Friday, May 21

Taking Back the Duchess (Original Fiction by Xan)

Like a water strider bug across a still pond the crew in their elemental powered row boat skidded across the water in a perpetual pool of still waters upon the rougher waters of the Thunder Sea. Maccus’ arms bulged as he held onto the side of the small vessel to look under the boat he was shocked to behold what he saw. Beneath the ship was a humanoid form of a large ogre-like figure but made completely out of the waters of the surrounding sea. Like Atlas holding the world on his shoulders this gargantuan watery ogre held the small ship on its shoulders.
“My god, Jenny,” Maccus exclaimed, “I had no idea your father had friends such as these!”
“Neither did I, Mate.” Jenny smiled at her good fortune.
“There she be, Cap’n!” Kilzar pointed to the horizon as his mechanical eye whirred as it retracted back into his head like a spyglass.
“Shu’ei,” Jenny hollered, “slow down slightly so that we may board the Duchess quietly and not raise suspicion.
“Aye, aye Cap’n,” gurgled Shu’ei in a burbling rumble like a geyser about to erupt.
The small rowboat started to slow down in the water and settle back onto its surface. The waves of the Thunder Sea still did not come within five feet of the small vessel even though the seas were experiencing waves larger than a small gnome. As they approached the Duchess Ol’ Salt commented on the fact that Blackfin’s schooner had to resort to towing the brigantine because he was missing Red Dog’s hook to control the bound water elemental within it. With the considerable size difference between the two vessels and Blackfin’s ship being controlled strictly by sail and oar gave Jenny and her crew a speed advantage.
The small boat pulled in beside the Duchess just as the sun began to set on the Thunder Sea. The beautiful reds and oranges reflecting off the water and the sun at their backs gave them the upper hand as they boarded the ship and took care of the few guards riding on the sleeping vessel.
“Maccus, Piper, n’ Kilzar” Jenny began to whisper her orders to her men, “go below and get the cannons ready to fire.”
“AYE!” they whispered back with gusto.
“Salt, take the helm.” Jenny pointed to the elemental controls of the beautiful brigantine as she tossed him the hook of her father.
“Where is Rum?” Salt queried.
Jenny looked around and drew her sword. “I have not seen him since we took out the guard on the deck.”
“Shall we look for him Cap’n?” Kilzar had a gleam in his mechanical eye as he too pulled out his hand axe and small blunderbuss pistol.
“No time,” Jenny ordered. “We will have one shot to drop the sails, spur on the elemental, and rake The Onyx before Blackfin will be onto us. We have to make it quick.”
“Aye, aye, Cap’n,” was the reply of the crew in unison as they took their positions.

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  1. The image of these pirates being carried in a little boat by a giant, ogre shaped, water elemental, is pretty darn amusing! :)

    This was an exciting chapter. Yay, they got their ship back!

    ...and now, I'm wondering where Bad Rum ended up....