Friday, August 21

The Auction Square... (Original Fiction by Xan)

“Good afternoon ladies!” The gangly bard tilts his hat as he makes his way towards the group of young women giggling as he approaches.

“Do you know where these fine, string backed men hail from?” He waves his hand towards the slaves on display on a platform in the middle of the square.
The women eyes all go wide, as they giggle and run off. Mayvn lifts his arm, takes a sideward glance, and smells under his arm. Just then, he receives a hearty thump on the shoulder.

“I don’t think they were worried about your smell, peacock.” Solcloud laughs out loud. “Perhaps next time you should concern yourself more about asking them about the slaves, and less about the way you look.”

“I was asking about the…” Mayvn clears his throat in embarrassment. “All right, I’ll keep looking around.”

“I’m going to talk to those guards over there.” The paladin waves to a group of talking guards. “Stay out of trouble.”

“I…” Mayvn rolls his eyes and with a huff, he turns toward the crowd and then mumbles under his breath. “Come on Mayvn, take the ‘high road’ you’re better than that.”

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