Friday, October 23

Momoments - Hallow's beginnings?

What is your favorite holiday?
In game or out of game? I know you have been asked this so let us know. Mine is Halloween, in game and out of game. It is just fun and candy and costumes, what more can you ask for!?

I was thinking about the wow achievements; how much of an achiever are you in wow? And are there people still trying for the meta-achievement, completing all the holiday achievements.
I have not been a achievement person in game but when I have time I do try to get some done because at times the achievements make you go back to Azeroth - Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdom and even the Outlands to revisit some areas you have not been to in a long time or for me (horde heavy) some alliance areas I have never been too. For Hallows end, one of the achievements is to visit different Inn's in the game across all lands on your side (meaning alliance or horde).
This is a great way for your alts or if you are new to the game to not only get experience, discover all the zones, but also more importantly to get the fp's.
However one things I would suggest, well one of the things, is to do this at level 20 so that you either have a mount or you have your races speed buff (hunters get the Aspect of the wild, believe it is, and Shammans get wolf form, etc...)
Also, definitely checkout the podcast World of Warcast: A World of Warcraft Podcast, no by @Alachia and @starmike and the previous regular host and now special host? not sure the official title for the very knowledgeable @renatta they are all very knowledgeable. As I have stated before, perhaps not in this blog but on Twitter, they are the Harvard of podcasting in my opinion. It is truly AWESOME, wonderful to see their passion for raiding in game and other things about the game we love!

My last question was, are any of you still going for the special mount for completing all the special/holiday achievements? I am curious because if some people are just starting, that means 1 year of making sure they do not miss one achievement or it will be all for a loss. I think it is great the dedication some give to their game playing.

Happy gaming and please let us know, Thank you



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