry Miss Shelbi; there will be clean water for all.” Mayvn tried to ease her temper. “Besides, pirates don’t wait around for boys who soak in tubs either.”

“ACK!” Caleb could be heard splashing around as he fell from the tub.

“It sounds like poor Master Caleb found the water too hot for his liking.” Mayvn just laughed a bit as he looked to the other children who were all snickering at the prank Ol’ Mayvn had played on one of his watch’s. “I had a spell prepared that made the metal washtub heat up after a few minutes. Pity Master Caleb was sitting on the metal washtub when it heated up.”

“Not funny, Mayvn!” Caleb shouted as he walked out of the washroom with a towel wrapped around his waist. “You knew I would be the first one in there.”

“Actually, Master Caleb,” Mayvn spoke with a smug reply. “I knew how long before the washtub would heat up again. That way I could get you children bathed and done before it heated up again.”

“Besides, Caleb.” Shelbi spoke up as she finished tucking her blankets under her mattress. “We had to hurry to avoid pirates, remember?” She winked at Mayvn, and Mayvn let out a soft giggle.

“That’s right!” Mayvn jumped to his feet. “Avery and Zach, come with me, you two will bathe together. Master Caleb and Miss Shelbi, please attend to the rest of the room, pick up all the remaining toys and pick out your clothes for the party this evening.”

“Yessir!” They both joked back to Mayvn in unison as Mayvn closed the washroom door to start to bathe the little ones.

They emerged a few minutes later, the two children running out of the washroom like wild Indians. Naked and screaming they ran around the room while Mayvn tried to chase them down with a towel. Shelbi made her way into the washroom with her towel and a small bag containing girl things such as make up and powder.

“How long do I have before the washtub heats up, Mayvn?” Shelbi asked playfully.

“Oh, Miss Shelbi,” Mayvn stopped after he had Avery wrapped up in a towel. “It should have just finished warming the water for the last time. You should be good to finish.”

After she had closed the door, the three others got dressed in their Sunday best. Mayvn too disappeared for a moment and returned in finer clothing. “Now children, the pirates will pass by this house nicely.” Mayvn cleared his throat, as long as we remain clean until this evening.” He flopped down on a rocking chair near the bay window and slowly began to rock back and fourth.

“Mayvn, can you tell us another story?” The small blue-eyed Avery climbed up onto her ‘nanny’s’ lap and looked at him with childish puppy dog like eyes. How could anyone say no to a child that looked like that?

“All right, my dear child,” Mayvn let out a small sigh. “Let me tell you a story of the ancient world...”

Thursday, May 28

I've got the fever!

OK, so I don't think I am THAT crazy but I do have to say that your good friend Xan and his travelling buddy Kilzar have hit a wall. PUGing is slowing down and so is raiding. Everyone has moved onto Ulduar and Kilzar and I haven't even seen a completion of NAXXRAMUS.

In fact, poor ol' Xan has just seen inside NAX. He got to see Grand Widow Faerlina but aggro of another nature caused him to D/C after one attempt. Kilzar was a bit luckier and saw that NAX run through to Heigan the Unclean. (What a moniker... "The Unclean".... really? Dude must have had it rough in grade school.)

Our former guild leader for "Devil's Dirty Work" got hacked a couple weeks back and the guild was disbanded. Much to our dismay. Luckily Kilzar had an alt guild for his alt toons known as the "Red Dragon Knights." Unfortunately some of our former guildmates are hesitant to make the switch to the new guild in hopes that the "Devil's Dirty Work" will rise from the ashes. We hope it does too, but in the meantime we are hopeful that we can continue to move forward to victory in raiding.

Now, as an "Experienced Noob" how does one get into a raid?

1) There is research on places such as Elitist Jerks, Maintankadin, and other websites.

2) Pray for a PUG (Pick Up Group) to pick you up using the three options of the LFG (Looking For Group) feature on the menu bar at the bottom of your interface.

3) Join a guild or form a guild with like minded individuals such as the "Red Dragon Knights."

4) Or lastly you can write a blog post looking for a guild to take on a paladin and a hunter... I mean your toon and help them in their possible weak areas such as gear. Possibly by running you through heroics or parts of NAXX in order to get you on par to be an asset to their guild.

Any one of these options is an idea for those of you who have hit that wall, but have the RAIDING FEVER and wish to see more content and become the toon you have always viewed yourself as becoming.

Good luck to you all. And if there are guilds out there looking for a hunter and a paladin who wish to advance and your guild is willing to assist, please post to this blog entry with your contact information.

Wednesday, May 27

T.E.N. Guild

The Experienced Noobs Guild is formed on the Twisted Nether (US) server. If you scroll down to the bottom of the blog you will see the new WoW Headhunter page for the new guild. Please sign up with the rest of us in the experimental guild.

Just like "MoMoments #2 - What's in a name?" we held true to our mains by including a portion of their names in these alts.


(Yes, MO is duel boxing. Thanks a lot Aprillian and Ashayo at Ctrl Alt WoW podcast)

As other toons get past level 10 their "Toon Sigs" will be added as the 'original five.'

So come and sign up for "THE EXPERIENCED NOOBS"

Tuesday, May 26

What's in a name? (Momoments #2)

Hello all,

This past Friday we (Xandarr and Kilzar) created out experiment characters on the Twisted Nether, Horde side. You can read more about it on: THE EXPERIMENT

Creating a new character always takes me back to the first time we started playing WoW... Ahhh remember... how was your first time? Playing WoW that is.

