Monday, August 10

Ol' Xan's new challenge...

In honor of my family I usually have a toon created to play, and of course with Calib coming to join the family I have created a toon for him.

My daughter was created for fun with Maggie, my wife, sitting next to me and choosing the way my little girl would be portrayed in the game. Below I have attached her toonsig.

Calib was created last night. He is a gnome rogue, because Maggie and I both said he stole our hearts. Anyway, he is gonna get some help from "Big Daddy" Xan if I am going to spend time playing an alt. (Don't worry, Shelbimay got plenty of help when she was created as well.)

Xan has seen the advent of heirloom items Ol' Xan decided he was gonna try and get some for his little boy.


How do you get Heirloom Items?

Heirloom items are purchased with either Stone Keeper's Shard in Wintergrasp, (Alliance or Horde) or you can go to Dalaran and purchase them from Brammold Deepmine with Emblems of Heroism.

Now from what I gather, Stone Keeper Shards are dropped off of any instance boss in Northrend when your faction controls Wintergrasp. No problem, I suppose, but that just means you have to watch for the buff on your screen to let you know you have control and then get an instance together.

The other part is... Emblems of Heroism are no longer available. You have to get an Emblem of Conquest and then trade that in for Emblems of Heroism. It is a bit longer process, but I think the rewards are amazing!

My shopping list for Calib is:

Stained Shadowcraft Spaulders
Stained Shadowcraft Tunic

So big task ahead of Ol' Xan. Current count of Emblems: 29

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