Monday, August 3

Changing Servers?

Hail to the Naaru! It seems there might be an opportunity in the future to change realms for ol' Xan. A friend of mine has made some connections and we will probably be switching from Trollbane (US) to Chromaggus (US)

The Upside is that we will FINALLY get to see some action in Naxxramas and possibly even Ulduar. FINALLY Gear Upgrades!

The Downside of this switch is we will be on a PvP server and without PvP gear really. I mean take a look at ol' Xan. Not exactly ready to take on other players, am I? Not only that but I might have to change the spelling of ol' Xan because someone else loves the name so much that they too have chosen it on that server.

Tell me what you think about the change in servers. Anyone on that server who can tell me more about it?


  1. I will miss you on Trollbane, but then again I hardly ever see you anymore :(.

  2. Anonymous... Who are you? I would like to know who will be missing me.