For me, I did not know what I was doing. Be it the first time or the 105th time I have started new characters, picking a name has always been important to me. Your characters name is, well as important as your characters identity and personality. Many times I may not pick a very unique name but it still has meaning to me. Take my main's on Balanzar server, they are start with "Mo," very original right? However each character, yes every one of those ten on that server are very unique and special to me.

My first toon, my "main," the big daddy of them all... "Motauren, the great warrior for the Horde." Yes he may be in greens and blues but the time spent playing, interacting, and creating my guild, is very special. I do not participate much on my RP servers but I believe that everyone RP's in their own way, even with their own characters.

How about you, are you character's names important to you, to your guild?

Do each of them have a special meaning?

Please let us know: what is in a name?

Thank you

Monday, May 25

State-ing the obvious...

I wanted to make a shout out to all of my readers in Virginia, Indiana, Texas, Alabama & Iowa! You guys are awesome!

Utah I would have to say has a "homestate advantage" and California has the "friendship state" link because I have friends there. But I thank those readers in Utah and California that I don't know.

I would like to know where you are reading this blog, please reply with just the state or country you are from.

Sunday, May 24

Looking for cohost & recording specialist

Good morning to you all!

This blog post is going to be a little bit different than the others. It will have WoW content but it is directed at a real-world need that your good pally Xan needs help on.


That's right! I REALLY would like to continue with the hopes of a podcast. As you know Bela has kind of fallen out of the running due to an unfortunate wedding accident... I am kidding. But she did go off and get married without telling me. =S And so I am without a cohost. That is part one...

Part two is that I was messing around with Audacity and Skype and realized I know NOTHING about either one of them. In addition to that it took me the good part of two hours just to record music for the podcast.

Due to part one and part two I am putting out an open casting call for a cohost or two. My requirements are very simple really;

1) I would prefer a female for her angle and perspective on the game.
2) I would like someone who knows how to record a podcast and knows how to make it available for the general public.
3) I would like this person(s) to be at least 21 but I do not want to "rock the EXPLICIT tag" like other podcasters do, just because this is a noob show so we may have younger listeners.

Applicants need to either meet requirements (1&3) or (2&3) preferable all three.

I may also be able to get you a J! code in order to get your own piece of J!NX SWAG for the show. So please, post a reply here and then email me your qualifications at theexperiencednoob(at)gmail(dot)com. Or you can really impress me and email me a sound file showing me your abilities!

Good luck to you all!

*Special thanks to Frosty, Heidi & Frank from 97.1 radio in CA for the picture*

Friday, May 22

Original Fiction by Xan (Part 7) "Smiles in the shadows…"

"Beasley!" A young halfling woman, somewhere in her late teens runs through the city streets. She pants as she runs as fast as her small legs can carry her. Her long robes twist between her legs, making it very hard to keep up with her friend. "By Dallah, Beasley, please slow down!"

“R.C., you need to learn how to run if you want to keep up with me!” A slightly older halfling man bobbed and weaved through the market square foot traffic. Although he was in his early twenties he looked like another child running through the marketplace. He turned around to look back, but never lost a beat as he ran backwards.

“That’s not fair! You aren’t wearing robes like I am, you cheater.” R.C. tried to keep an eye on her friend but he moved through the jungle of human legs faster than a deer in the woods. And then he disappeared from view. R.C. slowed her pace as she stopped to catch her breath. “I will never be able to catch up with him.” She panted for air. “Dallah, I sure wish I will be able to have his speed and stamina one day.” Without warning a pair of tiny hands reached and covered her eyes and lips.

“Come with me.” A hushed but deep voice spoke into her ear.

“I haven’t done anything.” Her mind raced in the dark as she stiffened. “I am a priestess of Yondalla, how dare you treat a woman of the cloth this way. I demand to know my captor!”

“You are…” the voice changed into a more familiar tone. “So funny!” The hands dropped from her face, R.C. spun around to look at Beasley as they stood in a back alley. She looked at the young halfling man before her, dressed in deep red leathers. His body should rattle or jingle with all the hooks, rings, poles, sticks and other equipment that hung off his body. “A true cat burglar,” She thought to herself.

“You had better get ready if you are going to help me out, Priestess.” Beasley laughed at the mention of her evangelical class.

“You really want me out of my clothes quickly don’t you?” R.C. gave him a coy smile as she started to remove her robe.

“Well you can’t very well break into the jeweler in those robes.” Beasley just shot her an odd look. “Besides, it’s not like I haven’t seen you before. We grew up together, our mothers used to bathe us in the same river at the same time.”

R.C’s expression just faded as she pulled the black skintight leather shirt on and turned around and lifted up her auburn hair. “Can you tie me up, Beasley?”

Beasley turned from his lookout point at the opening of the alley and looked back to R.C. standing there with her back to him; her bare back was exposed in the twilight. Beasley quickly laced up the thin leather straps up the back of her corset-type shirt. Her outfit too had the hooks, rings and other accoutrements for a cat burglar. She also pulled a few collapsible poles from her robe that she had neatly folded and placed in a dark corner. She turned to Beasley, with her white robes now discarded for a black leather outfit, she looked almost devious rather than pious and priestly. With poles in hand she looked like an eager child waiting for directions. “What’s next?” R.C. chirped with excitement.

