Monday, July 6

Diamonds and Pearls

Who said that "Diamonds are a girls best friend?"

Oh yes, thank you Mr. YouTube embedder guy, that would be Marilyn Monroe.

Yes, Ol' Xan is all about the rings, gems, and trinkets that can be made from the salt of the... er... I mean... from the treasures of the earth. I am talking Jewelcrafting!

Now don't be calling Ol' Xan a material girl or anything but jewelcrafting has become quite a treasure for me. Being able to make your own trinkets and rings at a low level? Who wouldn't want that small buff when you are first starting out?

More importantly, let's talk money. If you wanna play the Auction House you can make quite a bit of money. Everyone needs new gems for their socketed items they pull out of instances and raids. Along with that, think of the money you save by prospecting and cutting your own gems.

Couple your ability to make your own neck pieces, rings, trinkets, etc. With the profession to mine your own ore and materials, Mining! Now you can seek and find ore veins to harvest rock and precious ore that can be smelted into ore bars, or prospected into various gems. This can also bring you a fairly good amount of gold on the Auction House as well. Also as a miner you can Smelt Titansteel which is in GREAT demand to everyone.

So next time you think that jewelcrafting is woman's work remember that you can make some great new friends with all the "Material Girls!"

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