Tuesday, July 28

Momoment #9 - Mocon! or also knows and Comic Con!

Hello all,

I do apologize for not having a post last week (XAN) as for lack of sleeping and a case of writers block infested my brain and of course Comic Con 2009 started last week and it is over now.

So a quick question for you all before we get into Comic Con... Do you ever get writers block or have you? What are your solutions?

For the professional writers, I cant think of anything worse, and even for professional bloggers.

Any of you make it out to Comic Con here in San Diego last week?

Let us know and please share your pictures with us.

As mentioned last week I went to my first Comic Con and WOW!!! Not the game but the emotion WOW!!!

Good and bad, and even some ugly.


I don't need to say that it is just cool, fun, and soooooo many things to look at! And all the different people, different personalities in person, real people!
People dressed up in costumes of comic book characters, movies and also game costumes. My favorites were, well, I cant just pick one so: the many Superman dudes, Trinity (I like Matrix ok), all the WoW ones such as the flight point girl complete with a green "!".

If you have been to any convention center before or any large gathering, just imagine it twice or three times in size and the number of people. I grew up in Chicago so I am used to large crowds or gatherings but this was ridiculous at Comic Con. The vast first floor of booths, tables, and all the different things to look at. From comic booths to Dungeons & Dragons; all the different comic publishers to all the different movie studios. You can walk in, take a look at Lou Ferrigno (What a cool guy!) and then visit some comic vendors or t-shirt vendors and than make a left and walk towards the center to the area of large structures such as Transformer cars and Bumblebee, to HeMan!!! and on and on...

My favorites were visiting the WoW session or conference or what ever you wish to call it but they did not talk about WoW; which was ok. Chris Metzen was there along with representatives of J!NX (who will have an AWESONE 6-slot wallet coming out which we all need to get!!!), a couple of other WoW reps, WoW Manga and Upper Deck reps too.

Oh and of course the WoW minis, how can I forget? All cool things, non-game related, but the Trading Card Games do have a chance for in game loot so it is in-game related.


I did my best to not let anything bother me or my time there but I don't know anyone that enjoys being in a crowd of many, sweating, hot, and smelly, tired, bumping into one and another. The walking around was great but everything I mentioned in the last statement was BAD!!!

Don't get me wrong; I still suggest to any of you to experience it at least once and of course there are many that enjoy it every year and that is not even counting the exhibitors.


This is my opinion and it may only be my opinion but the fact that Comic Con is becoming so popular, even, the word I hate to use, mainstream! For a while now it has been OK to like or be a fan of video games or you may go as far as saying a nerd or a geek. Everyone has a different definition of both terms. But what I do not like is how some people are getting into this world of ours without being a true gamer or comic person. As I stated, this is my opinion but I can't help to think what direction the games, the nerd world we love will take!? Am I off on this? Let us know what you think, I am curious what others think.

Well that is my little summary of Comic Con and I will see if we can post some pictures too and you can checkout my Twitter @mohalen as I posted some pictures from my phone too.

Thank you
and Take care.


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