“Easy there, Ms. Ryan-Cassidy.” Beasley only called her by her full name when he meant business. She knew she had better listen intently. He pulled a thin rope and a collapsible hook similar to a three pronged fishing hook from a small pouch near his knee on the outside of his right leg. He coiled it neatly on the ground near his foot as he stepped on one end. He set up the hook and launched it up to the roof of an adjacent building.

“Can I ask why we are breaking into the bakery when the jeweler is across the street?” R.C. questioned the logic of Beasley’s choice of entry points.

He just rolled his eyes in the twilight. “We are breaking into the jeweler. It is just easier to not be spotted if we enter via the road and a rope from the bakery. Now quiet!”

Wednesday, May 20

Experiment Log: "Measure Twice, Cut Once"

Ok, now that we have seen a couple hiccups with the "experiment" we are going to start again. ANYONE who would like to join us is welcome to do so.

Those who are currently participating are...

- OPEN -
- OPEN -

We will all need to do the rolls online together. The original five are going to meet on Trollbane server in the Red Dragon Knights guild (See bottom of blog for details) and make the rolls at around 11:00 PM Mountain Time on Friday Night May 22nd. There will be no rerolls, but I am going to make one exception...

Here are the rules:

No sugar daddies - This experiment is to experience content "at level" without any help but from your friends.

I will allow you to exclude one race OR one class function before you roll

There will only be one of any race (In the original 5, after that then the balance within the guild will stay equal)

Race rolls are: 1) Orc 2) Tauren 3) Undead 4) Troll 5) Blood Elf

Classes are rolled from highest to lowest: Tank, Healer, Melee DPS, Ranged DPS, Ranged DPS

This experiment is also there to stretch your horizons and possibly have you play a race or class you may never have picked on your own; so I would encourage you to not use Rule #2. This decision to use or not use Rule #2 will have to be in place before anyone rolls.

We are going to try a different RPPvP server because some players are having issues with that server. THE NEW SERVER IS TWISTED NETHER.

The first goal after rolling our toons is to get your toons between levels 13 - 16 so that when we meet again we can run RFC in Orgimmar.

Next will be to run RFC

Homework afterwards will be to get to 15 - 21 for WC

Next between 15 - 21 for VC (Deadmines)

Next between 18 - 25 for SFK

Then as the levels become harder to obtain we will adventure together to level up as a group until we can comfortably go into the next instance.

According to the group a time has not yet been officially determined, hoewever the options are floating between Late Friday Evening around 11:00 PM Mountain Time or Early Saturday Morning around 8:00 AM Mountain Time.

Once all has been determined and things get moving, Kilzar and I will create DK's just long enough to get enough money to start a guild. Those toons will then they will be deleted in order to avoid breaking rule #1.


Tuesday, May 19

MO Moments Entry #1 - Say Thank You

Hello all! Grats to those who were able to get their BlizzCon tickets. I would like to drive up to Anaheim on BlizzCon day to get together with our WoW folks, so we shall see.

For my first "MOMoment" on The Experienced Noob, I would like to reflect on the lack of common courtesy in the game, especially the simple task of saying "Thank you" or buffing your fellow Horde or Alliance.

Taking in consideration everything from different playing styles and different types of people/personalities from around the world, that I do understand.

What I do not understand is, are we all not gamers? So why is it so hard for us to say "Thank you?" Heck even a simple "TY" in chat!

When someone from your faction buffs you or helps, say "Thank you." Try it out. Believe me it is not that hard. If you can buff someone else, try it out on someone else, why souldn't you? It should not matter if you are on a pvp server or not.

Just as in life, yes if we all get along it would be so much better. I know that is unrealistic. But we are gamers and we have our groups, society, community, whatever you would like to call it.

So this is your MO Task...

Just say "Thank you" and/or give a simple "FREE" buff to your fellow gamer and if you do not feel better after that come back and tell me and than I will say: "THANK YOU" for trying.

Monday, May 18

Cooking is Important!

Hey there! Your friendly neighborhood hunter, Kilzar here with a little tip for you.

I was reminiscing about when I first started playing the game. I sniggered about all the things I used to mess up on. One of the things I ignored most was cooking. Being able to cook any meat that you find has great rewards especially for hunters!

Food is more important than bandages (in my opinion) for healing. You get a good amount of health back, in addition there isn't a cool down on food like there is on bandages. Another huge plus to cooking is that some of your cooked food will give you a plus to some of your stats for a period of time. Who doesn't want all the advantages you can get?

Once you get higher in cooking you will be able to make feasts for your entire party. Trust me, they will love you. In addition to that, if you are a hunter you really need to cook your own meat for your pets, that way you will only have to buy fruits for certain pets.

And for you achievement players, there are a lot of cooking achievements that you can get and they are not to difficult to get if you do the cooking while you are leveling. You can get the title of "Chef" if you complete certain achievements.

I passed on fishing and cooking while I was leveling. I passed all the food to Xan's alt Nkaala while we ran around in vanilla WoW. BIG MISTAKE! So take it from me, cook early and cook often.

Saturday, May 16

Inviting Authors

With the advent of Bela getting married last month I am without another blogger. I have submitted invitations to some of my friends and podcasters I know to offer up opinions on being a NOOB.

