Friday, October 23

First night in the depths… (Original Fiction by Xan)

The first watch fell on Mayvn, everyone seemed to think that if something should happen during his watch they would be the most at their ready. Mayvn played a sweet song on his lute as everyone prepared their bedrolls. Zander pulled up a pile of rocks, threw his head down with a crash, and was out like a light in a storm. Solcloud knelt in supplication to St. Cuthbert before he too fell victim to slumber.
Beasley tossed and turned, rolling around like a fish out of water. The noise made by Zander snoring was like that of a mighty thunder on the horizon. “Couldn’t he worship a god of rabbits or Olidammara? At least that way his snoring would be silent.” Mayvn chuckled softly as he continued to strum his lute and sang the poor halfling to sleep.

The night wore on and Mayvn’s eyes began to droop as he started to slouch over his lute. He snorted to a start as a small spider not larger than his thin fingertip crawled across his face. “Oh, thank you little one.” He mumbled with a groggy tone. “Best to wake up the second watch.”

Mayvn stood up and made his way over to Solcloud. Mayvn had to take a second look as it looked as though there were two people where the paladin slept. It was in fact just the paladin lying next to his neatly polished and laid out armor. Mayvn nudged the soldier awake and smiled. The paladin did not speak a word, as he knew his duty and didn’t want to wake the others. Mayvn pulled up a soft silky pillow he had laying in his sack and swiftly went to sleep.

The evening seemed most uneventful through Solcloud’s watch. He spent most of the time sharpening his sword and polishing his armor to the best of his ability in the firelight. As he sat there, he mumbled to himself about lying his head down in slumber when there was evil looming all about him. His focus being lost as the entire cavern seemed to radiate evil. A few hours passed without incident either, but again another small spider crawled across the floor in front of him. With a swift movement of his boot, Solcloud crushed the small vermin into the rock floor.

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