Saturday, October 3

Back story for Xyliaa

OK, so your votes from my previous posting led me from a Priest to a Shaman instead. It also made the race choice very easy for me as I think the Draenei are my favorite race of all.

Now I find myself thinking of a background and a story for my Shaman, Xyliaa. I would also like to fill in holes for my main toon, Xandarr. This is where I would like the help of my readers.

I would like to learn more of the lore but don't know where to begin.

I would like Xan and Xy to be realted, with Xy being MUCH younger than Xan.

Progression -
Xan started as PROT but found his true calling at lvl 80in DPS/RET, however he still holds roots in protecting others.

Xy is starting out, she is finding a niche with the elements, but longs to help others in reference to trauma & on the spot healing.

I would like to use The Hero's Journey to build both stories and REALLY flesh them out. Please help.

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