Hopefully we will see posts from them from time to time. Looking forward to what they might have to say about being a noob.

Experiment Continues

Mo - Blood Elf Paladin Tank - Mining Blacksmithing - (Server Issues)
Rose - Undead Warlock Ranged DPS - Alchemy Herbs - (Name Forthcoming)
Kaigun - Tauren Hunter Ranged DPS - Skinning LW - (Name Forthcoming)


So the experiment had it's own share of problems last night. Probably system errors due to the recent sale of BlizzCon tickets all the WoW servers were not getting past the "Authentication" section of the login screen.

Fortunately Rose and Kaigun rolled earlier in the day with Kilzar moderating on the DPS slots. Originally we were going to have one of each race, but I had to make an executive decision regarding somone's toon and another toon was created. (Sorry for the issue) Kilzar was in game when the lag started and he rolled for Mo, Kilzar, and myself. As a result we have the above listed toons on the Venture Co. (US) server.

MO is still having issues trying to log into the Venture Co. server and will join us soon.

Kilzar and I have created DK's on the server as well to fund the creation of a guild and then will be deleted from the server to avoid 'twinking' issues.

Anyone is invited to join us as long as there is pure soloing experiences without sugar daddy funding for your toons and running instances 'at level.'

Homework now is to get our freshly made toons up to 13 - 16 in order to do Ragefire Chasm next Friday.

Friday, May 15

Original Fiction by Xan (Part 6) "Twenty-five years later…"

The sun slowly crept into the mountains as Odur, the Asgardian sun god rode into the sky. The air was crisp and clear high in the Trulune Mountains, home to the Adalstein Clan, a clan of humans who believed the way of the hammer and axe and survival of the fittest was the only way to live. These strong and hearty humans lived a good life in the snowy peaks herding great sheep and hunting other snowy wild beasts. Some of the clan had also learned to farm the frozen tundra to provide some vegetation for the stocky villagers. Even the women of the clan were warriors and hunters. They lived a relatively peaceful life, except for the sporadic ogre raids on their village and attacks from frost giants.

On this day, chanting could be heard echoing smoothly across the frozen Blue Ice cliffs. In the largest building of the village housed the place of battle and worship for the Adalstein clan. Along the front of the building leading up to the doorway were grand sculptures of granite or bluish gray marble. The sculptures were carved of massive men and women, the gods of the clan. Father Odin; his son, Thor God of Thunder; Thor's wife, Sif; Loki, the God of mischief, as well as all the others. Each god has his or her own attendants and servants within the temple. The clan reveres them all equally, but each in their hearts worships one personally as a patron god. On this day, a new missionary-priest is being anointed to take his place within the ranks of Brother Othr’s militia, Brother Zander Adelstein. Although this inductee is not a full-blooded member of the Adalstein clan, his mother was a daughter of one of the High Priests of Othr, and his father was the chief from one of the many ogre raiders who had pillaged the clans’ home. His uncle took him in after his mother died giving birth to him. He was raised as a member of the clan even though he was only half human.

“By Thor's hammer I will bring his word to those who have no guidance. His thunder will echo through the world, and his vengeance will be visited upon any who harm his son’s and daughters!” Zander held a stone hammer above his head as he stood in the middle of a large circle. Around the circle stood four men with long braided beards of red, black, white and golden blond, all with their shirts off and covered only by a white sheepskin loincloth and large black boots. They stood on runes carved into the floor representing the four directions of the compass. Zander too stood in the center of the ring nearly bare, although along with the loincloth he had bracers on his arms with Othr’s hammer embossed into the leather. The men looked at him with glimmers in their eyes like wolves surrounding a sheep they pounced Zander.

The four men landed on the pale green-skinned giant in the middle, the furious wrestling match of strength and endurance could last well into the night. Arms and legs flailed about as the four men and Zander wrestled about within the compass ring. The rolling and flailing stopped near the southern end of the compass; the white haired man was positioned on top of Zander’s back, his bulging arms around the tree trunk of Zander’s neck. The blond haired man had Zander’s left arm, the black haired man held his right. Finally the red haired man stood in the middle of the compass and walked towards the mass, a tattoo of Othr’s hammer glistened on his chest.

“So, Zander, you think that a half-blooded ogre can become a priest of Othr?” He spoke spitefully.

“I may be half ogre, but I am also half Adalstein.” Zander struggled to get free of the three other initiatory priests. “You should know this better than anyone cousin, Atlus.”

“You are half Adalstein, but you still must complete the trial of strength.” Altus continued as he slowly walked up to the giant. Zander stood nearly a head taller than this man, even as the white haired priest made him bend over. Atlus doubled up his right hand and drove it into Zander’s stomach. “You need to feel the strength of Othr, cousin.”

Zander doubled over in pain, a glare began to form on his face. Zander tried to control his savage half as his uncle had taught him so many years ago. “I don’t wish to hurt you.” Zander growled, the rumble was like distant thunder in his voice.

“Then you are not worthy of the Adalstein clan or of Thor.” Atlus slapped Zander across the face.

