Thursday, August 20

MoMoments #12 - Stranger in a Strange... Server


Well I finally did it...I transferred my 80 priest, Moheal, the old Troll packed up his stuff, took some things from my guild bank, shined his tusks and moved to Feathermoon (US).

Moheal left a PvP server, where he grew up, learning to attack the Alliance on site with no hesitation and also deal with getting ganked or ganged up by two Human Paladin's and a stupid Dwarf Hunter standing in the back pew pewing!

It took about 20 min for the move. You would think moving that long distance from one server (one virtual world) to another would have taken longer (virtually). To let you know again, Balanzzar (US) is where Moheal grew up and it is and has always been a low population dominated by Alliance server. Feathermoon (US) is close to high at times medium level server a little edge to Alliance in numbers. Oh and it is RP!!!


What is that you ask? Role-play, some people call it real play, not sure why but I have heard that. I do not RP much or at all but am curious about the WoW lore and how some people RP.

Well when Moheal first set foot in Dalaran on Feathermoon (US), it was a very strange feeling. The city was familiar but the number of people running around was a shock!!!!

The usual daily grind of dailies started and he flew away from Dalaran to say "Hi" to his Hodir friends.

Carbonite: WARNING Alliance detected near you!!!

This flashed on my screen. Carbonite addon is a wonderful addon that I have used for a while and one thing it does is warn you when other players are near you from friendly faction and the ENEMY Alliance.

I shield myself and get ready to fight! FIGHT FOR THE HORDE!!

Than...nothing...nothing happens.

The Alliance character runs past me and my tusks drop with my jaw.

"What is going on here!? Must be a bug. eh OK back to completing dailies."

Again warning and two more Alliance are near me. I have them in sites but for some reason I cant attack them.

"Ok for the love of Thrall, did I become a PvP noob all of a sudden!?!?!"

My friend/coworker logs in and I tell her what is the deal with all these Alliance people around me and me not being able to attack them!?!

Then it hits me!!! It is a RP server not PvP!!!

You can laugh. Laugh with me, not at me because my little WoW characters grew up on a PvP server they didn't know any better.

So needless to say it will take some getting use to the RP and also all the people on the server. After one night of instancing with some people I know and some I am getting to know, I have to say so far so good. Of course with time it will get better I believe as we all learn how each of us play and how we can rely on each other. Also, a new guild is being formed; casual WoW playing, raid/instance when we can and have fun playing a game we all like.

I think that is one reason this game is so popular among gamers; we can play it as we wish. Some like to play it as well like it is work! Taking it too seriously and have spreadsheets and that is fine. That is their prerogative. I like to have fun, relax, and enjoy it; 'smell the roses' as they say.

I would like to ask how many of you have moved servers and and let us know how your experience turned out.

Well Happy WoWing to you all and to anyone going to Blizzcon, have fun, and I am not very far from you in Orange County.

Take care

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