Friday, August 14

The Shoppes... (Original Fiction by Xan)

Zander and Beasley made their way towards the shoppes. Atop Zander’s shoulder, Beasley spots the armory.

“Over there, my friend!” Beasley bounces on Zander’s shoulder as a little child. Zander just smiled and continued in the direction Beasley pointed. Zander was a full head taller than all the other bustling townspeople, but Beasley had sharper eyes to see the sign of the armory. “What should we ask for? This armor is not worth much you know.”

“We only need supplies for a few days.” Zander tried to keep his over anxious friend in check. “Perhaps we could get enough money for a night at the inn tonight?”

“Awww.” Beasley pouts as he flops down on the chest backpack and mopes. “You know I could get us so much more!”

“Othr has blessed us with a great many things little one,” Zander preaches. “Let’s not take advantage of our good fortune.”

“Well, then let me do the talking!” Beasley shirks the lesson in humility.

“Ha, Ha, Ha!” The cleric booms out a hearty laugh as he stepped through the armory door. “Very well, thief. But try to be reasonable or we won’t be able to sell anything.”

“I am not a…”

The armory door shuts behind them, as a bell tolls their entry.

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