The rage could not be contained any longer. Zander roared to life, a renewed energy seemed to surge into his body. He took the blond holding his left arm and threw him into Atlus; the two large men skidded across the arena floor coming to a halt over the large rune signifying ‘west’ on the ground. The white haired initiatory priest wrapped both arms around the giants’ large bulging neck and held on tight as the black haired man flew from Zander’s right arm and landed on the ‘east’ rune.

“You feel the power now, don’t you boy!” The white haired priest roared in Zander’s ear as the fought.

“I don’t… want to… hurt you!” Zander struggled to get the man off his back. Flailing his arms behind himself and over his head, but could not seem to get a good grip on the powerful priest holding tightly to his neck.

Without warning the white haired priest, known as Hektor gasped for a last breath and his arms went slack on the giants’ neck. Hektor fell to the ground; a thick arrow, the thickness of Zander’s finger, protruded from his back. Zander turned around to see his friend lying lifeless on top of the “north” rune, crimson liquid filled in the crevices of the rune on the floor.

“We are under attack!” Atlus roared as he hurried to his feet. Glass shattered from the stained windows high above the ground. Large ogres with even larger bows rained arrows over the three remaining priests and Zander. An arrow buried itself deep in Atlus’ shoulder as he stood.

“NO!” Zander roared as he found a stone hammer on a nearby altar. “Not again!” Zander hefted the heavy hammer and threw it at the ogre he figured just shot his cousin. The hammer missed the intended target, but smashed the ledge the ogre was standing on. The moss colored giant lost its footing and slipped off the ledge to come crashing down on a statue of Loki.

The doors of the temple-arena smashed open, a wave of ogres and frost giants moved into the temple arena. A large ogre covered in rusty armor and carrying a large mace hung back as the main wave moved into the temple. “Kill them all!” The leader roared in the grotesque giant tongue at his troops, a wave of ogres and white skinned frost giants burst through the door.

The priests rushed to the front door, knowingly going to their death. “Hallaval will have us all!” Atlus roared as he and his two initiatory priests ran after him towards the wave of ogres. The ogres flew as the priests gripped them by their arms or legs. Like great Greco Roman wrestlers the three remaining initiatory priests roared with the rolling thunder that crashed in the sky above them. “Othr will watch over us!” Another war cry roared from the priests as they cleared a swath through the first wave of attackers. Zander watched amazed as these three priests tore through the invaders with ease, the priests seemed to double in size as they roared with the power of Othr. Zander felt his blood boil as he looked down at Hektor his skin pale from the blood draining from his body by the poisoned arrow protruding from the middle of his back. Zander’s muscles became taught as they tightened and flexed with a new rage that boiled within him. He rushed to the assistance of his friends, facing down a large frost giant with his bare hands. The two mighty titans wrestled in hand-to-hand combat for only a moment until Zander found a moment of weakness and unbalance and picked up the white skinned brute and threw him into the second wave of giants working their way into the temple.

“We will kill them all; including the half-blood, especially the half-blood.” The leader ran intently towards Zander as the two walls of giants and human collided. The leader smashed through his army as he made his way towards Zander as he swung his large mace. Zander’s world went black; the last thing he saw was the face that made up the head of the mace, the half face of the ogre god Ethnyl.

I have to say that when I wrote this it was difficult for me to come up with a Pantheon to worship so I just went with an already existant one. - Xan

Thursday, May 14

Nerdtacular '09 continues... PRIZE GIVEAWAY

Rise of Arthas J! link here

I am giving away this shirt to a random reader of my blog. What I am expecting with this contest is simple... POST A REPLY HERE! Let me know that you are out there! Please let your friends and neighbors know I am here as well.

If I see donations to the blog I will QUADRUPLE your entries into the contest.

This shirt is a size XL and was too small for yours truly, but I am sure for those of you that weigh less than 260 lbs it would fit you just fine. ;)


Wednesday, May 13

What to do when you feel overwhelmed... (Part 2)

In part two we will talk a little more about what I find to be the best thing to do when your WoW time is at a premium because you only get to dedicate an hour or so a day except on weekends. In my case even an hour a day during the week can be tough.

So what do you do when you only have an hour to play WoW? What do you do when you have so many things you want to accomplish but don't have the time to hit it all?

I have a couple other suggestions once you get in the ballpark of the 60's through 70's and even into level 80!

1) Achievements are still important. Figure out what achievements you wish to... achieve and start running towards them. Is there a certain title you want? Is there a mount you are looking forward to receiving? I find myself grinding out rep for The Diplomat title. Currently I am two shotting ogres in Nagrand for the Kurenai. Xan already has the Ambassador of the Alliance which I feel fits my personality as well as Xan's. But to add a Diplomat title to change back and forth from would make it all the more fun.

2) DAILIES! Is there certain gear you are looking to obtain through a certain faction? Is there a pattern you want for your profession? I find myself doing the Argent Tournament/Silver Covenant, Sons of Hodir, and Kalu'ak dailies. I just finished hitting Exalted with the Oracles and so now it is a once a week shopping trip to the Basin just to get me another egg.

3) The final example of what you might be able to accomplish while your tie is at a minimum... Battlegrounds and Arenas. Although I am not a HUGE fan of PvP (Player vs Player) stuff I still go in and get my butt handed to me on a platter just so I can gain honor points for gear upgrades. If you have at least one friend within earshot or a phone call you can hook yourself up with a 2v2 team. As long as you grind out 10 arena battles a week you will be able to earn some points. I will say it is a long grind, but it can be worth it in the long run.

