Thursday, August 13

MoMoment #11 - To Transfer or Not To Transfer

Hello fine community of World of Worldcraft,

I am have a dilemma; in a quandary; bind, pickle, you name it I am in it!

I have 3 80s along with countless alts from 70s down to level 1's and majority of my characters (18 to be exact) are on Balanzzar (US) server. It is the server I started on, years and years ago. Even though I have many alts, majority of my WoW time has been on that server. As you can imagine the time spent and for me personally, I do get attached to my characters as we do spend so much time on them.

I do say it is a game but how can we not take some personal pride in the way we play. My play style is, well hybrid is one way to call it; a mutt. I enjoy it all. I love leveling! Yes I am one of those people. I love working on a RAF (refer a friend) leveling 2 characters while getting triple experience. I also enjoy the challenge of leveling on a new server with people I just started interacting with and working on classes I find challenging. I also enjoy questing, doing instances, (of course prefer not to do PUGs but I do dive into the PUGdome :( ) helping out guildies, and even old guildies that have moved on to other guilds. Raiding, on the other hand, I have not done much but I have had good and bad experience. Long story short I do enjoy getting and seeing as much of this awesome game we love as I can and as time permits.

With my playing style I have at least one of each class and each profession; not all of them are leveled up but it is a nice family of MO characters and are self sustaining and also can co-exist with others as needed.

Now to the issue I have which to some it may not even sound like an issue. I have been asked, by a coworker no less, to transfer or level on their server and to raid/instance with them...on a different server of course. I am thinking this will be great way to see the content I have not seen and to experience a guild hopefully that will be active like mine was back during original WoW and first few years when we first started on Balanzzar (US). The move that makes the most sense to me is my Priest, Moheal = avg gear with dual spec disc and shadow (I really enjoy healing and as you know... everyone needs healers).

What is my issue you ask? You may be saying what is your major malfunction MO? Make the move and snap out of it! Well, just imagine one of your brothers/sisters, long time friends decides to defect to another country and family and a piece of the machine you had running is no more.

Basically, with the way I run on my original server, as I mentioned, I have one of each class so I have my DPS characters, healers, tanks, & characters that have certain professions. I am going over the PROS and CONS so basically I am looking for different views at this point.

Of course, PROS = getting a chance to raid/instance without worrying about PUGs all the time; playing with the same people and getting to know their playing style and adapting to it to heal better; be part of a guild again and not having to worry about running the guild.

CONS = the MO gang of characters on Balanzzar (US) will be minus a healer and tailor and their Troll tusky brother; making the move may not necessarily be all that I think it could be.

I am asking for anyone to let us know, let me know, what do you think?

Have you been in a situation like this?

I know some podcasters have been but I have not; I am a kind of person that can be loyal to something even though it may not be going any where but still willing to contribute.

Please comment on this blog, email us, tweet me @mohalen I am very interested in different opinions and also let us know how your situation is.

Thank you

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