Sunday, May 9

Nerdtacular '10

Wow, wow, wow!

This was my second year going to the greatest event I have every attended in Utah. Nerdtacular 2010 at the District in South Jordan, UTAH. Viewing one of the greatest movies of this year, IRON MAN 2.

I went with my friend Matt, AKA "TURGID" whom I went to High School with and have had a distant but solid friendship for many, many, many years. He was actually the one that originally told me about WoW when it was in it's early development stages. so I would have to credit him for my addiction.

Anyway, my family had a yard sale planned and they just happened to fall on the same day as Nerdtacular. Luckily I don't have to travel out of the state to go to the event. Unfortunately after the movie I was unable to stay for the after party and hook up with fellow gamers and bloggers. (ON A POSITIVE NOTE... we made $350 at the yard sale and plan on extending the yard sale to next weekend if you want to raid my 'bank' email me if you would like directions) But there is always next year. Because this event will only get bigger and better every year I will FOR SURE make sure to be there!

I went to the event and received a copy of WoW magazine Issue #1. That was pretty cool. And as I said the Movie was SPECTACULAR! The two minutes at the end of the movie after the credits were the highlight for me though.

To all those I missed... sadly we will have to hook up next year. For those I met... I hope to see you again next year and keep in touch!

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