100+ Pageloads in one day!

WOW! I thought it would take me a little longer before seeing 100+ pageloads in one day! Thanks to everyone who has taken time to view the blog. It is going strong and we should see more content come more frequently in the future.

I will post more later on today but I wanted to post this saying THANK YOU!!!

Monday, May 11

How do you do Instances?

I had a great experience this weekend and I wanted to share it with all of you. It was actually mentioned in the Bind on Equip Episode 24 by the lovely Tempeste. "If a spot comes open in a group and someone asks if you can join, instead of ignoring the request and if you want to go... offer. Let the leader know you may be undergeared and let them make the call."

I am honestly working hard to be a better tank as well as trying out the duel-spec option with a Ret talent spec. I leveled Xan as a Prot pally from level one I had that goal in mind. I worked hard on him but didn't understand the basics of what was needed as a tank. But in time and through a lot of questions asked I slowly began to learn the ropes. But stubbornly I refused to study the websites and such. So it was still an uphill battle.

Now with the help of podcasts and my own research I am slowly working towards being the tank that I want to be.

Now to the point of my story:

On EARLY Saturday morning May 9th I was doing my dailies and I picked up the daily dungeon quests. The heroic and the regular daily dungeon quests were both in Halls of Lightning. I KNEW that I didn't have the defense to live through a heroic run, so I put my name down on the LFG for a regular run.

I was contacted by members of the Trollbane guild known as All the Way to Uranus (Formerly of Apocalypse) They were looking for a tank on Heroic. I informed the person asking that I may be a little undergeared with a defense of about 520. They encouraged me to join them and said that their healer and their DPS was epic and that if I could hold them with the defense potions they gave me we would be fine.


We actually did very well. I accidentally pulled a couple times and ended up wiping. I apologized to the group and they just cheered me on, let me know some of the pulls were not my fault etc...

After an hour or so we cleared Heroic Halls of Lightning and not only that I was given the opportunity to get all the Achievements in HHoL as well.

Now THAT is the way a PUG is supposed to go. Thanks again to the members of All the Way to Uranus : Kratos, Mooniez, Pascha, & Ferris.

Saturday, May 9

Nerdtacular 2009

So I had one of the best times at a movie I have had in a long time. NERDTACULAR hosted and put together by the great Scott Johnson of Extralife Radio & more commonly known in the WoW community... The Instance.

Nerdtacular is a fan appreciation event created by, Scott Johnson, creator of Extralife and host of ELR and The Instance podcasts. The first event was held in 2007 in Salt Lake City, during the premier weekend of Spiderman III. The whole idea was to try and figure out a way that Mr. Johnson could give a little something back to the amazing community. He rented a movie theater and invited fans from all over the world, and gave out prizes and other phat lewts to some lucky attendees.

In 2008, Nerdtacular was held during the premier of Batman: The Dark Knight, with doubled attendance and loads more prizes. It was also the year where a good 3rd of the crowd were from out of state, and in some cases, the country.

This year was held this morning and the prizes were awesome! A contest for the best dressed Trekkie received XBOX 360's. There was a Twitter contest where you had to have fast fingers to send a Twitter to Scott and the third post would get a prize. in addition those that registered for the event ha their names added to Mr.Johnson's hat and were drawn at random. Yours truly received a hat and a shirt from J!NX.
J!NX Side Hack
Rise of Arthas one size too small. =[ Time for old Xan to lose some weight!

Afterwards we went to a nearby park to socialize and have some junk food and just talk about the amazing movie and get to meet and greet personalities like Scott Johnson, Randy Jordan & Brian Dunaway. Guest co-host and ex-Brother in law of mine, Mark Larson was also there. It was nice to see him again, unfortunately the person taking the pictures cut him out. Sorry Mark!

Scott Johnson, Randy Jordan & Yours Truly

Scott Johnson, Randy Jordan, Brian Dunaway & Me (Poor Mark is on the right smiling a cheezy smile but no one will ever see it) Boo

Friday, May 8

Original Fiction by Xan (Part 5) "Adelstein village…"

“She cannot stay here!” A cry came from the gathered people in the counsel tent.

“You must see that she is wounded and must be helped.” A hulking blond-haired man stood in the middle of the counsel tent defending the woman he had just saved from the pack of krenshar. His muscles tensed under his thick polar bear skin hunting cloak. His beard, braded and full of bone jewelry seemed to twitch with aggravation at the weakness expressed by his fellow clan members.

“She will bring the krenshar back to our village and even worse, bring Skrag and his ogres down on us!” Another concerned reply came from another concerned citizen of the village.

“We have been in these mountains for centuries. Our families before us carved our village into the ice and rock and fought off ogres, frost giants, krenshars, and worse. We are survivors!” The blond man continued.

“We have never provoked the ogres anger before either.” Another nervous shout came from the audience.

“ENOUGH!” An even larger man stood up from a raised seat behind the blond man. His figure would have dwarfed any other man by a good head and shoulders. His broad frame would seemingly eclipse the sun. His bare chest bore three parallel scars from his right shoulder to his left hip. He wore a horned helmet with a metal flap covering his right eye. “Angus, what are you suggesting we do?”

“My lord Othrson,” The blond turned to face his chieftain. “I only suggest we help this poor woman back on her feet. If she survives the winter then I will take her down the mountain.”

