Wednesday, October 14

Xyliaa needs a relationship...

A few weeks back I had a poll regarding creating a new toon healer for my guild. As a result of the poll which was focused on what race my priest should be, I was overwhelmed by the responses about the various healing classes I was missing out on.

The result of that poll was a Draenei Shaman named 'Xyliaa.' As I am always a fan of the relationships of my toons I need some help as to what her relationship is to Xandarr. So I have set up a poll that will be open until October 24th. Please take a moment to vote.

After the poll is complete I may start a new fiction section with her adventures, so please vote and let others know to vote.

1 comment:

  1. Childhood Friend is my vote, though little sister was a very close second. Either way, it's a good seed for building the relationship and allows a lot of room for further growth as the character evolves.