Tuesday, October 6

Momoment # 16 - Are U a Gamer?

Hello good people of the internet blogland and wowville!!!

A while back I had an argument with my brother (we have many!) about whether he is a gamer or not.

A quick note about him, he still likes the old school Sega Genesis games like Golden Axe and Star Control. He also likes Red Alert, yes the first few games that came out. But he is a hater of all things new (not just games, all things!) as anyone I know! He is not willing to even try some games (which can be a good thing in some ways but bad if he is just going to jump to conclusion). So I told him that he is a gamer because he does play games even though they are old! but he does play them.
But is that enough to label him a gamer?

And is that a bad thing? To be called a "gamer"?

To me it is similar to being called a raider in wow. It is not a bad thing to be called either one and also in some ways it is similar to being called a nerd or a geek. Just another word, if you will, to describe yourself (oneself).
So are you a gamer? and What does it mean to be a gamer?

In my opinion a gamer is a person who enjoys playing games; that simple.

Of course it cant be that simple. From what I have seen and read many believe that a gamer is someone that plays the more involved games like MMO's, role playing games, board games such as D&D. This can be true too but why can a console person be called a gamer? (I believe they can be if they fit your definition).

Possibly the main point can be made that in the past gamers were looked down upon similar to being called a nerd or geek. It is ok to be called or labeled a gamer in our modern day of technology as web-episodes like The Guild grow in popularity.

Such as life we all will have many different opinions and many different ways we will describe things and each other.

Gamer is one of them and there is even a movie out with the same title. From what I have seen in the previews it does not look like a good movie but I am sure I will watch it once it is out on dvd :)

Please let us know your opinion and GAME ON!

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