“What of her child, Angus?” The king inquired of the man.

“The child will be cared for after it’s birth as well.” Angus replied humbly. “I will take them both down the mountain when the first thaw begins.”

“What if the krenshar return?!” Another panicked shout blurted from the onlookers. The king looked to Angus with his one exposed eyebrow raised.

“I will still defend the village, as I have always done.” Angus retorted.

“You have taken on a heavy burden, Angus.” Lord Othrson’s voice seemed to rumble like a boulder rolling down a distant mountain. “You will stay as our guardian of our village, you will be the healer to this woman and midwife to her unborn child.” The chieftain looked up to the surrounding onlookers. “Would anyone help Angus in his burden?”

The crowd stayed silent.

“Very well,” Lord Othrson continued. “Until the first thaw begins, no one is to assist Angus in his labors. After the first thaw, he may call upon the village for assistance once again.” The chieftain looked down at Angus and placed his massive hand on his shoulder and whispered in his ear. “I am sorry brother, the clan has decided.”

“I understand my responsibilities, my king.” Angus looked back at the uncovered eye of his chieftain. “I swear to not be a burden to the clan and I will nurse this poor woman on my own.”

“I have no doubt of that, Angus.” The chieftain smiled at Angus and patted him on the shoulder.

Wednesday, May 6

What to do when you feel overwhelmed...

Another blogger/podcaster put forth the question, "Has Blizzard given us too much?" As to say "Do you feel like there is too much to do in WoW now?" I thought that sounded like a pretty good topic myself, so here it is.

First of all, what is it you are working on? Do you feel like there is just too much to do? Do you feel as if you don't have any direction? You know, I felt as if I had too much to do and not a whole lot of direction while I was doing it when I first started.

I would have to say now, I feel as though I have a pretty good grasp on what is going on as far as what my Main finds himself doing... most of the time. I mean because my WoW time is at a premium now I REALLY have to look at what is important to me and what do I have time to do? The answer for me is "DAILIES!" And we will focus on that a bit more later, but lets talk about the children of WoW... the Noobs.

When you first create a toon, do you just rin around 'willy-nilly' and just do quests that you stumble onto as you travel? Do you have a plan to complete an area before moving on to another one? What is your ultimate goal in WoW? I thnk those questions should be tackled before you get out of your starting 'safe-zone.' I have a few suggestions that would make your life a little easier and more than likely give you a level a day at least until you are about 40-50.

1. Get the AddOn known as TourGuide! I would have to ay that I didn't know about this little gem until I was well on my way. in fact I only learned about it a couple months ago. My 'Alt-Main' on Perenolde FLEW through content and levels. I got a level a day on my lunch hour until I hit Stranglethorn Vale.

2. Have a plan. I would suggest taking a moment to look over Achievements. The task may look daunting as you look at them all. But one you start looking you can see a pretty easy pattern forming. I find that if you just go down the list, in game, they kind of make an order from least difficult to most difficult.

3. If you are not going to do achievements, what is your priority? Are you racing to level 80 as fast as you can? Are you being social and leveling with your friends? Find out what your joys are in the game and go for those.

Now that we have some of the basics down, lets go into you more experienced players. How do you WoW? What do you do with your time? What is your ultimate goal?

I will leave that topic for another time. Please, if you are reading this, give me feedback. Answer the question I posted above... How do you WoW? What do you do with your time? What is your ultimate goal?

Monday, May 4

New Experiment ... Care to Join Me?

After listening to our friends over at Bind on Equip I have thought about doing a similar experiment for fun on our own as well.

We found a RP PvP server (The Venture Co.) and randomly roll up some of our own toons. The Venture Co was chosen because it is on the Pacific Time Zone for server and since this is going to become a late Friday night endeavor we want to make it on a server that is late enough to fit our needs. Besides 2 out of the 3 members so far live in the Pacific Time Zone.

Because Xan has played only Alliance except for an 'Alt-Main' on Perenolde Server it has been decided that we are going to do Horde as well.

The roster is filling up fast but anyone that would care to join us is welcome to do so. We are starting off with a main 5 man group, but are willing to build it up to a raid sized group.


Basically we are going to follow the same rolling ideas that Bind on Equip used in their podcast.

After we have our basic starting five we will roll the group mechanics of:


After roles have been established we will roll (/roll5) races:

1 - Orc
2 - Tauren
3 - Troll
4 - Forsaken
5 - Blood Elf

In addition we will try to also have as diverse options on professions but they must include one gathering and one manufacturing skill. (i.e. Mining/Blacksmithing)

Also, will have to talk to the group once it is formed and we will have to look into not buying equipment on the AH but rely on the party to make gear upgrades or world drops... Just a thought.

We are going to run this group a couple hours on Friday nights. Hopefully we will be able to record using Skype and post the results here.

If you would like to join our experiment please reply to this post. We would like to get this started in a couple weeks but we need to try and get two other members as soon as possible.

Business Trip...

Wow, looks like y'all want more from The Experienced Noob! I am gone a week on business and as a result only my Original Fiction was posted. So the traffic through the site had slowed down a bit. I want to apologize for that debacle and hope to not let it happen again.

I hope to make this site everything you hoped it could be and more. I have another posting in store for you about what should you do with all there is to do in World of Warcraft so stay tuned for that. In addition to that there is going to be another contest around the bend as well as our first podcast!

If you have thoughts or ideas you would like to share with us at The Experienced Noob please leave a post on the blog or email us at theexperiencednoob(at)gmail dot com.

Sunday, May 3

And the winner is...

I want to thank all of those who participated in the contest. I hope that in the future I can have many more contests to follow.

The winner of the "Noob Moment" contest was "Inacan!"

He chose the "Footsteps of Illidan"

Congratulations to all our winners! They have their choice of the three prizes.

Second place goes to "MO" - Tabard of Frost

Third place goes to "Kilzar" - Papa Hummel's Old Fashioned Pet Biscuit

The next contest will be announced on the upcoming podcast. The prize will be a $25 gift code to J!NX. The podcast is slated to be recorded on Saturday May 16th with a special guest co-host. So stay tuned to the blog for that information.

Friday, May 1

Original Fiction by Xan (Part 4) "The hunter returns empty handed…"

“You let her escape!” The ogre chieftain looked at the trembling animal handler, Grrlum with disdain. “You are supposed to be this great tracker. A hunter of some resolve and yet you fail in even bringing back a pregnant human female!” The ogre stood from his stone throne and glared down at the smaller ogre, sending bolts of pain through him. The tracker cringed from the unseen force racking his body with surges of pain. The pack of krenshar tensed their muscles the skin retracting from their heads as they readied to protect their handler. The pain ceased like a squeezing hand loosening its grip of his body. Grrlum looked at his pack and growled a single command, the grotesques sat back down in unison, their skins slowly rolling back over their skulls.

The tracker and his krenshar seemed to be dwarfed in comparison to the ogre chieftain as he sat back on his stone throne. “Forgive me sire, the slave girl made it to the Adelstein encampment before we caught up with her. I lost two of my hounds when we were ambushed by their scouts.”

The ruler just glared at the cringing tracker. “And what am I supposed to tell the princess?” He paused as another shot of pain surged from his consciousness into the small ogre kneeling before him. “Am I supposed to tell her that we lost another slave girl?” His blood felt like it was coming to a boil under his leathery skin. The muscles tightened in his arms as he gripped the arm of his stone throne. “Not only did we let the slave girl get away, but she is carrying one of our blood and we let her live!”

The tracker looked up humbly at his king. “Sire, I will either return our blood to you or kill the woman who carries it.” His voice took on a feral tone; the krenshar surrounding him growled their approval.

“See that you do not return to me until the task is complete Grrlum.” The ogre king looked down at his minion. “The princess does not accept failure. What I have shown you of pain is only half of what she is capable of. I assure you that you do not want to feel her wrath. Now go!” The king looked to the tracker one last time and waived his massive hand as though he were shooing a fly away from his food.

Grrlum bowed humbly to his king and turned to walk away. “I take my leave then, sire.”

The tracker cocks his head to one side and begins to transform, his krenshar pack stand in anxious anticipation. The tattered fur clothing he wore looked as though it was growing to cover his body. He groaned in pain as popping of bone and snaps of sinew could be heard as the tracker dropped to his hands and knees. His face elongated and his fingers curled up as the fur slowly covered his entire body. A long tail shot out of his backside and his skin rolled back to reveal a ghastly hound-like face. With a howl the other krenshar looked to their master who had now become a larger version of them. Grrlum, now in his animalistic form, howled as if to begin a long hunt and dashed out of the room.

The king mumbled to his lackey standing off to the side of the throne. He raised his head in acknowledgement that his master was indeed talking to him however indirectly.

“This is madness,” the king continued to growl with displeasure.

“What is sire?” The guard attempted to speak to his brooding leader.

“Those harem girls were nothing but trouble from the moment they were given to me by that woman.” His face contorted as he remembered the face of the fair elven woman with black hair and her stone-faced companion.

“Why did you accept her offer, Lord?”

“She mentioned it was the fulfillment of a prophecy or something.”

“Prophesy sire?”

“Something about a ‘half blood leader’ and something about ‘a giant and half-blood coming together.’ The ogre king belted out a loud chuckle. “Elf princesses should mind their own business.”

“Yes sire.” The guard remarked. “Prophesy is not one to be helped, but allowed to happen, yes?”

“Who am I to stop a impatient, spoiled elven princess?” A curl came to the ogre kings lips, exposing his rotted teeth in a grotesque smile. “But still, it was a nice trade. I get human harem girls to do with as I please and if they bear my seed I get to sell them to the princess. Harem slaves, gold, and disposal of impure stock for nothing, I won’t be the one to turn down that kind offer.”
“Truly you are a crude dealer, sire.” The guard automatically replied with a compliment to his lord. “But what of the one that got away?”

The king stopped his musings for a moment to look to the guard. An expression of disgust poured over his face as he thought of the quarry his best hunter was after. “Curse that one, she was small but full of energy. I’d hate to lose her to feed the pack.”

“You don’t plan on Grrlum returning with her?” The guard asked.

“You fool.” The king retorted without hesitation. “Returning her to me when the krenshar can tear her apart as an example to my other harem girls would be weakness.”
“And her child sire?” The guard humbly bowed, expecting to be clubbed for inadvertently pointing out the loss in profit to his king.

The king growled a guttural sound in anger and frustration. “The loss in profit will be missed, but it must be done.”